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HADJIANASTASIOU, George: (With Mimis MARCOU, he threw a bomb into the NAAFI in the center of Larnaca. Although entry was restricted to British subjects and locally-recruited employees, these two terrorists were able to successfully elude the NAAFI's tight security arrangements on 09.08.56 and explode their bomb, causing a fire to break out.)

HADJIANASTASIOU, Tasso (From Aradhippou, he was a UK-qualified lawyer who later became a judge in Nicosia after independence.)

HADJICHRISTOU, Andreas (Born 1935 in Nicosia)

HADJIDAMIANOU, Georghios (Born 1934 in Phylia, Lefka/Lefke, he belonged to a hit-and-run group in the Orines area.)

HADJIGEORGHIOU, Nitsa. Code-name: Cassandra and Miss Diamanticou. (When she enlisted in Eoka, GRIVAS personally warned her of the risks she would face. Allegedly, she replied: 'Whoever does not give all for her country, gives nothing.' As if to prove the point, she honey-trapped Sgt E J ALLEN, RAF, pretending to be his girl friend. At her home near Ayios Demitos on 17.07.56, she lured him into her bedroom, where three masked EOKA gunmen rushed out of their bathroom-hiding place and attacked their victim. He resisted capture and was shot dead. The Eoka gunmen fled. Calmly, 25 years-old Hadjigeorghiou reported the death to the local police.

Despite intensive interrogation, nothing could be proved against her. Nevertheless, she was charged, found guilty and imprisoned on lesser charges than aiding and abetting murder. While in prison she worked in the kitchens, which allowed her relative freedom to pass coded messages to other prisoners - of both sexes.

Released in November 1956, she was re-arrested later and sent to the notorious Omorphita Interrogation Center. Under questioning, she admitted taking AFXENTIOU from the Pentadactylos to Kakopetria in 1955, in a car driven by Kyriakos MATSIS. Stopped at a British checkpoint, she and AFXENTIOU began making love in the car's back seat. MATSIS, the driver, was waved on.

When Governor HARDING commuted her friend Nicos XENOPHONTAS's death sentence to life imprisonment, GRIVAS believed this was reward for her collaborating with the Security Forces and ordered Eoka to ostracise her, believing she would become a hooded informer.

Governor Sir Hugh Foot ordered her release from Nicosia prison on 14.12.57 as one of his first actions on arrival in Cyprus. Later many Greek Cypriot women condemned her for having behaved as a common prostitute.

She died alone in poverty on 10.03.58, a Bible was resting on her chest.)

HADJIKYRIACOS, Andreas. (Born 1940 in Trikomo/Iskele, near Famagusta.)

HADJIKYRIACOU, Michael. (aka Savva MICHALAKIS, he died on 11.03.57 He was born in Akaki in 1932. There was confusion over his name because his father was known as 'Savvas'. Details of his death are confused, because Eoka has never recognized him as a 'hero', but the most popular theory is that he blew himself up accidentally with a bomb.)

HADJIMICHAELIS, M (Born in 1938 in Gaidouras, he was part of a hit-and-run unit in Paphos.)


HADJIMILTIS, Demos (He and his wife, NINA, provided GRIVAS with a 'safe' house in Limassol, post-Operation Lucky Alphonse. Born 1927 in Limassol, he was a clerk in the Lanitis company. A diarist for the Royal Norfolks described him as 'what the proverbial red rag is to the bull'. He added: 'It was clear he was definitely of the EOKA elite, closely in touch with GRIVAS and capable of running the whole organization.')

HADJINICOLAS, Hadjimatheos (One of the founders of the Cyprus Farmers' Union, he came from Argak.)

HADJIPARASKEVA, Kekkos. (He was captured in Akhna village on 28 February 1957 by a Royal Leicestershire Regiment patrol. 'We were going through an orange grove about two miles west of Akhna on a routine pa-trol, when we came upon a house on the edge of the grove. Suddenly we saw an old man run towards it and almost immediately four men came running out towards us. We were still partly hidden in the grove. But suddenly they saw us, and turned and ran across a rough field. We took up the chase and after about 100 yards I shouted to them to halt. They stopped and put their hands above their heads,' said Cpl. MOORE. Three more terrorists were also caught, hiding in the house. 'I jumped through the window,' explained)

HADJISAVVAS, George. (Until late 1956, he was responsible for Eoka operations in the Larnaca area, but, due to ill health, GRIVAS give him permission to hand over his command to George TZIRKOTIS.)

