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Recently our attention has been drawn to a series of new books, articles and radio and television documentaries on the subjects covered by Britain's Small Wars. Their contents, in many cases, draw extensively on material published on this web site and used without acknowledgment or permission of the copyright holders.

When this site was created and developed, its aim, which remains, was to record those conflicts since 1945 in which British service personnel have been called upon to do their duty, reported as far as possible through the eye-witness accounts of those involved, and to create Honour Rolls, where none existed before, of those who gave their lives in service to their country. As a result this web site has become a valuable historical resource due to the voluntary efforts of our contributors, free from the profit-making needs  of media publishers.

By using Britain's Small Wars copyright material without permission, some authors and publishers are not only taking credit falsely for their work, they are dishonoring British forces and their achievements. While we do not have the resources to 'police' the use of our material nor pursue costly litigation, we usually give permission freely to those who approach us to quote passages from our pages for their use. In fact, they honor us by doing so. All we request is that they acknowledge the fact in their published work.


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Gurkha Roll of Honour: Malaya and Borneo logo

National Service
National Service
By Norman Doctor

The emergency
The Emergency 

Aircraft in malaya
Aircraft in Malaya

The Briggs Plan
The Briggs Plan

The Bandits
The Bandits

British and Commonwealth Units in the Malayan Emergency
British and Commonwealth Units in the Malayan Emergency

Communist Defeat
Communist Defeat 

The men in the JUngle
The Men in the Jungle 

RAF in Malaya
RAF In Malaya

'God's Little Acre'
'God's Little Acre'

1st Battalion Seaforths: Highlanders in Malaya
1st Battalion Seaforth 
Highlanders in Malaya

The Patrol (40 Commando Malaya 1951)
(40 Commando Malaya 1951)

The Virgin Soldiers: an Polly, 1st QPR
The Virgin Soldiers
Ian Polley, 1st QRR

40 Commando: Vehcile Ambush and the ROH
Vehicle Ambush and ROH

Take That: Royal Navy in Malaya
"Take That"
The Royal Navy in Malaya

The Window that refuses to shut
The Window that 
Refuses to Shut

Malayan memoirs: 1st Royal Dragoons
Malayan' Memoirs
1st Royal Dragoons

Mad Mike: Brigadier Michael Calvert
Mad Mike 
Brigadier Michael Calvert

The Malayan Scouts: SAS in Malaya
The Malayan Scouts
SAS in Malaya

The War in the Jungle: A Troop, 40 Cdo Malaya
The War In the Jungle
 A Troop, 40 Cdo Malaya

Oh Lucky Jim!: Malaya 1950/51
Oh Lucky Jim!
Malaya 1950 /51 By John Lloyd

A Marine called Hardie: Malaya 1950/51
A Marine called Hardie
Malaya 1950 /51
By John Lloyd, Maj RM

Bush Ambush: By Private Richard Scott
Bus Ambush
By Private Richard Scott 22264495.
Regular soldier of the 1st Battalion Suffolk Regt.

The Kroh incident 1960: Martin Shelvey RAF
The "Kroh" incident 1960
By Martin Shelvey RAF

Search for VX491 button
The Search for VX491
Norman Doctor 
55 coy RASC Malaya 1958

Recollections button
My story - Recollections of a National Serviceman - 1948-50
By Bill Stone

Two years
Two years
A memoir provided by William Renwick

Malaya 1957
By Hadyn Davies

Jim Glasser, R.A.F. Malaya, 1951-52
Jim Glasser, R.A.F. Malaya, 1951-52
By Jeff Glasser

5th Field Regiment in Malaya
25th Field Regiment in Malaya
By James Lamb

John Frederick Edward Mould, Malaya 1950.
John Frederick Edward Mould, Malaya 1950.
By Pete Mould

Malayan Roll of Honour
Malayan Roll of Honor

Tiger attack
Into the Ulu: George Tullis
Compiled from memories, notes, and photographs held by Ex T/14476568 Cpl George (Jock) Tullis, who served with the Workshop Platoon of  No 3 Company RASC
Did you serve in Malaya and trying to track down  your lost mates ? Or just simple want to tell us about your time in Malaya ? Try our new NAAFI message board by clicking on the above image 
Service Pals
Malayan Emergency(1948-60) and the Indonesian Confrontation(1963-66)Malayan Emergency(1948-60) and the Indonesian Confrontation(1963-66) it is hoped it will be of interest to veterans of these two campaigns  and others who may be interested in these conflicts.  The site includes  British and Commonwealth forces, Malayan Government Forces, "God's Little Acre", Casualties in the Emergency 1948-60  and  Notice Board.

NMBVA banner
UK organisation of the
National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association

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