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Rolls of Honour - Korea

Rank Name Attached? Date of Death
Lance Corporal Broughton, C   21/4/1953
Private Caig, G.R.   12/7/1953
Private Caton, W.R.   25/5/1953
WO II Chapman, W   24/10/1952
Private Davies, W.J.   22/4/1953
Lieutenant Dunlop, V.A. The King's Regiment (Liverpool) attached The Royal Ulster Rifles 25/4/1951
Private Evans, J   18/11/1952
Corporal Gilleland, B.J.   24/6/1953
Corporal Givins, J.   1/7/1953
Private Goodfield, G.P.   19/10/1952
Lance Corporal Hannen, E   29/9/1952
Private Higham, A.   8/4/1953
Private Ireton, A   10/12/1952
2nd Lieutenant McBride, A.J.   27/12/1952
Private Montgomery, L   5/6/1953
Corporal Mooney, J.   21/4/1953
Private North, T.N.   5/6/1953
Lance Corporal Nuttall, J.E.   12/5/1953
Lance Corporal Ogborn, K.S.   5/6/1953
Private O'Neill, P   13/4/1953
Corporal Purcell, A.R.   19/6/1953
Private Robertshaw, J.B.   22/7/1953
Lance Corporal Robinson, J.   22/7/1953
Corporal Scott, R   6/6/1953
Major Stephenson, P.B. (MBE)   1/12/1952
Private Stone, A.J.   22/7/1953
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