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British units serving in Palestine 1945 - 1948

This is a list some the British forces that served in Palestine 1945-1948. It is NOT our intention to ignore any unit which served.  We wish to get the facts correct and produce a accurate list of all the units who served.

Due to time pressures and a lack of staff, we can no longer update these pages. This may change in the future, please bear with us.

Royal Marines

Royal Air Force

Squadron Aircraft Base
6 Hurricane IV to January 1947
Spitfire LF9 from February 1946
Megiddo 13/7/1945
Petah Tiqva 3/9/1945
Ramat David 28/9/1945
Ein Shemar 2/6/1946-3/10/1946
13 Mosquito PR34 from September 1946 Ein Shemar 1/9/1946 to 12/12/1946
18 Lancaster GR3 September 1946 to October 1946 Ein Shemar 1/9/1946; disbanded 15/9/1946
32 Spitfire VC to September 1945
Spitfire IX August 1945 to May 1947
Spitfire FR18 April 1947 to March 1949
Vampire F3 from July 1948
Ramat David 25/2/1945
Petah Tiqva 27/9/1945
Aqir 15/3/1946
Ramat David 6/6/1946
Ein Shemar 3/10/1946
Detachment to Ramat David 25/3/1948 from Nicosia to ?
37 Liberator VI Aqir 16/10/1945 to 12/12/1945
38 Lancaster GR3 Detachment to Ein Shemar July 1946
Ein Shemar 12/12/1946 to 31/3/1948.
C.O Grp.Cpt.Sachell,1947 to 1948.
70 Liberator VI Aqir 12/10/1945-12/12/1945
78 Dakota Detachment at Aqir
113 Halifax A7, Halifax A9 and Dakota Aqir 1/9/1946; disbanded 1/4/1947
178 Liberator VI Ein Shemer, 8/1945 to 11/1945
208 Spitfire IX to May 1947
Spitfire FR18 from August 1946
Ramat David 5/7/1945
Petah Tiqva 13/8/1945
Aqir 12/3/1946
Ein Shemar 6/6/1946
Detachment from Nicosia to Ramat David 26/3/1948 to 17/11/1948?
C/O S/ldr.Roder....B Flight F/Lt Jack Smith.
213 Mustang III and Mustang IV Ramat David 13/9/1945-25/9/1946
214 Liberator VIII Ein Shemar 24/8/1945-7/11/1945
215 Dakota Aqir 31/10/1947-23/11/1947
249 Tempest F6 Ramat David 13/4/1948-17/5/1948
620 Halifax A.VII
Dakota from June 1946
Halifax A.IX from August 1946
Aqir 15/1/1946-6/3/1946
Aqir 14/6/1946; disbanded 1/9/1946
621 Wellington XIV to December 1945
Warwick V from December 1945 to August 1946
Lancaster ASR III April 1946 to August 1946
Detachment at Aqir from Mersa Matruh 12/11/1945
Aqir 20/4/1946
Ein Shemar 6/6/1946; disbanded 1/9/1946
644 Halifax A.IX Qastina 1st December 1945, disbanded 1st September 1946
651 Auster V to June 1947
Auster AOP6 from March 1947
Ramleh 2/2/1946 (detachment to Ein Shemar & Qastina)
Petah Tiqva (detachments to Ein Shemar, Ramleh, Qastina)
1909 flight at Ramat David 1/6/1947
1908 & 1910 flights at Petah Tiqva 11/2/1948 to 28/4/1948
680 Mosquito XVI, Baltimore V & Argus to July 1946
Mosquito XXXIV from July 1946 to September 1946
Ein Shemar 9/7/1946; disbanded 1/9/1946
No 221 ASR Detachment to RAF AQIR Three crews detached from 221 Sqn Idku (Egypt)flying Wellington X111 Equipped with ASV2 were detached to Aqir circa March to Sept 1945. Captains = Flt Lt John Parker - W Off Earnest Wood - Sgt Jack Broadhead
44 Heavy Glider Servicing Unit Horsa
76 Operational Training Unit
78 Operational Training Unit
1413 Metrological Flight Spitfires
47 Airborne Support Squadron ,RAF Qastina, Palestine. 47 Airborne Support Squadron (Transport Command) RAF Qastina,came into existence September 2nd 1946 and was originally the 644 Squadron of Transport Command until its cessation on 1st September 1946. The Commanding Officer of both 644 and 47 (AS) Squadron was Wg Cdr Alec Ingle who was highly decorated during his service career. During October 1946, 47 (AS) Squadron returned to the UK and was based at RAF Fairford. I was demobbed from this Squadron in August 1947 and I have no idea when it moved from Fairford.
Middle East Night Vision Training School Warwick V
No.5 (ME) MTRU Tel-Letwinski - Nr. Tel Aviv 1946/7, Motor Transport Repair Unit.
No.6 ERS No. 6ERS facilities for the overhaul and testing of Bristol Hercules sleeve valve aero engines. Located on Ramleh's RAF Station, Test beds located two miles away (noise factor) on road to Jerusalem.
120 Maintenance Unit based at Ras el Ain, a prewar RAF site which held a major part of the RAF's supplies in Palestine. 6th Airborne division and Oxford and Buckinghamshire light infantry were also based here in 1946. WAAFs were removed in 1946 following a major incident. Many of the sites on the camp were staffed by ex-aircrew who were redundant following the victory in Europe in 1945. Thanks to Ivor Thompson for this entry.
52 Rifle Squadron, RAF Regiment. RAF Ramat David - from beginning April 1948 to the 14th May 1948 in camp Ras el Ain. The last RAF Squadron to leave Palestine - they were present at the bombing of Ramat David and Corporal Farent was the RAF Gunner who shot down the Egyptian Spitfire. Left Palestine on the Devonshire bound for Egypt. The Army evacuated them at Haifa - spent last night the 13th at Army base at Haifa - on morning of 14th about 11am left on the Devonshire bound for Port Siad. Then went to RAF Shalufa in the Canal Zone.
52 Rifle Squadron became 21 LAA Squadron in Oman Jordan in 1950.
Commanding Officer of 52 Rifle Squadron was Squadron Leader Sir Geurner Davey. Squadron Adjutant was Fl Lt Leddley.
When the Squadron arrived in Jordan the CO was Squadron Leader Hallenan. Squadron WO was WO Meadows. Sergeant in charge of 2 flight 52 Squadron was Sgt Atkinson. Corporal Lines was flight junior NCO on 52 and 21 and was from Nottingham.
Many Thanks to Reginald M Webb for this entry.
58 Rifle Squadron, RAF Regiment. 2788 sqn was re-numbered 58 sqn in June 1947 at Walji Road, Palestine and served in Palestine between 1946-48.
59 Squadron, RAF Regiment. served at Hadera camp 1947/48.
65 (Rifle) Sqn RAF Regiment 65(Rifle)Sqn RAF Regiment were formed renumbering the old 2898 Sqn to 65 Sqn on the 8 June 1947 the Sqn was disbanded on 5 Febuary 1948 at Ein Shemer. My Father AC 2 Denis James Osborne was there with the Sqn when it was renumbered.
66 Rifle Squadron, RAF Regiment. 66 was originally 2924 Sq, renumbered twice. First absorbed by 2899 and then re-numbered to 66 in June 1947. Based in Ras-al-Ain until June '47 when the unit was based in Lydda.
2702 Squadron, RAF Regiment
2717 Squadron, RAF Regiment Duties , @quaestina. rais el ain. RAF headquarters Jerusalem. approx, 18 months.
2742 Squadron, RAF Regiment. An Armoured Car Squadron, OC from at least September 1945: S/L Beavis Benson-Brown, formerly S/L of 2757 Squadron (which became No. 3 squadron in August 1947).
16 Sept. 1945: Sailed from Liverpool on SS Duchess of Richmond for Port Said, Egypt
24 Sept. 1945: Arrived Port Said
27 Sept. 1945: Arrived No. 22 PTC, RAF Almaza, Egypt
28 January 1946: Received order to move from No. 22 PTC, RAF Almaza, Egypt HQ and Nos. 1 and 3 Flights to RAF St Jean, Palestine Nos. 2 and 4 Flights to No. 120 MU, near Ramleh, Palestine
From "Operational report of No. 2 & 4 Flights on Detachment to No. 120 MU"
1 Feb. 1946: Nos. 2 and 4 Flights, under command of F/L H.G. Yearwood arrive at No. 120 MU, Ramleh to take up defence and security duties.
20 Feb. 1946: 2717 Squadron, RAF Regiment (presumably based at Ramleh) provided 101 airmen for ceremonial Parade
21 Feb. 1946: Escorted vehicles carrying arms to RAF Petah-Tiqva; another to RAF Ramat David; another to Haifa Docks
25 Feb. 1946:
"2035   Series of explosions (approx 6) in PETAH-TIQVA district.
2040    Camp warning sounded.
2045    Guards "standing by".  F/L YEARWOOD handed over command of
	detachment to F/L BAKER (2nd i/c Sqdn) having arranged 
	Patrols & Security measures.
2055    Troop of 3 GMCs despatched to North Gate Guardroom.
        Troop of 3 Morris Recces despatched to Patrol and
        Guard the PETAH-TIQVA cross-roads and all boundary
        Roads (Green Route).
2058    A Troop of 3 GMCs despatched to Domestic Site Cross-
        Roads to cover any approach to the cross-roads through
        Domestic Site Gate.
2100    One GMC, one Corporal & four men detailed to guard
        2717 Sqdn Signals Section.
2325    One Troop AFVs despatched to reinforce MAIN GATE GUARD
        for the remainder of night. Flares observed dropping
        in vicinity of North Gate Guardroom.  Ascertained to
        be searching aircraft.  One Troop AFVs despatched
        to reinforce 2717 Signal Section and entrance Gate
        guards for remainder of night.
2400    Nothing further to report."

