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Recently our attention has been drawn to a series of new books, articles and radio and television documentaries on the subjects covered by Britain's Small Wars. Their contents, in many cases, draw extensively on material published on this web site and used without acknowledgment or permission of the copyright holders.

When this site was created and developed, its aim, which remains, was to record those conflicts since 1945 in which British service personnel have been called upon to do their duty, reported as far as possible through the eye-witness accounts of those involved, and to create Honour Rolls, where none existed before, of those who gave their lives in service to their country. As a result this web site has become a valuable historical resource due to the voluntary efforts of our contributors, free from the profit-making needs  of media publishers.

By using Britain's Small Wars copyright material without permission, some authors and publishers are not only taking credit falsely for their work, they are dishonoring British forces and their achievements. While we do not have the resources to 'police' the use of our material nor pursue costly litigation, we usually give permission freely to those who approach us to quote passages from our pages for their use. In fact, they honor us by doing so. All we request is that they acknowledge the fact in their published work.


Recommended Book:
Jungle Conflict cover
Jungle Conflict
The Durham Light Infantry in Borneo 1965-66
Business Education Publishers Ltd
Jungle Conflict cover
Corporal Ron's Borneo Warrior Rescue
Sandra S C Arthur
£12.82 / discounted to £10.26 for a few dasy circa 13/3/11.
Please note: This is a fiction book but sales from the books will help
raise funds for Help for Heroes as well as orangutan charities.



By Ted Sparrow
By Ted Sparrow
By Ted Sparrow
By Ted Sparrow
By Ted Sparrow


The Limbang Raid
The  Limbang Raid
The Jungle War
The Jungle War
The Navy's here
"The Navy's Here"
The Borneo air war
The Borneo Air War
Aircraft used in borneo
Aircraft used in Borneo
The helicopter war
The Helicopter War
HMS Dartington 1962-64
HMS Dartington 1962 -64
The battle of Plamam Mapu, 2 Para 1965
The Battle of 
Plamam Mapu
2 Para 1965
Advance and destroy
"Advance and Destroy"
by an ex- member of B Coy 2 Para 
The Laughing Cavalier in Borneo.
The Laughing Cavalier in Borneo.
By Lt. Cdr.Rtd David Davies
HMS Chawton
HMS Chawton
By Laurie Johnson
ex AB
Stroke from the sea, SBS in Borneo
Strike from the Sea
SBS in Borneo
L/cpl T.J. COLLINS RM Comes Home
Comes Home
Claret operations
Claret Operations
The last riad, Operation Claret 1966
The Last Raid
Operation Claret 1966 Indonesian Borneo
The Albion album
The Albion Album
Pictures of Limbang raid
Pictures of Limbang Raid 
Never seen before 
pictures of the Raid
Limbang Raid, Offical after action report and map
Limbang Raid
Official After Action Report 
and map
British commonwealth units serving in Borneo 1962-66
British & Commonwealth
units serving in Borneo 1962 - 1966
When radio didn't work
When Radio Didn't Work
By Dave (Syd) Morris
Bullets and bum boats
Bullets and Bum boats
Recollections of the Limbang Raid By Sgt. K.D.Fyffe
The sharp end
The Sharp End
Royal Marine Tony Daker's
Recollection of the Limbang Raid
Looking Back at Sukarno's Navy
Looking Back at Sukarno's Navy
The Indonesian Navy During the Confrontation and After
651 Signal Troop
651 Signal Troop
By Brian Lowans
Tales of the Unexpected
Tales of the Unexpected
Royal Marine John Coombes
Recollections of the Limbang Raid
Infantry weapons
Infantry Weapons 
used in Borneo 
A Year in 42 Commando
A Year in 42 Commando
Singapore and Borneo
By David Lee
The Borneo Treescape
The Borneo Treescape
By George Reeve
LCG Cert.Ed. former Chief 
Technician RAF
Serudong Memories
Serudong Memories
Some memories of an A/E in Sabah 
By Patrick Walker
A Green Marine in Sarawak
A Green Marine in Sarawak
Pang Amo Sept 1963
By Patrick Walker
Jungle Squadrons - The Early Years
Jungle Squadrons  - The Early Years
By Ivan Harris Former EM(A)1, 
848 Naval Air Commando Squadron
848 Naval Air Commando Squadron
HMS Albion 
March 1964 - March 1966
Fuel Contamination
Fuel Contamination
By George Reeve former
Chief Technician RAF
Looking For Missing Airmen
Looking For Missing Airmen
By  Ron Arnold B.E.M
The Border Post at Sapit
The Border Post at Sapit
Some memories of an A/E 
in Sabah  1963 with 40 Cdo. RM
Roll of Honour
Roll of Honour
Confrontation with Indonesia
December 1962 - August 1966
Sukarno -Gunner who?
Sukarno: "Gunner who ?"
By Paul Treen
Padawan - Sarawak
Padawan - Sarawak 
Dec 1963
The aftermath of the Cpl. Marriott 
patrol incident By Patrick Walker
Return to Brunei
Return to Brunei
By David `Syd' Morris
Tactical Operator (Signalman) HMS Dartington 1962 - 1964
Nanga Gaat
Nanga Gaat Sarawak -Borneo 1965
By Jim Cook Royal Navy
Flotation exercise
Flotation Exercise
by Mick Covington Ex (L/cpl REME)
By Graeme Hanisch

The Rifle Green In Borneo
by Chalky White
Night Frights in Sarawak
Night Frights in Sarawak
David (Shiner) Wright, RM
Footage from the RAF Fire Service in Borneo
Footage from the RAF Fire Service in Borneo
By George Hornibrook
Tawau Guardship
Tawau Guardship
By RJH Griffiths, Lieutenant HMS London
 A collection of photographs by Leading Airman Phot Mal Lancaster
A collection of photographs 
by Leading Airman Phot Mal Lancaster
Limbang dits
137 Java Battery
The Albion Album
NMBVA banner
UK organisation of the
National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association

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Recommended Link
Malayan Emergency(1948-60) and the Indonesian Confrontation(1963-66)Malayan Emergency(1948-60) and the Indonesian Confrontation(1963-66)
it is hoped it will be of interest to veterans of these two campaigns 
and others who may be interested in these conflicts.  The site includes 
British and Commonwealth forces, Malayan Government Forces, 
"God's Little Acre", Casualties in the Emergency 1948-60 
and  Notice Board.
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