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Operation Telic: British Forces Deployed

This is a list of the British forces that served during the Second Gulf War and subsequent operations in Iraq. It is NOT our intention to ignore any unit which served.  We wish to get the facts correct and produce a accurate list of all the units who served.

Due to time pressures and a lack of staff, we can no longer update these pages. This may change in the future, please bear with us.


Royal Navy
Royal Marines
Royal Air Force
British Army
Multi-service units

Commander UK National Contingent: Air Marshal Brian Burridge, Royal Air Force.

Royal Navy:

Commander RN forces, Operation Telic: Rear Admiral David Snelson.

HMS Ark Royal (Invincible Class, aircraft carrier) returned to Portsmouth 17/5/03.
HMS Liverpool (Type 42 destroyer)
HMS Edinburgh (Type 42 destroyer)
HMS York (Type 42 destroyer)
HMS Marlborough (Type 23 frigate)
HMS Grimsby (mine-hunter)
HMS Ledbury (mine-hunter)
RFA Argus
RFA Sir Tristram
RFA Sir Galahad
   RFA Sir Galahad Force Protection
RFA Sir Percivale
RFA Fort Victoria
RFA Fort Rosalie
RFA Fort Austin
RFA Orangeleaf
HMS Turbulent (TLAM equipped submarine) ? to 16/4/03
HMS Splendid (TLAM equipped submarine)

Commander Amphibious Task Group: Commodore Jamie Miller.

HMS Ocean (Helicopter carrier)
HMS Chatham (Type 22 frigate)
HMS Richmond (Type 23 frigate)
HMS Bangor - returned to UK 19/6/2003.
HMS Blyth (minehunter)
HMS Brocklesby (minehunter)
HMS Ramsey
HMS Sandown - returned to UK 19/6/2003.
HMS Shoreham
HMS Roebuck (Survey vessel)
HMS Scott (Survey vessel)

RFA Grey Rover
RFA Bayleaf
RFA Brambleleaf
RFA Sir Bedivere
RFA Sea Crusader
RFA Diligence

Hurst Point
Beachy Head
Hartland Point
Anvil Point
Note: Each of these are commercially owned (AWSR Shipping) ro-ro ferries on a PFI contract with the Ministry of Defense, the order was completed twenty months early enabling the MOD to bring this new capacity into use in the build up to Operation Telic.

Six chartered commercial ships

814 Naval Air Squadron - Merlin (Fort Victoria)
815 Naval Air Squadron - Lynx (embarked HMS Chatham, Marlborough, Richmond, Edinburgh, Liverpool and York).
820 Naval Air Squadron - Sea King Mk 6 (RFA Argus)
845 Naval Air Squadron - Sea King Mk 4 (HMS Ocean)
847 Naval Air Squadron - Lynx AH7 & Gazelle AH1 (HMS Ocean)
846 Naval Air Squadron - I have been serving on 846 since 2003 and we provided a constant presence with our sister sqdn 845 from 2003 until 2007 during this time I did 6 tours of 2 1/2 to 3 months.
849 Naval Air Squadron - Sea King Mk 7 (HMS Ark Royal)

Royal Naval Reserve, in kuwait and iraq from the beginning of February 2003 to June 2003 with the forward logistics team others served at sea and all around the gulf states including Iraq itself during the actual war. Over 300 RNR personnel were deployed to serve in the Gulf Area, Iraq, headquarters and in the UK in support of the war effort.

Royal Marines:

Commander 3 Commando Brigade: Brigadier Jim Dutton ADC.

HQ 3 Commando Brigade
40 Commando Royal Marines
42 Commando Royal Marines
UK Landing Force Command Support Group
Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines
29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery
539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines
9 Assault Squadron Royal Marines
59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers
131 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers (Volunteers)
Elements of:
   Commander UK Amphibious Forces
   45 Commando Royal Marines
   20 Commando Battery Royal Artillery
   Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines
   4 Assault Squadron Royal Marines
   Royal Marines Band Service
   Royal Marine Reserve City of London
   Royal Marine Reserve Scotland
   Royal Marine Reserve Bristol
   Royal Marine Reserve Merseyside
   Royal Marine Reserve Tyne