20 March 1946: No. 4 Flight left No. 120 MU on move to ST Jean and completion of detachment to 120 MU on rifle squadron RAF Regt. Taking over duties
30 March 1946: No. 2 Flight left No. 120 MU on move to ST Jean and completion of detachment to 120 MU on rifle squadron RAF Regt. Taking over duties
From S/L monthly report for March 1946:
"Three Flights moved in a hurry to RAF RAMAT DAVID on 22nd March 1946 to meet the threat of a terrorist attack owing to reported likelihood of illegal immigrants. This has for the time being stopped."
Squadron disbanded in August 1946.
Thanks to Ian Young for this entry.
2923 Squadron, RAF Regiment. at Ras el Ain, Palestine. It disbanded 1.6.1946.
1 Armoured Car Company RAF Unit arrived from Habbaniya in late 1946 to RAF Qastina and then to RAF Ramleh where it was disbanded in 1947.
The CO was Sqdn Ldr. Deag. I served with them all that time in Palestine
We had GMC Canadian Armoured cars.
2 Armoured Car Company RAF 2 ACC became 2702 Squadron RAF Regt.Oct 1946 then 2 Squadron Feb 1947. CO 1946/47 Sqdn/Ldr Edgar Kennedy, Based at Ein Shemer and Amman in 1946 and based at Ramleh and Amman in 1947.
Airborne Car Contact Unit, RAF
AHQ Levant
No.3 RAF Hospital Group Capt. Wilson. C.O.
Mobile Oxygen Plants headquarters at R.A.F.Aqir. 1945 -1948. my service June 46 to Feb 48.


HQ Palestine

S & T Branch, Major Rust was DADST(T) from 1946 until 1948
1st Battalion Coldstream Guards 1947-1948
3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards 1945-1947
1st Battalion Grenadier Guards relieved 3rd battalion 1948.
3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards September 1945 to June 1948. Lt-Col W.A.G Burns Commanding officer, 1945-48.
1st Battalion, Irish Guards. 1947-1948. Khassa Camp - Gaza, Athlit Camp - Haifa, Mount Scopus Camp - Jerusalem.
1st Battalion Welsh Guards
C Squadron, Life Guards based at El Bureij, Khassa, January 1948 to May 1948. Major Turnbull, Capt. Drummond.
2nd Battalion, Kings Regiment (Liverpool). Stationed at Lydda to guard Airfield and surrounds for short period in 1948. Battalion left Palestine on 14th of May 1948 to go to Cyprus then, in June, returned to U.K. to be disbanded. Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. K Short. Thanks to Albert Hitchen for this entry.
4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards based at Nethanya.
1st Battalion King's Dragoon Guards, Tiberias 1946/7 left for Bengazi 1947, signal troup returned to UK in 1948. CO was Major The Lord Clifton.
9th Queen's Royal Lancers, 6th April 1947, arrived El Bureij near Gaza by road from Egypt. 2nd August 1947 Left El Bureij by road for Egypt. Lt.Col.J.R.Greenwood, Maj.Peak,Capt Smallwood.Guard duties on empty camps of 1st Armoured Div & escorts for R.A.S.C trucks in Palestine etc. Thanks to W.J.Clark Trp for this entry.
17th/21st Lancers, based at Tiberias, 47-48.
12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) Commanding Officer: LtCol E.O. Burne
Departed Egypt 21 May 1946 for Palestine. RHQ; HQ and A Sqn at Ramle Orchard Camp, near Sarafand; B Sqn at Ramle RAF camp; C Sqn at Camp 21 Nathanya; D Sqn at El Jiya.
8th June regiment took over escort duties form 11th Hussars. Operation 'Agatha' June-July 1st; Operation 'Shark', Tel Aviv, 30 July-2 August. Regiment moved to RAF Station at Qastina in Sept. C Sqn to Haifa 24 August and Athlit Camp 22 Sept-duties to man armoured rail cars to patrol the line a section in front of the trains. Regiment formed a 'Phantom Force' (Major J.P Fane) to provide improved communications and liasion between HQ 1st Inf Div and the Parachute Brigades. Regiment relieved of all security commitments except guarding the RAF Station at Questina from 10 May 1947. Entrained at Islud, 31 May, and moved out of Palestine, embarking on H.T. 'Circassia' at Port Said on 1 June 1947. Thanks to David Barker for this entry.
3 Btn King's Own Hussars
A Squadron at Sarafand Garrison circa February 1946.
C Squadron at Sarafand,Afula, sqdn leader Major Howard.
15/19th The Kings Royal Hussars. Area Hadera, C/O Lt.Col. Taylor, Security duties, Two tours of duty 1945-1947 then left for Sudan.
4th Royal Tank Regiment A and B squadrons, Commander of A squadron was Major Gibbon, 2nd in command was Cpt Plaistow.
8th Royal Tank Regiment Commanding Officer Lt. Col N Mahoney. HQ Squadron at Lajun then Rafah July 1946 to January 1947. A squadron Acre. B squadron Hadera.
403rd Independent Tank Squadron, Royal Armoured Corps Formed in Abassia Bks Egypt Jan 1946 as a Sqn of Sherman Tanks giving demonstrations of Combined Forces Warfare to Student Officers at the Middle East School of Infantry. Moved to ACRE, Palestine March 1946. Disbanded July 1946. Commanding Officer Major M A Mann, 1st Kings Dragoon Guards.

