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British and Commonwealth Units that
participated in the Malayan Emergency

This is a list of the British forces that served in Malaya. As usual, information is hard to come by. It is NOT our intention to ignore any unit which served.  We wish to get the facts correct and produce a accurate list of all the units who served.

Due to time pressures and a lack of staff, we can no longer update these pages. This may change in the future, please bear with us.

Royal Air Force
British Army
Royal Navy
Royal Marines
Commonwealth Units


Royal Air Force

Squadron Type Period Deployment Base(s)
6 Canberra B16 6 sqdn spent 3 months at kuatan I believe in 1965 on detachment from our home base in Akrotiri cyprus. At the time we were operating b16 canberra aircraft,the boss at the time was probably sqdn leader Pickard
7 Lincoln January 1954 to April 1954
July 1954 to October 1954
9 Canberra March 1956 to June 1956 Butterworth, Changi
12 Canberra October 1955 to March 1956 Butterworth, Changi
28 Spitfire FR18 26 January 1948 to 11 May 1949 Semabawang. CO Sorrell Cameron.
33 Tempest F.2 to January 1951
Hornet F.3 May 1951 to March 1955
9 August 1949
10 September 1949
13 October 1949
18 March 1950
30 May 1950
7 August 1951
5 January 1952
Disbanded 31 March 1955
45 Brigand Met 3 until June 1949
Brigand B.1 October 1949 to February 1952
Hornet F.3 January 1952 to May 1955
Vampire FB9 May 1955 to January 1956
Venom FB1 October 1955 to November 1957
Canberra B2 November 1957 to December 1962
16 May 1949
5 December 1949
31 March 1955
15 November 1957
Kuala Lumpur
48 Dakota to May 1951
Valetta C1 June 1950 to September 1950 & May 1951 to December 1957
Hasting C1 & C2 June 1959 to October 1960
24 April 1946
1 June 1949
12 December 1949
Disbanded 1 April 1967
Kuala Lumpur
52 Dakota to September 1951
Valetta C1 June 1951 to April 1966
Dakota November 1959 to July 1960
30 July 1947
21 November 1948
31 May 1949
27 August 1949
12 July 1950
12 January 1951
1 August 1959
23 September 1960
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
1959-1961 Member of above squadron based at RAF Kuala Lumpur and RAAF Butterworth using Valetta C1 Aircraft. Army unit attached was 55 Air Despatch Coy RASC.Also attached were 47 Sqdn RNZAF with Bristol Freighters.Responsibility to drop supplies to all forces on the ground during the Emergancy. (Tony McCall ex Squadron member A.S.F.(Malaya) R.A.F)
60 Spitfire F18 January 1947 to January 1951 & March 1950 to November 1950
Vampire FB5 December 1950 to March 1952
Vampire FB9 March 1952 to August 1955
Venom FB1 April 1955 to April 1957
Venom FB4 April 1957 to November 1959
Meteor NF14 October 1959 onwards
24 January 1948
31 August 1949
15 October 1949
6 December 1949
31 May 1950
Kuala Lumpur
61 Lincoln December 1950 to April 1951 Tengah
81 Mosquito PR34 until December 1955
Spitfire PR19 until January 1950
Spitfire FR18 July 1948 to March 1950 & November 1950 to January 1951
Anson C.19 October 1949 to June 1951
Spitfire FR19 January 1951 to June 1954
Meteor PR10 January 1954 to July 1961
Pembroke C(PR)1 December 1955 to August 1960.
1 February 1948 to 16 March 1950
16 March 1950 to 1 April 1958
