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At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them

This is a very personal attempt to remember some of the fallen of Britain's Forgotten Wars.



Sapper Thomas Atherton
Royal Engineers



14474822. Pte. Harry Dutton
1st Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1944 to 1952
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Crest

16TH February 2012
Age 84

Also By His Many Regimental Friends
Ne Obliviscaris
Ray Vearnals


19108280 Corporal W (Stevie) Stevenson
1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Crest

Passed away peacefully 14th November 2011
Sadly missed by his
Family, "Great Grandchildren & Great Great Grandchildren
Also by his many Argyll Regimental Friends

Ne Obliviscaris

Ray Vearnals

S Stevenson


Sgt Michael Muldoon

In memory of Sgt Michael Muldoon RADC age 25. 20 March 1973 lured to a party by a female in Belfast and shot. We were good friends and I wished him well for his promotion to Sgt and posting to N. Ireland. We both said that we would have a pint when we met again. We never did and I still think of him, especially on Remembrance weekend.

Keith Stafford



21181560 L/Cpl. Henry "Harry" Bird
B Company
1st Battalion The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Crest

Wounded on Hill 282 Korea 1950
Wounded at Chonyon Korea 1951
Sadly passed away after a long illness 19th April 2009
Sadly missed By Wife Betty, Family & Grandchildren
Also All his Many Argyll Friends of The Regiment

Ne Obliviscaris

Ray Vearnals

L/Cpl. Henry “Harry” Bird


14458876 Pte Dickie Peet
The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

Passed away 6th April 2011
Sadly missed by wife Eileen, Family and Grandchildren
Missed by his Many Regimental Friends

Ne Obliviscaris

Ray Vearnals.

Pte Dickie Peet


In Memory of  Pte. D. Trevor. Thompson

I would like to post my poppy for my brother Pte. D. Trevor. Thompson 23472579,
Royal Lincolnshire Regt, Dog Section 1st battalion KILLED IN ACTION MALAYA OCTOBER
10th 1957, He was tracking CTs with his dog, when he was shot dead by a CT. He will
always be in our hearts, and memories.

I have set up a website in memory of Trevor, there are pics of the military funeral
& of Trevor's friends, I would love to know if anyone knows the mane of any of them.

Thank you, Perry Thompson

Pte. D. Trevor. Thompson


In Memory of  Sgt Alf Young

9th Battalion
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1935-1945
Passed away at his home on 29th June 2010 Aged 91
Strong Member of the Manchester Branch
Held the Offices of Vice President, Chairman, and Treasurer
Will Be Missed By All the Members of the Regiment

Sadly Missed By his Son Alistair



In Memory of  Gunner Victor Mitchell
  Royal Horse Artillery
poppy I would like to post a poppy to Gunner Victor Mitchell who was killed by an accidental discharge outside of the Guard Room in Little Aden in 1966. I went through basic training at Oswestry with Vic and he came from the same town as me, Nottingham. I always watch with pride, the rememberance day parades each year and when the last post is played always remember Vic. I also pay my respects to eight others from my Regiment who were killed in Aden. All rest in Silent Valley Cemetery, Little Aden. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we WILL remember them!

Brian Askew, Ex 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery



In Memory of  Private Stephen J Dixon

I would like to post my poppy for Private Stephen J Dixon aged 18 who died at the Battle of Goose Green. He is remembered always with love from Amanda X



Pte John ASH. 1ST KOYLI KIA Cyprus 1956

In memory of Pte John ASH. 1ST KOYLI KIA Cyprus 1956

We will remember them, lest we forget.

Cpl Ken Parratt
B Company


In Memory of Major Archibald John Arthur Wavell
The Black Watch
poppy Major Archibald John Arthur WAVELL, The 2nd Viscount Wavell, only son of Field Marshall Wavell.
The then Captain Wavell, Black Watch, lost his left hand fighting the Japanese in Burma. He served on his father's staff in India.
He was gazetted in the London Gazette on the 23rd January 1947 with the Military Cross.
On Christmas Eve 1953 Major WAVELL M.C. The Black Watch was shot dead by a Mau Mau terrorist near Thika in Kenya, he was 37 years old, unmarried and childless.
He is buried in the City Park Cemetery, Nairobi, Block 12, Grave 10.
Roger Broady

In Memory of George Thomas Hoult
1st Battalion The Northumberland Fusiliers
poppy George Thomas Hoult killed in Aden 20 June 1967 serving for the  Northumberland Fusiliers. This was my father killed when I was only six months old and who never saw or held me he will never be forgotten by myself  my brother his wife and all his brothers and sisters. Rest in peace dad you are forever in my thoughts Gail XX Hoult

In Memory of Cpl. Richard Whittington 14490066
1st Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
poppy Dickie Whittington was killed in action on  23rd September, 1950 during the battle for Hill 282. Many of the 17 Argylls lost on that day were killed by friendly fire. Although I never meet Dickie I have always been very moved by this picture of him. It was taken in Hong Kong before the battalion shipped out to Korea. I see a young man happy with his beer. A few months later he was killed. Very sad.
Martin Spirit
Dickie Whittington

In Memory of Neil Goodall 
HMS Sheffield
poppy Neil was a cook on  the HMS Sheffield and was killed in 1982 in the Falklands conflict. His memory is cherished by his mother and 3 brothers and one sister who were, and still are so very proud of him.