1st Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Palestine 1946/48. Lt Colonel Webb
4th Battalion, The Black Watch The 4th Batt under the command of Lt Col,.Melville D.S.O., arrived at Camp 101 near Binyamina 20 miles south of Haifa in December 1945 and January 1946 via Liverpool, Port Said,Ismalia and Qassassin in Egypt. We carried out Guard duties, foot patrols and rod blocks in Haifa and surrounding areas including the Police Commissioners house on the slopes of Mount Carmel. My company also guarded the transit camp at Netanya while the 1st and 3rd Infantry Division exchanged positions. The 4th Black Watch moved back to the General Base Depot at Almaza on the outskirts of Cairo in May 1946 and was disbanded and the we were posted to other Scottish Regiments throughout the Middle East. I myself was posted to GHQ Cairo. While in Palestine we were temporarily attached to the 3rd British Infantry Division. Thanks to Bob Strachan for this entry.
B Company, 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment.
2nd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment. Haifa, December 1945, to July 1947.
The Middlesex Regiment, 2/7th battalion in Palestine and Syria for security duties between January and December 1945. 2nd Battalion on security duties December 1945 to April 1946 when it left for Egypt. 2nd Battalion returned to Palestine in March 1947 until May 1948.
Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Jerusalem 2nd.Infantry Brigade. H.Q.Brigadier Jones. Also H.L.I. and Suffolks. Last to leave from Brigade area via Sinia inland road. Met Egyptian Army travelling opposite way. Dispersed them as no room for both convoys. Thanks to R.W.M.Bromley for this entry.
2nd Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
1st Battalion Highland Light Infantry
The Suffolk Regiment.
2nd Battalion Sherwood Foresters, Haifa, Camp22 Nathanya, Jerusalem Mount Scopus, Sarafand.
2nd battalion returned to U.K.1946. large numbers including myself returned from Port Said to Palestine to transfer to the 2nd battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment at Sarafand.
The Battalion left Palestine in September 1947 for Egypt having been reduced to a cadre of 200.It left Port Said in the October for England. Drafts were indeed sent to 2 R WARWICKS. It returned to England in the April to be disbanded in June 1948.
2nd Battalion, Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Gaza, Beshebba, Asluge, Reoverth Telave 1946 to mandate 1948.
1st Battalion Royal Hampshire Regiment Served in Benghazi and Palestine 1945 to May 1948 Sergent D company.
2nd Battalion The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment The regiment was in Palestine starting in Pardess Hanna Nov 45 and were at Sarafand, Camp Telitwinsky, Nathanya, Jaffa, Mt Scopus Jerusalem, detachments at Tukarem, Ramallah, and Ramleh until May 48. Co Lieutenant Colonel Cook.
1st Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers 1KOSB arrived in Palestine from Germany in 1946 under the command of Lt Col WFR Turner DSO where they were involved in operations until their departure for Edinburgh in 1948. Lt Col Tuner later became Lt General Sir William Turner KBE DSO Colonel of The KOSB. Thanks to James I. Murdoch for this entry.
1st Bn The Duke of Wellington's Regiment(West Riding) 1 DWR as part of 3 Infantry Brigade in 1st British Infantry Division arrived in Palestine from Italy on 22 Feb 45. Early in June moved to Damascus with 3 Bde in connection with the Syrian rebellion against French rule; moved to Beirut in July and then back to Palestine in August and stationed north of Tel Aviv. In Dec moved with 1 Div to Canal Zone in Egypt. April 46 moved back to Palestine and were encamped in Peninsular Barracks, Haifa. Operations were mainly cordon and search and curtailment of illegal immigrants arriving from Europe by sea. In Dec 46 1 DWR were air-lifted to Khartoum in The Sudan and did not return to Palestine
1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers
2nd Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers, The Battalion left Palestine on the last day and went down the road to Rafah with the Egyptian Army coming up the other side of the road !.
2nd Batt. in the 3rd Infantry Div. in Jerusalem May '47. 'A' Company stationed in the Syrian Orphanage, 'B' in Notre Dame. Duties:- snap checks, patrolling in the hills around Jerusalem, guarding Barclays Bank, road blocks, also guarding Major Roy Farran of the SAS.
From Jerusalem Batt. based in Nathanya in the 1st Infantry Division's Beit Lidd camp. June 11th '47 the Colours of the 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers were returned to the Battalion and paraded by the GOC Lieut. Gen. GHA Mac Millan. The Colours had been in safe keeping during the siege of Malta. Lt. Col. KGF Chavase took the parade with the Adjutant both mounted on horse back.
The Battalion camped in the desert at Rafah and travelled to Ismalia. Thanks to Jack Leith for this entry.
1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles
2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles
2nd Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment
2 Btn Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
1st Battalion The Duke Of Cornwalls Light Infantry The Battalion was posted to Palestine in late 1945. We were stationed at various camps during the troubles, among them was Peninsular Barracks in Haifa and Megiddo camp.One famous name was CQMS Alf Ramsey later to become the England football manager. It was late 1946 or early 47 (not sure) we were then posted to Dhekelia camp in Cyprus from where I was demobbed in late 1947. Thansk to Bernard Haywood for this entry.
6 Btn Gordon Highlanders
1 Btn Loyal Regiment
1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment
2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers Fusiliers sent from Iraq to Haifa, Palestine in 1945 attached to the 25th Independent Indian Brigade. Commanding 2nd Batt. Royal Fussilers Lt.Col Lloyd.
East Yorkshire Regiment 1945-6 possibly into 1947.
1st Battalion South Lancashire Regiment Regiment was under the Command of Lt. Col.MAH Butler DSO MC. Flew out from Brussels Airport in October 1945. First posting in November 1945 in Haifa. Later posting Jerusalem 1947/48.
Palestine hifer 1945 and egypt. based also at mount carmel. not sure of exact dates when stationed at these places and the regiment changed its name when in palestine from south lancs to the hampshire regiment.I was based in s company and the o.c was Captain Kempson.
11th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers 11th battalion Lancashire fusiliers stationed in Haifa November 1945.
1st Bn Royal Sussex Regiment Sailed from Italy (Venice) on Maid of Kent to Port Said June 1947. Based at Gaza and lter moved to Lydda (ex-RAF base). CO Lt Col J B Ashworth,2icMajor B Dalton Adjutant Capt J B Buckeridge. Part of 61st Infantry Brigade 1st Armoured Division.
1st Battalion The Border Regiment Stationed at Camp 1A Julis midway between Tel Aviv & Gaza.Members of the 1st Armoured Division.Lt Bates.(H.Q.Coy)Lt Frank.(S Coy)Captain Q.M.Barnes. Captain Bradley.Captain Tony Farrant.( M.T.O.).
23rd Battalion King's African Rifles
5th Battalion Northern Rhodesia Regiment
3rd Battalion Mechanised Regt Arab Legion