Special Boat Service


British Army:

1(UK) Armoured Division: As deployed for the main conflict.
Commander, land-forces, Operation Telic: Maj. Gen. Robin Brims
Headquarters and Signal Regiment
1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (reconnaissance) - (160 troops building POW camps in N. Kuwait)
1st Battalion The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (additional infantry capability)
28 Engineer Regiment
   412 Amphibious Engineer Tp(V) 412 Amph Engr Tp(V) is part of 23 Amph Engr Sqn, 28 Engr Regt, the only Ta Tp outside of UK and administered and part oof a Regular Regt. The Troop formed in 1996 and provides 1/3 of the British Armys wet wide gap using M3 Rigs. 412 Tp were the first to use the M3 Rigs for the first time in a wartime operational role at Xing Point Anna for 3 Cmdo Bde. Thansk to Jase for this entry.
53 field sqn Air support, 39 engineer regiment 53 Field Sqn deployed to Doha Qatar early january 03 to construct ESA's and WOC for i believe 617 Sqn (dambusters??), One troop was sent to jordan to assist SF base constrution then RV'd in Doha then we all moved over to Kuwait (Ali AL Salem) early March. Then into Iraq for the main Effort assisted with the JFIT pow handling before moving further up to Basrah Int Airport, construction of 1500 man ECI camp at shaibah log base, continued to complete our ADR duties at Al Almarah. Returned July 6th 03 after a very busy tour!! Our OC was major Damien McKewan RE i beleive OBE but not 100% sure of that. we had about 10-15 augmentees attached to us some of which were reservists and some from 77(V) engineer squadron in Newcastle. Support troop alone had about 13 and the sqn itself practiclly doubled in size. It was the biggest engineering task since the second world war.
1 General Support Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
2 Close Support Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
2nd Battalion, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
1 Close Support Medical Regiment 1 CS Med Regt was backfilled by a Sqn (24 CS Med Sqn) from 3 CS Med Regt, these personnel formed Dressing Station 1B (DS 1B). 24 Sqn was in turn supported by members of the Band of the Hussars and Light Dragoons as well as individual augmentees from approx 30 different regular and territorial units. I believe that DS 1A had a defence platoon consisting of T/A soldiers with members of Dragoon band.

4 Territorials of the 3rd Battalion of the Prince of Wales Own Yorkshire regiment assigned to 1st CS med regt, 7th Armoured. I was one of them attached to 2 RTR, RAP medical unit. Thanks to Antony Steventon for this entry.
5 General Support Medical Regiment
1 Regiment, Royal Military Police
plus elements from various units including:
   33 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment
   30 Signal Regiment
   32 Regiment Royal Artillery including 57 (Bhurtpore Battery):
During the war 57 bty was deployed as the locating asset for the British army and was equipped as follows;
One troop of SOUNDRANGING/SURVEY, 'A' troop (soundranging survey) Located 17 Active hostile artillery locations all of which were verified and destroyed by allied aircraft. And was also responsible for the capture of 175 P.O.W's (I believe this was the largest number of P.O.W's taken by a minor unit).
One troop of DRONE (Unmanned air reconnaissance vehicle)
One troop of MET.

7th Armoured Brigade: As deployed for the main conflict.
Commander 7 Armoured Brigade: Brigadier Graham Binns CBE MC
Headquarters and Signal Squadron:
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Challenger 2 tanks)
   REME LAD drawn from BN HQ, 103 BN REME (V) Crawley
2nd Royal Tank Regiment (Challenger 2 tanks)
1st Battalion The Black Watch (Warrior infantry fighting vehicles)
1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Warrior infantry fighting vehicles), In May 2008 1RRF deployed to iraq after training in house clearance in germany, and later training in kuwait. During their tour (op telic 12) several soldiers went blind, and minor injuries, one soldier had Encephilites HSV and nearly died. Two RAF helipcoters were under enemy IDF when at base and were put out of action. The RAF had several rifles stolen when 1RRF had to conduct operations to retrive, which they did. 1RRF had a sniper company and did a rotation on the Iranian Border then helped and guarded FOB minden. The Iranians and the Iraqis shot at each other close to FOB Minden with MG's. 1RRF lived in substandard conditions for some time. 1RRF also took part in gaurding a group of Iraqi commando offices which Baghad had decommisioned.
3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (AS90 self-propelled guns)
   26 Regiment Royal Artillery
32 Armoured Engineer Regiment
plus elements from various units including:
   Queen's Royal Lancers (Challenger 2 tanks)
   1st Battalion Irish Guards (Warrior infantry fighting vehicles)
   1st Battalion The Light Infantry (Warrior infantry fighting vehicles)
   38 Engineer Regiment

