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Operation Veritas: British Units Deployed

This is a list of the British forces that served in Afghanistan. It is NOT our intention to ignore any unit which served.  We wish to get the facts correct and produce an accurate list of all the units who served.

Due to time pressures and a lack of staff, we can no longer update these pages. This may change in the future, please bear with us.

British Army
Royal Navy
Mutli-service units

British Army

22 SAS
21 SAS, 23 SAS, & 63 SAS Signals The above units made up Task Force 28 based at Bagram Airfield but with patrols in all the main towns/cities of Afghanistan as part of Operation Larva from May 2002 to December 2002, also with elements of 45 Commando, and RAF TCW.
264 SAS Signals Squadron 264 (SAS) Signal Squadron, the regular signal unit attached to 22 SAS and commanded at the time by Major S********d were involved in all the operations that 22 SAS were involved in. Several members were amongst the first British troops to set foot on the ground in Operation Veritas. Two members were present in the first SAS / British combat operation in which the RSM was wounded and for which several gallantry awards were issued. If memory serves me correctly this attack was Operation Bleed or Blood (or something similar).
7 (Sphinx) Commando Battery, Royal Artillery - armed with 105mm Light Guns
59 Independent Commando Squadron, Royal Engineers
529 Specialist Team Royal Engineers, 529 STRE was deployed at the start of the ISAF deployment in support of the Air Component in Afghanistan, additionally a section deployed to Kenya (29 days) in support of an air component detachment.
1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, to Kabul in March 2002 to June 2002. Battalion sent A,B,C and D Coys. D Coy provided Snipers,Recce, MFC's etc and formed about 12x4 man teams. The FOO Parties were incorporated into D Coy as RISTA assets and spent the majority of our time on the hills overlooking Kabul or on (unsuccessful mostly i think)ambushes/deliberate ops etc in the city.
28/143 Bty (Tombs' Troop) Royal Artillery 28/143 (19 Regt RA) Bty RA supports 1 Royal Anglian and deployed its 3 FOO Parties and a platoon in the infantry role (with C Coy). Battalion sent A,B,C and D Coys. D Coy provided Snipers,Recce, MFC's etc and formed about 12x4 man teams. The FOO Parties were incorporated into D Coy as RISTA assets and spent the majority of our time on the hills overlooking Kabul or on (unsuccessful mostly i think)ambushes/deliberate ops etc in the city. Good times!
A Company, 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, February to June 2003.
C Company, 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, June to October 2003.
A Company 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, A Company + Part of B Company Commanded by Maj Jon Swift. As Part of 3 Para Battle group. Were at Camp Now Zad for 6 months during the latter part of 2006. The company fought of 150 Taliban attacks in 105 days accounting for 200 Taliban fighters.
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 5 scots, 5 scots were based in helmand province from march 2008 untill september 2008 they were commanded by LT COL Richmond three MCs were awarded to personel in 5 scots aswell as numerous other awards
West Midlands Regiment (TA), The West Midlands regiment (TA) went out in August 2003 and came back in November 2003, we were attached to the the royal anglian. we were involved in every day task in, patrolling, QRF, escorts, guard. spent a bit of time in Bagram but most on camp souter.
216 Signal Squadron, landed at Bagram with the SAS, moved south to occupy Kabul alongside the USA. moved onto the Jalabad road and took occupancy on the UK's new HQ.
Detachment from Commando Logistics Regiment - Royal Marine, Royal Navy and Army personnel
23 Pioneer Regiment Royal Logistics Corps - A reinforced Troop from 23 Regt deployed late June 2002 - early Sep 2002 as the Defence Pl for UKNSE at Camp Souter. Tp Comd - me. Attached initially to 3 Close Support Regt (-) and subsequently to AMF(L) CSS Bn.
Tasks included guard force, local patrolling, QRF, assault pioneer tasks, local protection for RAMC clinics and providing LO to German Bde HQ and neighbouring Czech Fd Hosp.
One-off tasks include supporting Geoff Hoon's CP team on his visit to Kabul, conducting recces for emergency extraction plan support to Ambassador's CP team and protection to RE on their rebuild of the Embassy defences.
34 Field Hospital RAMC - 34 Fd Hosp RAMC deployed on 19th Dec 2001 to Bagram Airbase to provide medical support for the SF Operation. A 10 Bed Fd Hosp with full diagnostic capability was set up providing med support to British and American SF soldiers as well as treating numerous Northern Alliance soldiers. Date returned was June 02.
30 Signal Regiment Provided communications Recce team with General McCall, amongst the first conventional troops into theatre.

Royal Navy

HMS Illustrious
HMS Fearless
HMS Campbeltown
HMS Cornwall
HMS Southampton
Royal Fleet Auxiliaries
RFA Sir Tristram
RFA Sir Percivale
RFA Fort Victoria
RFA Fort Rosalie
RFA Bayleaf
RFA Brambleleaf
RFA Diligence
HMS Superb
HMS Trafalgar
HMS Triumph

Royal Marines

HQ 3rd Cdo Brigade
United Kingdom Land Force Command Support Group Royal Marines, Bagram airport in support of 45 Commando.
40 RM Commando
42 Cdo RM
45 RM Commando Group
   23 HQ Commando Battery23(Gibralta)HQ Battery from 29 Cdo Regt deployed and formed part of Cdo Brigade minus to liase with USA HQ, also deployed three Mamba Radars (used extensively!) and deployed Forward Observers to supplement 7 Bty, 148 Bty, Deployed with 45 Cdo and SASR.
Armoured Support Company RM
A few years back: Commander UK Amphibious Force, (UKAMPFOR). A 2 Star command, (Major General RM), includes HQ personnel.

Royal Air Force

RAF Detachment commander Group Captain Steve Abbott
Flights from RAF squadrons including 51 Squadron operating Nimrod R1s and 216 Squadron operating Tristars.
7 Squadron operating Chinooks at Bagram Airport
27 Squadron, Chinook
27 Squadron, Pumas at Bagram Airport.
34 squadron, RAF Regiment at Kabul airport

Tactical Supply Wing, Provided aviation refuel facilities at Bagram airfield & forward refuelling points at various locations throughout Afghanistan to all British & US rotary & fixed wing aircraft. Personnel deployed straight from Oman (post Saif Sareaa 2) in Nov 01 until Oct 02.
Tactical Communications Wing, personnel of the TCW were deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 alongside perosnnel of the Tactical Air Traffic Control Unit. TCW perosnnel were involved in the reactivation of Kabul airport and the prepartion to hand it over to air force units as operations increased in Afghanistan.
5131 (Bomb Disposal) Squadron Deployed via Bagram to Kabul with Group Captain Abbott and the initial enabling detachment in Dec01/Jan 02. A team of 9 from RAF Wittering lead by Sqn Ldr (now Wg Cdr) Mark Hollis. The team included myself as controller and team leader and cleared Kabul airport of a massive amount of unexploded ordnance and discarded ordnance including mines and the marking of hazardous areas. The aiport was cleared and opened well ahead of expectations and allowed flying operations to comence withing the first week of deployment. The initial team was replaced at the end of Apr02 by fellow 5131(BD) Sqn members.
UKMAMS, United Kingdom Mobile Air Movements Squadron (UKMAMS), now known as No1 Air Movements Squadron. Also Joint helicopter Support Unit (JHSU). These 2 units cover all air movements operations.

Multi-Service Units

15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group

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