Joanne Goodrum

In Memory of Brigadier A D R G Wilson  CBE
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
poppy Brigadier David Wilson, known affectionately as 'Chuckles', died at  approximately 2030 hrs on Monday 12th November 2001, in hospital in Tunbridge  Wells. Chuckles was well respected by  all Argyll Korean vets. In 1950 he commanded  'A' Company 1st Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and lead the company at the battle of Pakchon. Some time ago the Brigadier kindly allowed us to publish his account of the battle " A Sleeping Bag from Pakchon" on this web site.  Brigadier Wilson had recently produced a book 'The Sum of  Things' which was the tale of episodes in his long and eventful life.  Brigadier David Wilson

In Memory of Cpl Paul Steven Sullivan
D, Company 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment. 
poppy Paul was killed in the battle for Goose Green on the 28th May 1982. He was a courageous man and an inspiration to me and this is borne out in the action he was engaged in and that led to his untimely death. We only knew you for 28yrs but that was long enough to know you were the best, and Santana plays on for you. My only regret is that I was not with like I had been before. Cpl Paul Steven Sullivan

In Memory of 22186456 Pte Thomas Gilbert Hill
B Company, 4 Platoon, 1st Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders ( Att KOSB )
poppy Tommy  was killed in action at  Hill 282 23rd September 1950 and posthumously awarded the US Silver Star.  Tommy was attached to the Argylls in Hong Kong, then went with us to Korea, I know his Family would be pleased if you would place this on the site. Click here to read the Citation

Raymond Vearnals

Pte Thomas Gilbert Hill

In Memory of 22774867 Private Peter C Boatman
B Company, 4 Platoon, 1st Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
poppy 19 year old Peter from Tilbury Essex Was posted missing presumed killed during the action on. Hill 282.  23rd September 1950 During the battle while holding back the enemy, they came under heavy air attack, by US planes dropping napalm on their positions,  ( a case of friendly fire.) Private Peter C Boatman

In Memory of Sgt P.K Baxter
3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment
poppy My dad. Sgt P.K Baxter. He served with 3 Para in Aden in the 1960's. Died peacefully on the 30th July 2001.

David Baxter

In Memory of  All Veterans from the Gulf War
poppy In Memory of all Veterans from the Gulf War who have died since April 1991. 555 Gulf war veterans.

from the NGVFA

In Memory of  Gerard Thompson 
SAS Malayan Scouts
poppy In memory of my Father, Gerard (Gerry) Thompson. Served with the SAS Malayan Scouts. Badly wounded in action in 1954 and was the only survivor of his 8 man team. Died 22nd June 1993. His memory will always live on in our hearts and his duty to his country never forgotten.

Gerard Thompson (son)

In Memory of  Major Bryan Malcolm 
1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
poppy I would like my father Major Bryan Malcolm of the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to be remembered on this page. He was killed in Aden on 20 June 1967 during the The Arab Police Mutiny. I was 7 at the time and my brother was just 6.

Georgina Malcolm

Major Bryan Malcolm

In Memory of  Cpl Herby Herbert, 
15 platoon 3 Royal Anglian
poppy I would like to remember a fallen comrade during our tour of  Aden in 1967 Cpl Herby Herbert, 15 platoon 3 Royal Anglian resting in Silent Valley, Aden. Died in a vehicle accident 1967, Still thinking of you mate.

Rod Leonard

Cpl Herby Herbert

In Memory of  Cpl Watson
3rd Royal Anglian RECCE platoon
poppy I would like to remember Cpl Watson 3rd Royal Anglian RECCE platoon Killed whilst patrolling during a curfew. He was shot by a member of 22 SAS  in a blue on blue by Cpl Labalaba and his three man section in Sheikh Othman, may he rest in peace.

Rod Leonard

In Memory of  Sapper Thomas Atherton 22231029
Royal Engineers
poppy In memory of Sapper Thomas Atherton 22231029 Royal Engineers. 14th october 1949 age 18 interred in the colonial cemetery Happy Valley Hong Kong.
We have lost 
Heaven has gained
One of the best
This world contained.

Always remembered and never to forget
From all the family

John Atherton

Sapper Thomas Atherton

In Memory of  Pte Frank Bell
'B' Coy 2 Para 
poppy In Memory of Pte Frank Bell  'B' Coy 2Para killed in Belfast. 
Never forgotten by his former comrades.

Paddy Linton

In Memory of Pte Alan Alexander
East Surrey Regt
poppy For my father, Pte Alan Alexander. Served in Malaya in the East Surrey Regt as first Bren Gunner. Received a glowing reccomendation from his commanding officer for his skills. 

He died of a debilitating illness on the 11th April, 2003.

Always remembered his time in National service and fondly remembered his mates who fell. God Bless and rest at peace.

In Memory of Rfn. D.D. Kinsella
HQ. Coy 1 Royal Ulster Rifles.
In Memory of Rfn. D.D. Kinsella HQ. Coy 1 R.U.R.
Killed by   E.O.K.A. Liopetri Cyprus 2nd of September 1958. Aged 20.


Dave Cranston

Ex Royal Ulster Rifles

Rfn. D.D. Kinsella

In Memory of  22176103. Pte D Frize
B Company, The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.
poppy Wounded in action in the battle for Hill 282, Korea, 23rd September 1950 During this engagement, they came under heavy attack from US planes using napalm. ( a case of   friendly fire).

Dennis died peacefully on 4th January 2001 

Ne Obliviscaris

Ray Vearnals

The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

Pte D Frize

In memory of Cpl William Burnett and Pte Henry McKenzie 
B Company 1st Camerons 
poppy In memory of Cpl William Burnett and Pte Henry McKenzie both killed in ambush at Dhala Aden on the 4th of February 1957

Always remembered by your comrades of B Company 1st Camerons at every reunion

Inserted by Cpl R Pettigrew 4 platoon B Company 1st Camerons 


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