16 Air Assault Brigade: As deployed for the main conflict.
Commander 16 Air Assault Brigade: Brigadier 'Jacko' Page OBE
Headquarters and Signal Squadron
1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment A Coy based at Shaibah airfield. B Coy Baghdad - VIP escort task (Route Irish). C Coy Baghdad - prision and base guards. D Coy Bagdad - logistic convoy protection (Route Irish).
1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment
3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment
4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment, 126 soldiers deployed from this TA battalion to bolster 1st and 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment
7 (Para) Regiment Royal Horse (105mm Light Guns)
23 Engineer Regiment
Household Cavalry Regiment (1 x armoured reconnaissance squadron)
3rd Regiment Army Air Corps (Lynx & Gazelle helicopters)
7 Air Assault Battalion, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
13 Air Assault Support Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
16 Close Support Medical Regiment
156 Provost Company RMP

102 Logistics Brigade: As deployed for the main conflict.
Commander 102 Logistic Brigade: Brigadier Shaun Cowlam MBE
36 Engineer Regiment
33 Field Hospital Based at Camp Coyote. Comissioned Hospital and had to hand over to 202fld Hosp AMS(V) for political reasons. Watched war from transit camp next door. Returned to Roulemont 202 Fld Hosp for Op Tellic 2.
   Highland Band Of The Scottish Division The band deployed whith 33 field hospital as a chemical decontamination team on Op Telic 1.
34 Field Hospital
202 Field Hospital (Volunteer)
205 Field Hospital was with 202 field hospital in Kuwait and iraq during hostilities March till June 2003 there were around 30 of us that made up the scottish contingent.
4 General Support Medical Regiment
3 Battalion, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
6 Supply Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
   710 Squadron RLC (V) 710 Squadron RLC was mobilised for active duty at Chilwell on 18 Feb 2003,we are part of 5 trg regt,prince william of gloucester barracks grantham lincs,we arrived as a squadron in kuwait on or about 1 march 2003 and where part of 6 supply regt RLC, we where split up into different troops and served all over Iraq, I personaly in the early part of the war was an armed escort ( convoys ) and spent the remainder of my time with 10 of my fellow T.A soldiers all from 710 sqn in Iraq, at al amarah, on an airfield with 16 air assault.
7 Transport Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
3 Close Support, Royal Logistic Corps attached arms of 7 tpt regt rlc with 3 cs on op telic 9.
125 Squadron Scottish Transport Regiment RLC (V) There were about 50 of us who were attached to 6 Regt RLC, and a couple attached 16 air assault on op telic 1 and 2 and 9 regt for op telic 2/3.
221 sqn, Scottish Transport Regiment RLC (V). Served on Operation Telic 1-4.
230 sqn, Scottish Transport Regiment RLC (V). Served on Operation Telic 1-4.
231 sqn, Scottish Transport Regiment RLC (V). Served on Operation Telic 1I attached to 27 Regiment RLC.
251 sqn, Scottish Transport Regiment RLC (V). Served on Operation Telic 1-4.
17 Port & Maritime Regiment,Royal Logistic Corps
23 Pioneer Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
    101 sqn ,168 pioneer Regt rlc (v) 101 Pioneer sqn was deployed(March 03) to support its Regular unit 23 Pnr Regt , The unit was the last unit allowed into theatre before the Air campaign was to commenced ,By April/may 03, 23 Pnr Regt then Rtn to the uk, This left 101 sqn continue its work until sept 2003 when they was replaced by one of its own sqns 102 Pnr ,who also carryed out a 6 mths deployment.
24 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
    59 Movement Control Squadron, 29 Regiment, RLC Although served in support of 24 Regt RLC, the Sqn is a sub-unit of 29 Regt RLC. We deployed into Kuwait Jan 03 APOD and came under Command of CO 24 Regt. Significantly we were first in last out after the war period. We moved into Basra from the Apod and left in Jul 03.
236 Squadron, 27 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps Major Hunter, June 2003
5 Regiment, Royal Military Police
Specialist Royal Engineer teams
Airfield engineer support units from 12 Engineer Brigade
Elements from 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment
Elements from additional Royal Logistic Corps Regiments