1st (Guards) Parachute Bn 1945-48
2nd Battalion 1st Independent Parachute Brigade, arrived in Tulkarem, Palestine in April 1946. The 2nd Bttn. was under the command of Col John Frost-Arnhem. The battalion was engaged in anti terrorist activities involving the Stern and Irgun gangs.
92 Independent Parachute Brigade (3rd Kings Own Hussars)
1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment
3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment
4th Battalion, Parachute Regiment
5th Battalion, Parachute Regiment
6th Battalion, Parachute Regiment
6th Bn (Royal Welch)the Parachute Regiment
September 1945 to January 1947. Part of 2nd Parachute Brigade, CO Lt. Col John Tilley. Signals Officer Lt. G. Maggs Based at Nuseirat Ridge, Gaza, Gedera, Telitwinsky, Kfar Vitkin.
7th Battalion, Parachute Regiment
8th Battalion, Parachute Regiment
9th Battalion, Parachute Regiment Battalion stationed at Peninsular Barracks at Haifa. Carried out Internal Security Operations until returned to UK on Empire Windrush. Parachute continuation training carried out from RAF Aqir. Thanks to Freddie Kemp for this entry.
Hafia C O. Lft. col. Hines 18 Months Sgt. Major Mc. geever
12th Battalion, Parachute Regiment (Yorks) Quastina aerodrome then the 5th parachute brigade (7th,12th 13th) was split up to other btns in the 6th div. I went to the 8th btn Colonel Hacket was the co then the 5th para brigade had just come back from the far east after service in Malaya, Singapore and Java
13th Battalion, Parachute Regiment
17th Independent Battalion, Parachute Regiment Palestine Aug 1946 Camp 21 Nathanya.

6th Airborne Division
   C Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Airborne Division Major H Wheldon.
   A Company, 3rd Battalion, 6th Airborne Division Travelled to Haifa from Bulford arriving July 14 1947. Stayed in Allenby Rd site until finally getting to "J" site with "A" Co.Stayed with "A" Co.until demobb Jan 1948.
   L Troop Royal Signals attached 3rd Inf Brigade !st Inf Division, Transferred to L Troop from J Troop. August 1947. Petah Tiqva, Transjordan exercise. Lydda, Teletwinsky. Teletwinsky Camp Armoury was attacked by Jews on Christmas night 1947.
   Royal Signals, 6th Airborne Div HQ (north) Mount Carmel, GOC Maj Gen Balls. Royal Signals C.O. Lt/Col Pringle, 2i/c his brother Maj Pringle.
W troop, 3 Squadron. 1946-48 In wireless city. CO i/c 2nd lieut F S Lister. Returned England SS Franconia July 1948. Thanks to Jim Brooks for this entry.
   HQ LAD REME , 6th Airborne Division. Stationed Mt Carmel 1947-8.
   2nd Forward Observer Unit, Royal Artillery , 6th Airborne Division, CO was Captain Gaites.
   1st Airborne Workshops, REME, located at Ramat David, 3 base workshops in Haifa. Unit arrived in Palestine aboard the 'Arundel Castle' in February 1947 and returned in August 1948 on the 'Empress of Australia'.
   6th Airborne Division Workshops, REME, 6th Airborne Div Workshops REME started at Rafah in 1945, then moved to Qastina, then to Ramat David on 18th Jan 47.CO was Major 'Tiny' Fraser, succeeded by Major Ian Mckay in'47. Unit then re-named 1st Airborne WKSP. Moved to Motskin near Haifa March '48 and left Palestine April '48.
   195 Para Field Ambulance, 6th Airborne Division, Camp 21 Nathanya
   33rd Air Landing Regiment, Royal Artillery Gedera 1945 - 1947.
   53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment Royal Artillery, 530 Battery of The Worcester Yeomanry, whose Battery Commander was Major Pat Porteus VC, landed at Haifa in 1945 and was stationed under canvas at Gaza. Part of The Airlanding Brigade of 6th Airborne Division, the Battery formed part of a series of Traffic Control Points throughout Palestine.
   211 battery 53rd air landing light regt R.A. served in palestine 11/45 to 2/47 in the following camps Kan ynis gaza, Gedera, Ramat David and Nathanya.
   80th LAA Regiment, Royal Artillery. 80th LAA Regiment RA was stationed at Hadera, North Palestine in Camp 51. The Commanding Officer at the time was Lieutenant Colonel Dobbin.
   87 Airborne Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. The above mentioned regt. (Click the title for an article about the regiment) came from India late 1946. Was stationed in Palestine til May 14th 1948. We were in camp at Pardes Hanna and in Benyamina. C.O. Lt.colonel Gregson. Acting CO Major Moorhouse.
Previously 159 Para Light R.A. 2nd Indian Para Brigade. In India stationed in Quetta. Close to the Afghan border. In Palestine stationed in Pardes Hannah and Benyamina. Served in most of the Middle East. Including Greece and Cyprus. Also served in different parts of Europe. But always returning to camp in Palestine. In Palestine about 1 1/2 year.
Our C.O. in India and partly in Palestine was Lt.Col. Gregson. After he got killed, the regimental commander was acting C.O. Major Moorhouse. We were 20 Danes serving as ordinary British soldiers in the regiment. 4 of them lost their lives in the cause of duty in Palestine. Thanks to Eric Vedsegaard for this entry and the article available on this link.
6th.Airborne Armoured Recce Regt. Stationed at Nuseirat near Gaza Sept/Oct 1945. Squadrons detached to Gedira,Tel Aviv and Sidna Ali. Regt moved to Sarafand in March 1946 and disbanded. Most troops were transferred to 3rd.Kings Own Hussars
195 Airlanding Field Ambulance
224 Parachute Field Ambulance

