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A Story of my Survival Course..

By Norman W Doctor. 23347972. (Click name to email).

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On completion of the course we were transported back to Changi, about ten miles from the unit we were dropped off the wagon and told that we had to make our own way back to the School, they informed us that there were a platoon of Ghurka troops who were to try and capture us, so as the time was 5pm and it got dark at 6pm, with my two fellow 55ers Jock and Bob i directed them to the main Changi road where we lay in a monsoon ditch until it was dark, then we got on a local bus to Changi Camp, went to our detachment, borrowed some towels and had a decent shower, we could not shave for that would have raised suspicions at the School, after the week in the jungle we were starving so we went into the NAAFI as that was rarely used, everybody used the Malcolm Club which was more lively, had a meal and a few pints of Tiger Beer then made plans of how to get to the School by-passing the Ghurkas, by now it was 9pm so we got a taxi to the Airfield plan being to cross the runway and head for the school which was on the coast road, seemed simple enough, we started to cross the airfield and were stopped by RAF Police with dogs, so we were forced to use the road around it, then we were captured, they took us to the unit, we had worked out a story to explain our long trip back, I was put in a room with an Officer who asked me to explain how I had managed to get a drink, so I told him we had wandered into the married personnel section on our travels and a kind person had given us some cans of beer, I dont think that for one moment he believed me he was just annoyed that we had spoilt his night, he dismissed me and I went to the billet, the other lads were likewise sent out, in all the Jungle experience was hard but we passed the course and returned to our unit.

This is the School, it was just 5 yards from the sea.
This is the School, it was just 5 yards from the sea.


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