Post War or unspecified deployments:

1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment CO Lt Col Donnelly. The regiment was deployed to Iraq in April 2004 along with soldiers of the TA Kings Cheshire Regiment who comprise of soldiers from the Cheshire regiment the Kings and Liverpool Scottish.
East of England Regiment (Volunteers) (EER(V)) Served during optelic 1, 2 and 6 at Shaibah base. Tasks included convoy protection, patrolling a 100 square km area of responsibility and maintaining the camp security at Shaibah Log Base, a large international military camp.
2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, A company Baghdad 2008 B,C,D companies were in the south around Basra. Thanks to Richard S Johnston for this entry.
Honourable Artillery Company, Telic 4 04/04-10/04 - Troop size deployment Brigade Recconisance Troop (BRT)-Basra Air Station.
Telic 5 10/04-04/05 - Squadron size deployment
Brigade Surveillance Company (BSC) - Basra Air Station.
Telic 7 - Troop size deployment - Liason Troop.
Misc. Various individuals on various Telic tours supplied to other units for covert ops and liason tasks.
Tyne Tees Regiment (TA) first TA battalion to be compulsary mobilised. 3 companies served in basra palace, barsa airport, and shaiba logistics base 6 month tour, on OP TELIC 2 from around july 03 to jan 04.
12th (Air Defence) Regiment, Royal Artillery Duration of tour Feb - May 2003 Kuwait,Um Quasr. Built and ran POW camp before handing over to American Military Police.Basrah Airport (patrol and defence base of operations)
Moved on to a disused gas/oil separation plant (location unknown/basrah) as 2nd patrol base.
5 Regiment Royal Artillery, 5th Regiment provided a Weapons Locating Battery to MND(SE) throughout Op TELIC. The Wpns Loc Btys served in turn and are:
53 (Louisburg 1758) Battery RA
K (Hondeghem) Battery RA
P Battery (The Dragon Troop 1840-1842) RA
STA patrols were also provided by 4/73 (Sphinx) Special OP Battery RA throughout the campaign.
19th Regiment Royal Artillery deployed on Telic 5. Batteries based at Shaibah Log Base, Basra Palace, Um Qasr and Shaat Al Arab Hotel. 45 soldiers from 105th Regiment Royal Artillery (V) were mobilised for Ops with 19. CO was Lt Col Calder. 19/5 Bty & RAP were located at Basra Palace, 28/143 were at Shaat Hotel 13 (HQ) Bty were at Shaibah and 127 Bty were at Um Qasr. Thanks to Steve Jackson for this entry.
26 Regiment, Royal Artillery Deployed on Operation Telic 3.
200 Battery, Royal Artillery Shaibah Logistics Base, Southern Iraq. May 2004-Feb 2005
210 Battery, Royal Artillery (V) 210 Bty was a regiment formed of a number of different T/A Artillery Regiments. We were re-rolled to do a force protection job in Shaibah on Op Telic 4. Soldiers from 210 have served in every Operation Telic
220 Battery, 104 Regiment, Royal Artillery i was based at shiabah log base from april/december 2004,op telic 4, My reg was 104 reg RA, 220 BTY, 2 section. Thanks to Steven Fletcher for this entry.
269 Battery, Royal Artillery, we were deployed as part of a TA contingent of 150 TA soldiers to take on a force protection role at Shaibah logistics base in support of Op Telic 4 we handed over duties to the rdg in December 2004.
100 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers
   124 TA soldiers from Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia).
   51 TA soldiers from 75 Engineer Regiment.
14 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers Was attached to 102 Log Bde, I guess as a specialist Eng Team, but I was a whole squadron! Spent it time after moving from kuwait on SLB. Worked all over the theatre surveying airfields and other bits and pieces as well. Also involved in map production and distribution.
128 Company 103 Bn REME elements of 128 company were deployed alongside Royal Scots Dragoon Guards as part of 7th Armoured and 36 Engineer Regt as part of 102 Logistics and in Cyprus in support of the theatre of operations from OpTelic 1 onwards. PSAO of 128 was Captain Donahue who took over from Captain Allcock.
3 reg rlc 32 sqn Op Telic June-November 2003
8 tpt regt (8LSR) (May-Nov '04) based at Shaibah regiment consisted of 3 tank transporter sqn, 5 gt sqn and 13 gt sqn.
160 Transport Regiment Royal Logistic Corps (Volunteers), based at Shiabya air base, on attachment to 2bn REME, from 28/02/03 to 19/08/03.