Royal Artillery
   1st Royal Horse Artillery
   2nd Royal Horse Artillery Ramsays Troup. Mughazi Camp, Gaza 1947. Illegal immigrant interception, road blocks and vehicle searches. General mobile patrols. Regiment disbanded in 1947.
   6th Royal Horse Artillery 6th RHA moved to Egypt from India in 1947 and thence to Nathanya where it was redesignated 6th Fd Regt RA.
   1st Field Regiment based at Ramat David November 1946 then moved Nethanya January 1947. Redesignated 59th Field Regiment 1st April 1947 to October 1947.
   2nd Field Regiment The 2nd Field Regt was based in The Canel zone Egypt in November 45 prior to moving to Palestine in March 46. Located at Camp 101 at Benyamina. In February 47 moved to Camp 22. In June 47 was redesignated 41st Field Regt. Lt Col Sinclair was CO. 2nd Fd was comprised of three batteries: 35 Bty, 42 Bty and 53 Bty. 41st Fd was comprised of 88 (Arakan) Bty,42 Bty and 135 Bty. The units were involved in Illegal immigrant interception, transferring some to Cyprus and guarding those remaining. Also road and rail searches, patrols, and providing guard duties at Latrun, and Athlit prisons and intervening the Arab attack on the Jewish settlement at Petch Tichva. The 2nd Fd had seen service in North Africa, the invasion of Italy including Anzio and onwards into North Italy. Both units were part of The 1st Infantry Division.
   2 Forward Observation Unit (Airborne), Royal Artillery
   6 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery Previously 6th Royal horse Artillery.
   7 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery Arrived Palestine end 1945. Operated North of 6th Para. Amongst patrol and similar duties provided guards for Athlit detention camp south of Haifa.
   12th Anti Tank Regiment ex 7th RHA, last camp was Karkur. attacked on 6th April 1948 by 29th attack force of I.Z.L. C.O. killed along with 6 other ranks.
   20th Anti Tank Regiment
   33rd Airborne Light Regiment, 3rd British Division.
   33rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. Also served along side 74th a.a. in gaza moved to egypt 1948 with 33rd
   39 Medium Regiment. Unit was in Gaza, Rafah. CO. was Lt.Col. Weir. Moved to Misurata/Tripoli 1948.
I was battery clerk with 169 Bty, 39 Med Regt RA. We arrived at ISDSUD from Qassasin in Egypt in April 1947. We then moved toi MUGHAZI then did a spell on guard duties at LATRUN befor returning to MUGHAZI in JaNUARY 1948. We moved to RAFAH in Februay from wher I left for demob.
   F Troop Royal Signals att. 41 Field Regt R.A.. I joined Troop Jan 1948 at Tel litvinski moved to Sarafand April. Moved to El Ballah May --Gordon Camp. O.C.Lt. C.L.Lewis Barclay. I was Lt. Col. Sinclair's Radio Operator. Thanks to John Peyman for this entry.
   58 Medium Regiment, arrived in Egypt from Italy with 3rd Infantry Division. Original 4th Medium regiment based in Udine, moved to Palestine after a short spell in Qassassin. Spent a short while at Isdud, then moved to Latrun. The billets were in the Palestine police fort which overlooked the screening camp and prison camp which were for the terrorists. The fort had two towers with a bren gun and searchlight. The batteries were on guard duty for the prison camps. The regiment moved south in late 1947 Colonel Delamain commanding, RSM Marsh.
   52 Observation Regiment. Between 1947 Jan- April called 2nd Survey Regiment, RA.
1947 Jan - April 1948, CO Jan - May 1947 Lt M.C. Sands. May 1947 - Feb 1949 Lt Col S.L.A.S. Rudd Clarke, DSO under 1 Armd Div, then 3 Inf Div, then 1 Inf Div, 3 AGRA used for internal security and infantry training: consisted of 15, 237, 236 and 22 Bty. 15 Bty ran a detainee camp at Latrun; 237 Bty based at Jerusalem with task to deploy OPs and plotting centre at police HQ -by this means explosions and terrorist activities were passed on to police by wireless Feb 1948 15 Bty moved to Acre, sharing camp with 1 RHA. Many Thanks to Massimo Mangilli-Climpson for the detailed information.
Regimental HQ was based at Isdud (=Ashdod) under R.S.M. Merriman and moved to the Sidney Smith Barracks, Acre early in 1948, and finally embarked on SS. Tripolitania about mid. April at Haifa - destination Tripoli.
   66th Airborne Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery
   66th battery, 80th Regiment, Royal Artillery
   105 battery, 41st Field Regiment, Royal Artillery When 2nd Field changed to 41st Field in April 1947. 42 Bty became 105 Bty.the Battery Commander was Major Dafforn. the Commanding Officer was Lt/Col Sinclair. I served in this Bty from 1947 to 1950. Thanks to George Webb for this entry.
   211 Airlanding Light Battery, Royal Artillery
   300 Battery, 2 Airlanding Light Regiment, Royal Artillery
   334 Forward Observer Battery, Royal Artillery
   2923 LAA Squadron.
   Middle East School of Artillery.

Royal Army Service Corps
   1 Company, RASC, CO was Major RE Rushby MM. Left Palestine on 15th May 1947 for Egypt.
   1 C.S.P.S.U., RASC, I was posted to 3rd Division at Fayid/Fanara in Egypt Oct 46 then sent to a C.S.D at Gaza. In 47 the 3rd Div reached its 'Python', I was then posted to No1 C.S.P.S.U at El Ballah, on detachment, under MAJOR JEFFERSON despatching fruit/veg to all troops in North Canal Zone each day before sunrise. I was demobbed Sept 1948. group 73. Ballah had a Lido on the Suez Canal used by many troops. Thanks to Tony Blades for this entry.
   13 Company, RASC (GT), Stationed at Sarafand left for Egypt at end of Mandate. A platoon of Danish troops served with this Company.
   31 Supply Reserve Depot The depot issued to supply platoons situated in Haifa, Hedera, Sarafand, Majdal, Rafa, Jerusalem and Mafraq which in turn issued to formations. Haifa sub depot had a cold storage section for meat and a further cold storage 15 miles further south for potatoes.
      A Sub Depot Haifa
      B Sub Depot Sarafand
OC Major D.S.John,
2 I/C Capt. McCafferty,
Lt. B.A.Hester,
Lt. P. Clayton.
   No.2 Command Supply and Production Supervising unit at Kingsway Camp, Haifa.
   7/73 Company RASC, I joined co Oct 46 to evacuation end May 48 we were at various locations incl Hadera Tulkarm Natanya Haifa transporting troops on different operations there was another RASC co 40/42.
   40 Company, RASC, 1st Infantry Division. We moved from Fayid Egypt to Camp 80 near Hadera in early 1946.We stayed there for some time and then moved South to Camp 22 near Nathanya.I spent some of the time on Detachment at Mount Carmel with the Div HQ.the Coy was very active and we lost comrades to roadside mines. one task was to convert a Bedford MW into a hearse. We took part in the search for the two murdered Intelligence Corps Sgt's both of who I knew as I maintained their Motor Cycles. We started off with Dodge 3 Tonners but at some point took over Bedford QL's from another unit. Thanks to J Eveleigh for this entry.
   101 Company (Amphibious) RASC My father joined 101 Company RASC in July 1946 stationed south of Haifa as a sublieutenant. Commanding officer Major Horrocks, Adjutant Captain Beck, Company Seargeant Major Jacks. General transport duties with Canadian Dodge Trucks. Moved to Sarafand in September/October 1946 to start training with Neptune amphibious vehicles.
   138 Field Bakery RASC at Kingsway Camp, Haifa.
   193 Company Basic Petroleum Transport R.A.S.C. Stationed at El Jalama (approx 35 Km South East of Haifa) from Nov 1947 to May 1948. Posted to Jerusalem for the main evacuation convoy May 15th and then to Bat Galim in Haifa until June. Company was then posted to Benghazi and Tobruk as 193 Company General Transport (Mauritius).
commanded by Major Hooper El Jalama near Haifa I was sent on attachment to Beiruth for several months then on to Tripoli in the Lebanon several months later i was to return to El Jalama until my return to the uk in 1948 on the SS Samaria. I cannot recall precisely the amount of personnel at either of the attachments but i think it was about 25 at Beiruth and 10 in tripoly. One of the sgts. names was Dallas. 193 coy. supplied most of the forces in palestine, syria, lebanon, with petrol and cooking oil.
   242 Company RASC (6th Armoured Division), Moved from Italy to Palestine May/June 1947. Located at Khassa Camp (next to Life Guards) Moved on to Kenya.
   258 (GT) Heavy Goods RASC, Mt. Carmel Haifa.
   285 Company Royal Army Service Corp (Royal Corp Transport) 285gt from 1945 to 1948, trained at bodmin then stationed at diss near thetford forest in norfolk. Part of initial crew that opened up the then disused camp, there should be a plaque there with our company on it but I have forgotten the name of the camp and would like to find out so my nephew could research this for me. Served in Egypt then Palestine early 1945. Thanks to Ramond Carr for this entry.
   414 coy RASC Horse transport.
   405 company, Palestine Regiment, R.A.S.C, M.E.F Ismaelia Egypt I was a bedford tank trucks driver operating between Port Saïd and Suez during the period 1944 - 1946.
   470 Ambulance Car Coy RASC Sarafand prior to moving to Egypt upon the end of the Mandate.
   470 coy R.A.S.C / 12th BMH Bir Yaacov R.A.M.C Palestine, Posted to 23 coy R.A.S.C 3rd brit inf div Palestine 1946. Div moved down to Egypt Suez,Fayid.posted 48 coy 3Div Returned to Palestine Coy stationed at Gaza Ridge 1947 Posted 3rd div H.Q driver too Maj-Gen-Churcher Div disbanded July 1947 Posted to 470 coy rasc Maj Mansfield C/O sent on detachment to 12th B.M.H Bir Yaacov.
   474 Supply Platoon RASC, Haifa area 1946-1948. At Kingsway camp most of the time, next to the Railway station, and Barclays Bank. Also in the camp were 138 Field Bakery RASC, and No.2 Command Supply and Production Supervising unit. These units were responsible for the supply of food to all units within the Haifa area.
Officers serving at Kingsway Camp included Captain WFB Donald, Capt'Bishop, Capt' AVN Reed, Lieut'P Clements, and Lieut'GA Baseden. I was a Lieut' with 474, and as a Captain C.O. of No2 C.S.P.S.U, and later 138 Field Bakery. Both Lieut'Baseden, and Capt' Reed were wounded as a result of a civil disturbance while in Kingsway Camp. Many Thanks to Ken Wyatt for this entry.
   520 RASC Horse Drawn Ambulance Convoy, I was with Jock Rae & Curly Whyles in Sarafand Garrison in RASC 470 Ambulance Co Workshops up to leaving with the last recovery truck --- forget the date in May '48. Before that I was in the horse drawn ambulance company W/S in a village outside Sarafand Garrison and think it was at a village which had 'R' as its first letter. What about 800 Air Despatch Company RASC? We had to repair their 3 ton Dodge trucks constantly. Particularly when Curly & I were recovery truck escort to their convoy taking Mauritian troops to the camp at Haifa... Thanks to Edwin John Bass for this entry.
   639 Company, RASC, our company base was on the road between Jeruselem and Bethlehem.
   800 Air Despatch Company RASC
   843 Amphibious unit Based at Beit Jerja.
    843 MT Company RASC 843 Co.was stationed at Ishdud (hope thats spelt right) on the outskirts of fact we used to walk there. It was made up of mainly Dodge Tpt.On occassions i drve the water truck to service the Jewish Kibutz located between our site ond the sea.I was posted there from 242 Co.RASC. and subsequently to the RASC unit at Hq Pal. Allenby Barracks and Mount Carmel.
   RASC Transport Platoon, HQ Palestine, CO Cpt. Flavel followed by Lt. Tostevin, Sgt. Dean admin. Stationed at Allenby barracks.