1 April 1958 onwards
83 Lincoln September 1953 to January 1954 Tengah
84 Beaufighter X to October 1948 26 September 1947
1 February 1948 to 11 October 1948 when sent to Middle East
88 Sunderland GR5 to October 1954 September 1946
24 June 1951 to 1 October 1954 when Disbanded
Detachments to Iwakuni & Seletar from Kai Tak
97 Lincoln April 1948 to June 1948
March 1950 to June 1950
100 Lincoln May 1950 to December 1950 Tengah
101 Canberra February 1955 to June 1955 Butterworth, Changi
110 Dakota to May 1952
Valetta October 1951 to December 1957
Whirlwind HAR4 June 1959 onwards
2 July 1948
20 November 1948
27 May 1949
27 August 1949
11 December 1949
12 July 1950
19 July 1951
26 October 1951 to 31 December 1957 when disbanded
3 June 1959 Reformed
1 September 1959
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
148 Lincoln October 1954 to February 1955 Tengah
155 Whirlwind HAR 4 September 1954 to June 1959 1 September 1954
Merged with 194 Squadron to form 110 Squadron.
Kuala Lumpur
detachments to Seletar & Kluang
194 Dragonfly HC2 February 1953 to June 1956
Sycamore HR14 April 1954 to June 1959
2 February 1953
1 May 1953
Disbanded 3 June 1959 merged with 155 squadron to form 110 squadron.
Kuala Lumpur
205 Sunderland GR5 June 1945 to May 1959
Shackleton MR1A May 1958 to September 1962
15 September 1949
1 March 1958
209 Sunderland V to January 1955
Auster AOP6 November 1958 to March 1959.
Dakota November 1958 to November 1959.
Pembroke C1 November 1958 to February 1960.
Pioneer CC1 November 1958 to December 1968.
Twin Pioneer CC1 March 1959 to December 1968.
1 November 1958
1 October 1959
Kuala Lumpur
267 Dakota February 1954 to November 1958
Auster AOP6 February 1954 to November 1958
Pioneer CC1 February 1954 to November 1958
Pembroke C1 September1954 to November 1958
Harvard T2B November 1954 to December 1956
15 February 1954
1 November 1958 disbanded
Kuala Lumpur
617 Canberra July 1955 to November 1955 Butterworth, Changi
656 Auster AOP5 June 1948 to May 1951
Auster AOP6 July 1950 to April 1956
Auster AOP9 September 1955 to September 1957
1 September 1957 Transferred to Army Air Corps
Flights to Taipang, Seremban, Kai Tak, Kuala Lumpur, Temerloh and Muar.
Changi, flights to Taiping Kuala Lumpur, Kluang, Temerloh and Muar.
Kuala Lumpur, flights to Taipang, Changi, Benta, Sembawang, Ipoh, Johore Bahru, Kluang, Seremban, temerloh and Port Dickson.
1325 Flight Dakota Circa June 1959 RAF Changi, C.O.Squadron Leader Ken Williams
27 Armament Practice Camp Meteor/Campire 5 1955- RAF Butterworth. Formed at RAF Butterworth with the Jet aircraft from the disbanded FETS. The Meteor aircraft were used as Target Towers,whilst the Vampire 5 was used as a Met Climb aircraft.
Far East Communication Squadron Various types of aircraft were used by this squadron, including Austers, Dakotas, Devons, Harvards, Hastings, Valettas and Yorks. Aircraft enroute to elsewhere in the Far East were also serviced by this squadron. R.A.F. Changi, Trips were made to all the far east countries including Vietnam (Saigon & Hanoy) mainly carrying V.I.P.s from England & France.
Far East Training Squadron Hornet, Mosquito, Vampire, Meteor 1953 - 1955 Based at RAF Seletar then moved to RAF Butterworth.