9 Supply regiment, Based at Az Zubaya Port on deployment in March 2003 other places included Umm Qasr Port Dets. Basrah and B.I.A APOD, 94 SQN at shwayak Port Kuwait, Also at Shaibah Log Base during Development. Task Force IX set up to help infantry units ease the fuel runs from the Ports to Safwan,Basrah. MBLU unit set up at Camp Dogwood near Al Amarah. Home base was Hullavington, Wiltshire UK.
CO was Lt. Col M. Dunn
2IC Maj S Marshall
RSM WO1 S Bowerbank
     90 (HQ) Sqn OC Maj S Hannan
     Radio Troop.
     91 Sqn (MBLU)
     92 Sqn (AMMO)
     93 Sqn (POL) Westmoors
     94 Sqn (QOGLR)
     95 Sqn (PC&A)
     REME (LAD)
     -84 Med Sqn

165 Port Regiment RLC (Volunteers) 165 Port Regiment became the first TA regiment to be compulsary mobilised since 1939 when mobilsed through RTMC Chilwell on 21 Jan 03. They then deployed to Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre on 22 Jan 03 when elements departing for the Gulf with 17 P&M Regt on the 31 Jan 03. 165 Regt ran the Sea Mounting Centre until May 03 when the Regiment deployed to run the 3 ports (2 in Kuwait and Umm Qasr) in the Gulf taking over from 17 P&M Regt.
84 Medical Supply Squadron, RAMC part of the r.a.m.c. but attached to rlc. The only medical supply unit to supply to all services (army raf navy) started at Camp Fox Kuwait in January 2003 moved to Um Qusar May 2003, moved to Az Zabaya June 2003. Moved to Shebia logistic base August 2003 where it still is now. This unit was disbanded from the r.a.m.c. and control was handed over to the royal logistic corps. Now called 94 sqn 9 supply regiment.
22 Field Hospital 22 are currently serving on Telic and Afganistan under the command of Lt Col Ashliegh Boreham. in Iraq we are currently at Shaibah and in Afganistan we are in the Helmand province (camp bastion).
207 Field Hospital members of 207 attached to 33 and 34 Fd Hosp in Kuwait and Iraq and to other units and also were lead unit at Shaiba MND(SE) fd hosp Apr 04 to Aug 04
Special Air Service
Adjutants General Corps (Military Provost Staff) The Military Provost Staff or AGC(MPS) whose traditional home is at The Military Correctional Training Centre (Colchester, The Glass House) have maintained a Platoon size presence in Iraq since 2003. Its initial task was to provided Prisoner of War Advisory teams to each of the Brigades along with PW advice to the theatre PW facility at Umm Quasar. Since cessation of hostilities the MPS has provided custodial expertise throughout MND(SE) Manning first the Theatre Internment Facility (TIF) at Camp Bucca near Umm Quasar until Dec 2003 and then Divisional Temporary Detainment Facility (DTDF) near Basra from 2003. As part of the British Security Sector Reform role the MPS has played a primary role in the formation of the Iraqi Prison Service, providing training, monitor and mentoring for IZ Prison staff in Basra at Al Maqil, Al Mina Prisons and throughout the Divisional Area.