Royal Army Medical Corps
   2 Field ambulance Palestine, Egypt and Salonika; Ramle Palestine, Pardess Hanna Camp 87, El Kantara Egypt, BMH Salonica Greece, Quastina Palestine, Quassasin Egypt. Thanks to Ernie Hayward for this entry.
   British Military Hospital Gaza.
   No.42 Military Hospital, Haifa.

Royal Army Ordnance Corps
   567 AAD, R.A.O.C. Located at WADI SARAR, 1947 to 1948.
1941-42 Known as 2 Base Ammunition Depot.
1943-47 Known as 567 Central Ammunition Depot.
1947-48 Known as 567 AAD
When thirty of us left the area, having locked the gates behind us, we travelled to a place named Athlit, 9 miles sough of Haifa. Our new depot turn out to be an ex naval depot which was to have held 500 tons of ammunition. However did we manage to find accommodation for five thousand tons of the stuff?
   2 BOD RAOC , with-in these depot was No 3 Base work shop REME RAOC had a terrific amount of stores to move before dead-line having 3 depots in Haifa area 614's transport ran non-stop 24 hours a day from depots to docks at Haifa so you will understand there being no time or recreational times some of us were survivors of the rail atrocity on 28 Rehover when 28 were killed over 30 wounded and 30 escaped out of 110 troops on train
   614 A.O.D. R.A.O.C. 612 C.V.G. R.A.O.C., 614 A.O.D. under the command of COL. GORE & MAJOR NEWMAN was at camp 153 outside HAIFA. I believe 3 BASE WORKSHOP were in 614's main depot,also sub.depots at KHAYAT BEACH and KYRIAT MOTZKIN. Joined by 612 C.V.G. in APRIL 48, this unit came from SARAFAND. 614 closed the gates in JUNE 48, embarking on GEORGIC on 5th JUNE 48 with rear party embarking SS SAMARIA on 12th JUNE 48 for 5 BASE ORDNANCE at T.E.K. both units were given 7 days R&R. then disbanded. Some staying in EGYPT others going CYPRUS, TURKEY.

Royal Corps of Signals
    3rd Infantry Division Signal Regiment, H Troop, 2 Squadron El Bureij, Gaza, Palestine 1947. CO: Lt Christopher Hodder-Williams. Thanks to Bryan Cox ex L/Cpl Royal Corps of Signals for this entry.
    4th Air Formation Signals Regiment.c .o. LtCol M.A. Lloyd later in '47 was posted to TransJordan Frontier Force. Camp 11 Tahag,Ismalia.Egypt I was his driver.
I was stationed at both el ballah and tahag in egypt during 1947/8 after a movement from 4th british inf. athens, greece. Demobbed from port said, feb 1948. Served on detachments to Beersheba, Palestine and to 'Kilo 108' in the Canal Zone whilst with 4 A.F.S. It was due to activity by the 'Sterne Gang' and the 'Shifters'. Thanks to Alan Randall Jones for this second entry.
    4th Air Formation signals Regt. Camp 11 Tahag, Egypt I was with the 4th Air formation signal regt in camp 11 Tahag, Egypt, 1947. When the Regt was run down I was posted to Cyprus Signal Squadron via Palestine.
Later went back to Catterick to train as a radio/mech. Finally back to Egypt to 2 Egypt Command Signal Regt. Finally to the Somaliland Scouts. Demobbed in 1952 after 6and a half years. Thanks to Albert Spavins for this entry.
    50 Wing, 4th Air Formation Signals Regiment. Stationed at Ein Shemer. O.C. was Major Palmer, unit was withdrawn to Egypt in late 1947 and reduced to become 4th Independent Air Formation Signals Squadron. Ishmailia and Tahag Egypt 1947/8. CO Major Stevens FOS F Linington D/R Troop Sgt Holness, I was Sgt i/c Workshop 4th A/F Sig Regt withdrew from Tahag to Iahmailia to become 4th Ind A/F Sig Regt. In May 1949 it started expanding again and became a full Regiment again in 1950. 2ASSU also had detachments on Iraq oil pipeline at H3 and H4 Thanks to Gerald Reeve for this entry.
    2 Air Support Signal Unit Sarafand garrison, Palestine. Sarafand 46/47 Jerusalem The Augusta Victoria on Mount Scopus 47/48 El Ballah 48 RAF Fayid 48 CO Major Liske then Major EW Lewis OC Capt Willis then Capt Prest OC B Troop Capt C Mawson Lt I T Wright also att Lt CH Watson (Capt Willis married Sarafand Church 18/2/47 2ASSU detachments at RAF Stns Ein Shemer,Habaniya,Nicosia,Khartoum,Aden also 6A/B Mt Carmel Haifa,3Div Sarafand, Pardes Hanna,Nathanya,Peta Tykva,Teletwinsky,Nazareth,Mogadishu.
2 air support signals unit. Ramat david 1947-48, gaza military royal signals . c.o. Lietnt Hodder-Williams. 2 air support signals unit ramat david. bombed 1948 prior to mandate end. left after mandate for egypt. C.O. Christopher Hodder-Williams of book publishers. now deceased.
    5th Air Formation Signals Regiment, 15 Wing Section Ramleh, Heifa, Lt.Nichols, Major Hibbs, 1941-46.
    18th Air Formation Signals Regiment 18th Air Formation Signal Regiment left Southampton 10th December 1945 arrived Port Said circa 19th December 1945 went to Quassin them Maadi.

