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MV Cheshire

Contributed by 
Pamela Ross

On my last trip home, speaking to my parents about trips we undertook, I came across the attached photograph. This shows the mv Cheshire - my mother, my sister and I travelled from Liverpool via Gibraltar, the Suez Canal and (what was then) Ceylon (where apparently we visited Colombo Zoo - I don't have any recollection of that!), to arrive in Singapore, where we were met by my father. He was with the 2nd (Nyasa) Battalion, King's African Rifles, serving in Kuantan during the Malayan Emergency. We had been apart for about 10-11 months, so he was understandably pleased to see us! My mother had been keen for him to see my long blonde curls (my hair had grown somewhat in the intervening months), only for my sister, on the last night on board, to demonstrate her hairdressing => skills by chopping it all off.

MV Cheshire


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