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Falklands Surrender Document

General J. J. Moore

General J. J. Moore flew in to Port Stanley at 2300 hours on 14th June, 1982, where General Moore and General Menendez met outside the conference room. They saluted each other and said that each side had fought well. General Moore said they should get on with things and produced the surrender documents. Genral Menendez struck 'unconditional' out of the documents. He had been promised that the surrender would be with 'dignity and honour' in the psy-ops broadcasts. Menendez also secured the prompt evacuation of his troops as one of the conditions, but the British did not allow him to insert the words 'Islas Malvinas' after 'Falklands'. At 2359 the document was formally signed and witnessed by Colonel Pennicott. General Menendez asked if he might join his men on the airfield where they were to be grouped prior to repatriation. When this was refused, tears formed in his eyes. He was evacuated to HMS Fearless the following morning.

Contributed by Dave Morris
ex Warrant Officer Communications Yeoman (or WOCY)  Royal Navy

Falklands Surrender Document


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