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
1st Guards Brigade Workshop REME. CO Major Plews, succeeded by Renny Sutcliffe. Approx 1945 at Tel el Kabir, then Haifa until May 1948 when it moved to Libya. It was mobile unit with motor repair, instrument mechanic, recovery and I had a "Z" lorry for telecommunication repairs. This lorry was 10 ton Leyland workshop and we either moved to the individual battalions or stayed with the main workshop and had wireless equipment sent to us for repair.
1st Guards Brigade REME Tulkarm, later 190 Camp Haifa. We were preparing as many vehicles as possible to be able to move to Haifa at end of mandate. this was more or less acheived we were moved to Tripoli about end of May 48 by lst's Messina Dieppe and Lofoten. I sailed on the Lofoten with the rear party but cannot find any record of lofoten which took us off the beach close to Haifa. our c.o. was Major Renny Sutcliffe other officers were lieut. J.W.(John Willy) Adams capt. L.E.Boyte A.S.M. Bernard Benyon. I was a mere craftsman at the time and would like to know if any other survivors of this interesting time are still alive I believe that the big boss was a certain col. Stubbs.
3 Base Workshops I was stationed at 3 Base Workshops at Haifa during July and August 1945 until admitted to hospital in Haifa with stomach trouble.
Attached REME 3 Base workshops Jan1947 to Nov 1947. Posted to Rasc at Headquarters King David Hotel camp at Allenby Barracks Nov 1947 until May 1948. Moved to Hadar ha Carmel left Palestine June 1948 went to GHQ at Fayid until Aug 1948.
3 Base Workshops rear party left Haifa late in May 1948 or early June. We sailed on the Empire Helford for Benghazi where we absorbed an L.of C. workshop and became 3 Command Workshops, on the former Italian airfield at Berca, renamed Auchinlech Barracks. Our CO was Colonel Powell, the two company commanders, Major Grossman and Major Shrapnel, the other memorable figure was RSM Evans.
52nd Observation Regt REME attached 2nd RHA, We were based in Acre palestine O/C Capt Wall Serviced Vehicles also in Jerusalem Syrian Orphanage Evacuated to Gharian in Tunisia. Thanks to L/A Staff Sgt Wells for this entry.

Royal Engineers
   1 Airborne Squadron, Royal Engineers Famagusta-unloading Jewish immigrants,1947-8 under Major O' Callaghan.
   3 Airborne Squadron, Royal Engineers
   3 Engineer Base Workshops, Royal Engineers I was stationed with 3EBW at Beit Nabala from 1944 - 1947. CO was Col R. Stevenson. On re-organisation it was renamed H,Q. R.E. Establishment Beit Nabala. The various units were called Workshops Wing, H.Q. Wing. Stores Wing etc.
   8th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers also 55th 56th and 143 Field Park Squadrons
8th Field Sqn. RE along with 56th. 55th. and 143 Field Park squadrons were stationed in Gaza Strip. Formerly part of 6th Armoured Div, finished war in Italy. Palestine 1946/47. Withdrew in Oct 1947 to Egypt and reformed as 34 Army Engineer Regt. Sent to Kenya to prepare water supply for proposed move of Middle East HQ to Mackinon Rd in Kenya from Fayid in Egypt. Proposals fell through. CO was Major C L Stevenson . OC Lt Col Orchard. Stationed North of Gaza at Isdud. Duties included surveillance of Railway Lines for Bombs etc. and general Counter terrorist activities.
   17th Field Squadron, were at Llyda, Sarafand,& Jerusalem. O.C.Major Jarret-Kerr.
   22nd Field Regiment.
   23 Field Company, Royal Engineers. 23 Field Company was the senior engineer company of 1st British Infantry Division. They moved to Palestine in January 1945 under command Major E V Rambush RE. In 1945 the company moved to Egypt for training at the School of Military Engineering at Ismalia and returned to Palestine as the troubles flared up in October. The Company was employed in construction accommodation and security bases as well as security duties. It was indeed a Captain Gallettie of 23rd Field Company RE who cut down the bodies of the two unfortunate Intelligence Sergeants in July 1947. He was temporarily blinded when he cut the body of one sergeant from a tree and the body struck a mine placed by the terrorists below the tree. The covering infantry was provided by the Grenadier Guards. The company remained in Palestine upto the last withdrawal and then moved into Egypt. Thanks to Captain Stu Pemberton for this entry.
   HQ Unit 23rd Squadron 1st Infantry Div Royal Engineers 1947-1948, TelLitwinsky/Sarafand 1947-1948. Commanding Officer Capt Egerton Smith. We left on the last convoy out of Palestine across the Sinai desert and arrived at Lumsden Barracks, Benghazi, from there we boarded the vessel Empire Halladale to Liverpool and were demobbed in York in August 1948
   25 Field Company, Royal Engineers, Stationed at Bir Salem. Later became 17 Field Sqdn. Officer Commanding Major Pilkington.
   55th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers. See entry for 8th Field Squadron.
   56th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers. See entry for 8th Field Squadron.
   65th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers. CO Major Pilkington R.E.
   143rd Field Park Squadron, Royal Engineers. See entry for 8th Field Squadron.
   177 a.w comp / 252 construction squadron, moved to Palestine in July 1946.
   193 Squadron, Royal Engineers.
   193 Railway operation squadron, RE Assib
   199 Railway Workshop, RE Tel Aviv. At Lydda 1947, Major Gray, RSM Gradwell.
   238 Field Company, 12th Field Squadron238 Field Coy/12 Field Sqn was part of the 2nd infantry brigade. The O.C. for most of the time during 1946-1947 was Major(Jerry)Chambers, greatly admired and respected by all his (soldiers) as he called them. Locations were 87 camp(Pardess Hannah)-Atlit camp-Beit Nebala-Ceasarea(abandoned) Police Stn-Ramallah, White Horse Hotel-Jerusalem, Syrian orphanage.
   249 Airborne Park, Royal Engineers
   603 Railway Construction Company/Squadron, Royal Engineers We were based at Beit Nabala Camp, Palestine Jan 1947 - 1948. C O was Major F D Goodwin. The Coy was in MEF from Jan 1946 based in Egypt (Suez canal area) spread out in detachments from Tobruk to Palestine. The whole Coy was moved to Palestine in Jan '47 where we were engaged in repairs following damage to railway lines, sidings, culverts etc due to terrorist activity.
   703 Artisan Works Company, 653 Road Construction Squadron, Royal Engineers. built a guards camp at Assib north of hHaifa and near the Syrian border. It then moved to Khan Unis south of Gaza where it was disbanded. Most of the drivers including myself were posted to 653 Road Construction Squadron at Khan Unis. The squadron then moved to Rafah near the Egyptian border in 1947.
   1261 Port Operating Squadron, Royal Engineers Haifa 1948.