Royal Air Force:

Commander, air component, Operation Telic: Air Vice-Marshal Glenn Torpy
Tornado Combat Air Wing
Commanded by Wing Commander Paddy Teakle (CO 31 Squadron).
Squadron Aircraft Notes
II (AC) Squadron Tornado GR4 bomber/reconnaissance aircraft
IX(B) Squadron Tornado GR4 bomber/reconnaissance aircraft
13 Squadron Tornado GR4 bomber/reconnaissance aircraft
31 Squadron Tornado GR4 bomber/reconnaissance aircraft
617 Squadron Tornado GR4 bomber/reconnaissance aircraft First units returned to UK 17/4/03

Squadron Aircraft Notes
1 (F) Squadron Harrier GR7 attack aircraft
3 (F)a Squadron Harrier GR7 attack aircraft Returned 23/4/03
IV (AC) Squadron Harrier GR7 attack aircraft
6 Squadron Jaguar GR3A attack/reconnaissance aircraft
8 Squadron Sentry AEW1 command & control aircraft
10 Squadron VC-10 tanker aircraft (Northern Watch)-three VC10s returned to UK on 23/4.
12(B) Squadron Tornado GR4 bomber/reconnaissance aircraft Arrived in 'Gulf' as a full Sqn unit in undesclosed location from 20th Feb 2003 until 01 May 2003. Wg Cdr Roberts (OC 12(B)) lead Lossiemouth wing.
23 Squadron Sentry AEW1 command & control aircraft
24 Squadron C-130K & C-130J transport aircraft
30 Squadron C-130K & C-130J transport aircraft
32 (The Royal)Squadron Three BAe 125 aircraft in theatre as communication aircraft.
39 (1 PRU) Squadron Canberra PR9 reconnaissance aircraft
41 Squadron Jaguar GR3A attack/reconnaissance aircraft (Northern Watch)
43 (F) Squadron Tornado F3 air defence aircraft (Southern Watch)
47 Squadron C-130K & C-130J transport aircraft
51 Squadron 1 Nimrod R1 Reconnaissance aircraft
54 Squadron Jaguar GR3A attack/reconnaissance aircraft
70 Squadron C-130K & C-130J transport aircraft
99 Squadron C-17 Globemaster IIIs
101 Squadron VC-10 tanker/transport aircraft Two aircraft based at Akrotiri for aeromedical evacuation.
111 (F) Squadron Tornado F3 air defence aircraft First aircraft returned 11/4/03
120 Squadron Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft
201 Squadron Nimrod MR2 maritime patrol aircraft (Southern Watch) First aircraft returned 24/4/03
206 Squadron Nimrod MR2 maritime patrol aircraft (Southern Watch) First aircraft returned 24/4/03
216 Squadron Tristar transport aircraft Two Tristars returned to UK 25/4 (confirm?)
501 (County of Gloucester) RAUXAF Squadron Deployed feb 03 returned Aug 03 Ali Al Salem formed CRFS.
504 (County of Nottingham) RAUXAF Squadron My Regt colleges were deployed to an air base in Kuwait (not Ali Al Salem), we had chefs deployed to Kuwait also. We had elements of the Sqn in Saudi and also in other parts of the Middle East which I can't mention. 504 Sqn at that time was made up of a multitude of different trade groups and not just Gunners as it mainly is now. I myself was attached to 2620 Sqn and was deployed on 14th February 2003 to Kuwait international and then on to Ali Al Salem air base where we undertook CIT duties throughout the early part of the air war and then took over from No1 Sqn RAF Regt in the RFS role forming No1 CRFS along with many other auxiliary Sqn's. Our duties were that of a Regiment field Sqn and we also assisted at Basra airport as and when required. The Sqn was finally disbanded and all elements returned to the UK in August 2003 and then back to there own units. Thanks to Tony Wilson for this entry.
603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron RAuxAF Squadron personnel deployed to various locations
2503 RAUXAF Sqn, City of Lincoln I was with 51 raf regt and 63 raf regt as a chef(i was with 2503 sqn), there was a number of my fellow sqn member out with me, feb03-june03,we went to Safwan air field on the 1st day of the war,when i got to Basrah a few weeks later i was with MCSU ,and when 63 raf regt went home the commanding officer got me on the 1st plane home as MCSU told me i would be there until sept03 and OC of 63 sqn took me back under there wing as the rest of my sqn (2503)were going home on that flight,
5131 Bomb Disposal Squadron, RAF
Nimrod Line Squadron Nimrod Line Sqn (NLS) provided the ground crew to service and fix Nimrod MR2 aircraft supplied to 120 and 201 Sqns in Basra.
Duration was from 2003 - 2006.