* HADJITHEODOSIOU, Theodosis (Born 1923 in Famagusta, where he farmed, he died 18.12.57. His contribution to Eoka was the supply of food.)

HADJITHEODOSIOU, Yiasomis. (Killed on 02.08.58 at Pergamos, he was one of the youngest Eoka activists, just 18. At the time of his death, he was still a student. He came from Achna.)

HADJIYIANNIS, Spyros. (He was captured I S forces and confined in a detention camp. He came from Goudi, which is situated in the Chrysochous valley.

* HADJI-YIAKOUMIS, Spyros (He died on 16.10.58, allegedly from torture during interrogation. Eoka, however, does not accord him 'hero' status.)

HARALAMBOS, Dinos (On 08.09.56, this caretaker of the Kyrenia/Girne Gymnasium led an attack on the local police station, sited under the port's Crusader Castle walls, where British troops were billeted. His gang of 12 were mostly well-armed schoolboys. The station's police officers surrendered after a very brief struggle in which a Turkish Cypriot was injured. The gang fled only after the arrival of British Forces on the scene.)

HARALAMBOUS, Savvas (Born 1938 in Steni village. His Eoka role was to move supplies on behalf of various groups in the Polis area. Another Eoka member of the same came Stroumbi, born 1934.)

HARALAMBIS, Panayotis. (He was a young Eoka member who was responsible for collecting mail at Ktima post office for delivery in outlying villages. He maintained a friendship with his Turkish Cypriot colleagues. They often helped him load his van. Despite the presence of British troops, parcels from abroad were rarely searched for illegal imports, especially if they had passed through Limassol first. From November 1957, Haralambis was the regular collector of arms shipments addressed to 'George Papadopolous - Polis' and labelled 'Contents: Almonds.' Until the end of the conflict, two or three of these packages arrived every week. The smuggling operation was never discovered.)

HARITOU, First name not known (He was captured in October 1956, during the course of Operation Fox-Hunter, by a unit of the 16th Independent Parachute Brigade Group. Under questioning, he revealed he belonged to gang operating around the Galini area. His information later led the Paras in trapping two of his comrades - THOMA and XAPOLITOS)

HERACLOUS, Efstathios (Little is recorded on this individual's background, but he was arrested and interned by the authorities. They believed he was a member of a Nicosia hit-and-run gang.)

HIMONAS, Manolis (Members of 1 R Leicesters, after a gun battle near Lysi on 10.02.57, captured him and five others. The seventh terrorist, Paraulos KOKKINOS, was shot dead. The survivors received long jail terms. The Leicester patrol was led by Cpl T W JAMES.)

HIROPOULIS, Paraskevas (He was the third EOKA member involved in the murder of Cpl HALE at Nicosia Airport in 1956. He received a life imprisonment, but was released by Archbishop MAKARIOS, when Cyprus became an independent republic.)

HJIMILITIS, Demos (He was an Eoka executioner and Limassol gang leader, rated highly by GRIVAS. Born in 1927, before joining Eoka he worked as a company secretary in one of the LANITIS group of companies.)

HOKKINS, Andreas (He was one of three terrorists captured at the start of Operation Black Mac on 14.01.57. He and the others received death sentences on 28.02.57. All had illegal firearms in their possession.)

HOURY, Michel. (An unusual Eoka sympathizer, he was part Greek and part Egyptian, who professed pro-British opinions. He was one of Limassol's top lawyers and his daughter married an Irishman, who had been made redundant from the Cyprus Regiment in which he had served as a 'squaddie'. Houry arranged for the former soldier to train as a lawyer, ostensibly 'to bring the British to his office'.)

HOUVARDOS, Andreas (A Police Constable in the Cyprus Police in Nicosia, he collaborated with Eoka by hiding paramilitary equipment in his house. His accomplice was Sgt Lekios PATSALIDES. Special Branch arrested both on 03.02.57. They received long prison sentences. Forensics showed a Webley No 2 Mk 1 pistol manufactured in 1934, found in Houvardos's house, was used in 15 Eoka killings and seven attempted murders in 1956-57. Today the pistol, serial number C5942, is exhibited in London's Imperial War Museum.)

HOUVARTES, Andreas (A prominent Nicosia police officer, he was captured in February in 1957 with EOKA documents in his possession. These led to the arrest of another policeman, ANDREAS RIGAS, and later the capture of ANDREAS CHARTAS, the EOKA leader in the capital.)

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