Pioneer Corps renamed Royal Pioneer Corps on 28th November 1946

Royal Signals
   J troop Attached 1st Guards Brigade R.Signals attached 1st guards brigade Nazareth, Petah tiquva, Camp 22. Feb 1946- august 1947.
   2 Squadron - Palestine COmmand Signal Regiment Unit stationed at Carmel College Haifa, Manning Palestine North Military Trunk Telephone Exchange, also Haifa Signal Office. I was sgt I/C Telephone Exchange 1947, Officer Commanding Unit, Major V.C.T. Honor.
   4th. Air Formation Signals Regiment, 2 Coy 4 AFS at Ein Shemer, Ramat David and Ramleh, 1945 to 1948
   K troop Royal Signals att. 2nd inf Brigade 1st inf Divisionposted camp 87 Pardes Hanna aug .1946 carried out internal security , all radio nets on 24 hrs watch then moved to Jerusalem early 1947 until end of mandate 14 may then to Egpyt Quassasin
   N Troop Royal Signals att. 22 Field Regt. Royal Engineers, stationed at Camp 21 Nathanya. N Troop left in May 1948 across the Sinai Desert, then on to Benghazi to Lumsden Barracks and to The U.K. in 1949.
   32 DQ Royal Signals, Instructors were SGT Bowler and Cpl Taylor 1945/6.

Royal Military Police
   1st Infantry Division Provost Company C .M. P., Haifa Teletwinsky, Capt Barnes Capt Phillips, Major Pillitz 1946-1948 Tripoli 1948.
   209 Provost Company, Sarafand Camp. Soputh Palastine.Police barracks at Bat Galim, Haifa Port Police Station, Haifa Docks until 30th June 1948.
Army Air Corps

Royal Army Pay Corps
   90th Bn. The 90th Bn.RAPC was stationed at the Syrian Orphanage just outside Jerusalem. I am unaware when they were first there but I served there from December 1945 until I was demobbed in July 1946. There is however a full account of a major attack on the Syrian Orphanage by the I.Z.L. on the 12th March 1947 on this web site under the title of "Attack on the Syrian Orphanage".

I myself joined the Middlesex Regt in May 1940, had a major operation on my feet in 1941 (due to "Excessive Marching !) and was downgraded to B2 and later to B7. I remained in tghe Middlesex until late 1943 as Orderly Room Corporal and then because of the forthcoming D-Day I was transferred to the RAPC which I found very boring and tame after the Middlesex. I volunteered for overseas and eventually got sent in Dec.1945 to Jerusalem where because of my service in the Infantry I was mainly engaged on Cash Repatriation i.e returning large amounts of cash back to their country of origin. Thanks to Kenneth John Stevens for this entry.


Being a list of Navy ships which served as part of the RN Patrol Palestine and ships which assisted those operations.

H.M.S. Ajax
H.M.S. Chevron, Off Palestinian coast, boarding illegal immigrant ships, mostly funded by US jewish organization.
H.M.S. Aurora 28/11/1945-?
H.M.S. Bicester
H.M.S. Bigbury Bay frigate 4/1947-?
H.M.S. Bleasdale
H.M.S. Burghead Bay frigate
H.M.S. Brissenden 3rd flotilla 10/1946-2/2/1946.
H.M.S. Cardigan Bay frigate
H.M.S. Chaplet 14th Destroyer Flotilla, 2/2/1946-2/6/1946 plus 1st Destroyer Flotilla 30/8/1946-2/1947.
H.M.S. Charity 14th Destroyer Flotilla, 2/2/1946-2/6/1946 plus 1st Destroyer Flotilla 30/8/1946-2/1947.
H.M.S. Chequers 14th Destroyer Flotilla 2/2/1946-2/6/1946.
H.M.S. Cheviot 3rd Flotilla 2/1947-?
H.M.S. Chevron 14th Destroyer Flotilla 2/2/1946-2/6/1946.
H.M.S. Chieftain Exodus 1947.
H.M.S. Childers CO Tony Bailey(Exodus incident), 14th(1946)& 1st(1946-1947) flotilla. Thanks to Lee Espe for this entry.
H.M.S. Chivalrous 1st Destroyer Flotilla 30/8/1946-2/1947.
H.M.S. Dieppe
H.M.S. Espiegle
H.M.S. Finisterre
H.M.S. Haydon 3rd flotilla 10/1946-2/2/1946 & 2/6/1946-30/8/1946.
H.M.S. Jervis 14th Destroyer Flotilla 2/2/1946-2/6/1946.
H.M.S. Magpie Sloop.
H.M.S. Marne 3rd flotilla 2/11/1945-2/2/1946
H.M.Tug Marauder
H.M.S. Mauritius SNO(A) ? to 23/8/1946.
H.M.S. Mermaid Sloop.
H.M.S. Messina LST. In refit 1963 at Gibraltar, served in Cyprus afterwards.
H.M.S. Milne 3rd flotilla 2/11/1945-2/2/1946
H.M.S. Moon minesweeper
H.M.S. Musketeer 3rd flotilla 2/11/1945-2/2/1946
H.M.S. Newcastle undertaking transshipments from Haifa to Cyprus.
H.M.S. Octavia
H.M.S. Orion
H.M.S. Peacock
H.M.S. Phoebe 3rd flotilla 2/6/1946-30/8/1946 as well as undertaking transshipments from Haifa to Cyprus.
H.M.S. Providence Algerine class minesweeper, CO Commander William Ernest Messinger OBE RN.
H.M.S. Rowena minesweeper
H.M.S. St.Austell Bay frigate
H.M.S. Saumarez 3rd flotilla SNO(A) 2/6/1946-30/8/1946
H.M.S. Sirius 11/1945-?
H.M.S. Skipjack Minesweeper
H.M.S. Stevenson 3rd flotilla 10/1946-2/2/1946.
H.M.S. Superb 6/1946-?
H.M.S. Surprise Despatch vessel.
H.M.S. Talybont 3rd flotilla 1/1946 to ? & 2/6/1946-30/8/1946.
H.M.S. Tremodoc Bay frigate
H.M.S. Triumph (800 & 827 NAS, Seafire F17 & Firefly FR1 respectively)
H.M.S. Troubridge 3rd Flotilla 2/1947-?
H.M.S. Venus 3rd flotilla 2/6/1946-30/8/1946
H.M.S. Verulam 3rd Flotilla 2/1947-?
H.M.S. Veryan Bay frigate 4/1947-?
H.M.S. Virago 3rd flotilla 2/6/1946-30/8/1946
H.M.S. Volage 3rd flotilla 2/6/1946-30/8/1946
H.M.S. Welfare Minesweeper
H.M.S. Whitsand Bay frigate 4/1947-?
H.M.S. Widemouth Bay frigate
H.M.S. Zest

H.M.T. Devonshire
H.M.T. Empire Heywood
H.M.T. Empire Rival
H.M.T. Empire Striker
H.M.T. Empire Test LST
H.M.T. Ocean Vigour
H.M.T. Runnymead Park
H.M.T. Striker LST

S.S. Empire Comfort
S.S. Empire Lifeguard sunk in Haifa.
S.S. Empire Rest
S.S. Empire Shelter

Evacuation ships
S.S. Franconia
S.S. Otranto
S.S. Samaria
S.S. Empress of Scotland
S.S. Empress of Australia
S.S. Taos Victory

Royal Marines

40 RM. Commando
42 RM. Commando
45 RM. Commando 45 Commando RM flew in on 30 April. They arrived just before 42 Commando and so lifted the stores & transport from the departing 1st Guards Brigade, 45 Commando returned to Benghazi on 12 May.


Palestine Police Mobile force The PMF was made up not only of Palestine Policemen who had served in Palestine before and during the 39-45 War and to the end of the Mandate but of seconded personnel from Regular British Army Units.

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