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Rolls of Honour - Korea

Rank Name Attached? Date of Death
Private Allman, D   2/6/1952
Private Bell, M.A.   27/6/1952
Lieutenant Berney, J.R.E.   24/7/1952
Private Brown, J.T.   3/3/1952
Private Bullman, A.J.A.   18/11/1951
Private Campbell, A The Gloucestershire Regt attached The Royal Norfolk Regt 26/12/1951
Private Church, C.T.A.   19/7/1952
Private Cole, W.R.   26/6/1952
Lance Corporal Cocks, R   2/8/1952
Private Codling, P.J.   5/7/1952
Private Farrow, E   14/6/1952
Private Ferriday, F.J.   13/11/1951
Private Flynn, M   12/5/1952
Lance Corporal Garwood, P. RAMC attached to Royal Norfolk Regiment 13/9/1952
Private Graveling, H.W.   2/8/1952
Private Haynes, N.S.   24/7/1952
Corporal Heron, J.T.   16/1/1951
Private Ketteringham, R.A.   2/8/1952
Lance Corporal Lewis, D.E. The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt) attached The Royal Norfolk Regt 5/7/1952
Private McDonald, R.H.   30/5/1952
Private Morrison, J.M.   27/6/1952
Private Muller, H.J. The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regt attached The Royal Norfolk Regt 23/7/1952
Private Perfect, R.M.   24/7/1952
Private Playford, A.J.   5/7/1952
Corporal Roberts, K.E.   16/10/1951
Lance Corporal Russell, F.A. The Essex Regt attached The Royal Norfolk Regt 24/7/1952
Private Saunders, A.L.   10/11/1951
Private Scott, R.W.   3/3/1952
Corporal Smith, E.W.   13/11/1951
Lance Corporal Smith, N.S.   3/3/1952
Corporal Thorpe, E.S.   27/6/1952
Private Turner, G.E.   27/6/1952
Private Watkins, T.J.   24/12/1951
Private Webster, D.G.   23/7/1952
Private Wheeler, K.A.   24/7/1952
Private Woodgate, J   27/6/1952
2nd Lieutenant Wormald, J   30/5/1952
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