Joint Helicopter Force
Squadron Aircraft Notes
Joint Helicopter Force Headquarters
7 Squadron Chinook helicopters
18 Squadron Chinook helicopters
27 Squadron Chinook helicopters
33 Squadron Puma helicopters

RAF Regiment
Squadron Equipment Notes
1 Squadron, RAF Regiment
II Squadron, RAF Regiment
16 Squadron, RAF Regiment Rapiers FSC Deployed with Kuwait: Field Force Headquarters)
18 Squadron, RAF Regiment (serving with JHF)
27 Squadron, RAF Regiment
33 Squadron, RAF Regiment (serving with JHF)
34 Squadron, RAF Regiment
51 Squadron, RAF Regiment (some serving with JHF)
63 Squadron, RAF Regiment Attached to 51 sqn at the start of the war and since February 2005 have sent troops out with 34, 2, and 51 sqn.
1 TAC Survive to Operate
3 TAC Survive to Operate
4 TAC Survive to Operate & Headquarters
2620 (County of Norfolk) Sqn RAuxAF Regt Ali Al Salem Airbase, Feb - Aug 03, including roulements to Basrah air port post warfighting phase. Duties included FP C2, NBC W&R, active ground defence & guards and sentries during warfighting phase. Formed main component of composite RAuxAF Regt Fd Sqn at AAS post warfighting phase

Also deployed:
Mobile Meterological Unit
Mobile Air Operations Teams
Mobile Catering Support Units
    Catering support Regiment 95 chefs based with units through out the gulf I was with 39 Engineer Regt from March till may 8th then moved to 7th Armoured Brigade with 32 Armoured Enginers at Shaibah air base next day to 39 AES at Basrah Navel base till return home July 4th
Tactical Supply Wing
UK Mobile Air Movements Squadron
2 Military Transport
2 Mechanical Transport Squadron
612 Squadron RAuxAF
4626 (Aeromedical Evacuation) Squadron RAuxAF
7644(VR) Squadron Media Operations unit
Tactical Communications Wing supporting 1(UK) Armoured Division, 16 Air Assault Brigade and other units.
Tactical Provost Wing
Medical Teams from Tactical Medical Wing at Lyneham, MOD Hospital Unit at Peterborough and Royal Centre of Defence Medicine in Birmingham.
Tactical Imagery
Intelligence Wing
Tactical Provost Wing
5001 (Expeditionary Airfield Facilities) Squadron
Tactical Armament Squadron
Tactical Property Management
Tactical Medical Wing
Mobile Meterological Unit

Multi-service units

Joint Helicopter Force HQ
Joint NBC Regiment
Joint Force Air Contingent HQ
Operational Training Team NBC The team of 6 was sent out from the DCBRN Centre at Winterbounre Gunner.
15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group, The psyops group, a joint service organisation based at Chicksands, Bedfordshire, sent a small deployed unit consisting of 6 regulars and 8 reservists (all Army) based at Camp Doha in Kuwait and later Basra International Airport. It was responsible for producing leaflets, posters, flyers and running a radio station aimed at the Iraqi population in the south east of the country. A small detachment was deployed with 3 Commando Bde RM during the Al Faw operation. Further personnel were sent out for TELIC 2 before the unit finally recovered to the UK. Unit personnel were drawn from a range of capbadges and could only be identified by the subdued 'Stag's Head' badge carried on the right arm. The unit was commanded by Major Liam Webber CHESHIRES. The effects of UK psyops appear to have been minimal because of the small size and lack of dissemination capabilities and the ineffectiveness of the UK effort was subsequently criticised in a House of Commons report on the Iraq war.

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