AHQ 224 Group
AHQ 224 Group was at RAF Kuala Lumpur and part of that Group was Operations Control Malaya, which controlled all Military air activity over the Malayan Peninsular. The Operations Control monitored all airborne operations including Physcological ops, supply drops, strike and bombing raids and working in liaison with Army Intelligence. Air Commodore Calder (RNZAF) was the senior officer. Morse code was the primary means of communication due to the long ranges required and a network of telephone contacts was built up over the years including schools, police and railway stations. Thanks to John Cox for this entry.
Singapore Signals Centre
RAF Changi 1951-1953

Royal Air Force Police, Dog Section basd at Butterworth
91 Squadron RAF Regiment (Malaya) CO Sqn Ldr Wigglesworh 51-53 A Flt Cdr Flt Lt D Stebbing KIA Kluang Forrest Reserve 6 Jun 52(Cheras Rd Cem). 1951-52 Sungei Besi, Bukit Dara, Klang, Attached 41 Commando, West Kents, Suffolks.
92 Squadron RAF Regiment (Malaya) RAF Seletar, RAF Kai Tak, Sdn Ldr Zelmans. S/Ldr Denis Coley, was commander of 92 Squadron, RAF Regiment (Malaya), based at Seletar, from August 1953 to July 1956. During that time, as 92 (Rifle) Squadron, they saw service near Kuala Selangor. On their return from this service (date unknown)the unit became 92 (LAA) Squadron.
93 Squadron RAF Regiment (Malaya) CO Sqn Ldr Roberts 48-49,Sqn Ldr Stevenson 49-52. 1949-50 Rawang Attached 2 Scots Guards. Also at Changi and Kuala Lumpur.
   C/O Squadron Leader Arnold around 1956-1958.
94 Squadron RAF Regiment (Malaya) Butterworth and a six month detatchment at Slim River, Perak. CO Squadron Leader Mills, Flying Officer Hill, 1955-1957.
95 Squadron RAF Regiment (Malaya)
96 Squadron RAF Regiment (Malaya)
19 Air Formation Signals Regiment provided ground communications for HQ Far East Air Force at Changi and to RAF Stations at Changi Seletar and Tengah. Regimental HQ and no 1 Squadron were based at RAF Changi, No 2 Squadron was based at RAF Seletar with a detachment at RAF Tengah.
61 Signals unit Located at HMS Simbawang near Nee Soon. Later located at RAF Seletar. Commanding officer Squdron Leader Carnell.
60 Personnel Transit Camp, RAF Tebrau, Johore Malaya. 60 PTC Was located at RAF Tengah in 1946 and relocated to RAF Tebrau in May, 1947. I served at both stations from July, 1946, 1947 and 1948. The Commanding Officer was Sqdn Ldr D Allwood. We worked to arrange transport of personnel to RAF Units in the Far East but mainly transport to the United Kingdom for personnel having completed their service.
390 Maintenance Unit RAF Seletar
398 Maintenance Unit, Detatched from RAF Stafford 16MU 1961 to Seletar.
414 Signals Unit RAF Port Swettenham C.O Squadron Leader Ramsey, Senior Tech Officer Flt Lt Hodgson, Location Port Swettenham Nr Klang. Unit Formed 1955 this was a Radar Unit ex Uk shipped to Malaya on one of the heavy lift Ben Line ships and set up at Port Swettenham, now Port Klang.
487 Signals Unit RAF Butterworth I joined the unit at Butterworth in Dec 1956 - how long it had been there i do not recall - the unit moved to RNAS Sembawang in Jan/Feb 1959 and thence to Seletar in May(?) 1959. I left for Blighty in July 1959. I note similar movements of 61 S.U. to the last two locations. Doesn't ring a bell. I have pix of equipment and the unit wind-up prior to move from Butterworth where the site was amongst padi fields a couple of miles north of the camp on the Alor Star road. Can't recall many oficer names except one - Flying Officer Slocombe. Possibly Sqdn Ldr Port(?) C.O. We had Type13, 14, and 15 - a mobile version of the type 7. They were conveyed on the backs of Matador chassis and powered by 20 kva diesels. Each aerial was sited on a hardstanding along a narrow road into the padi fields. We had a Fordson stores wagon and two large ops wagons which had "basha" roofs built over them by the locals. There was a single storey, red-tiled permanent building containing the clerical staff and with a recess on each side for radar, M.T. and other teams. Our side (radar) had two or three fold up beds for the night team (even when there were no ops - usual) consisting of a fitter and one mechanic. I've just had a thought - it's possible that when we moved the unit to Sembawang that it was re-numbered to 61 S.U. which might be the reason why I didn't feel the same about things. I have always felt that that was simply because I preferred the Butterworth location. Certainly, we were 487 SU at Butterworth. Thanks to Arthur Green for this entry.
WRAF (Women's Royal Air Force)
   WRAF Police, Changi Changi; HQFEAF - Joint Air Recon Int Unit; Senior Air Staff - Australian Navy and AIr Force; Two Years. HQP&SS Changi. F2840214. Cpl(W) 1966-68. Thanks to Evelyn Louise Arnold (LynTaylor) for this entry.
RAAF Butterworth Base Signals Squadron
APIU(FE) RAF Seletar 1957/58.
Joint Air Traffic Control Centre Lived at RAF Seletar but worked at Payar Lebar airport from 1960-63.SWO was Mr.Chalkley.


Royal Armoured Corps
Royal Engineers
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Royal Marines
Other Units

17th Gurka Brigade, 1st battlion kings own yorkshire light infantry kuala nerange north malaya) (1st battlion gordon highlanders,tapah, (d company c.o. maj wilson. sgt maj. dawson) hopetoun cameron highlands
LAD REME Headquarters 17th Gurkha Division Seremban Headquarters 17th Gurkha Division was based at Rasah Camp and was Commanded by Major General W.C.Walker. The LAD was commanded by 2nd/Lt Alan Beckwith, WOII Said was second in Command. Our claim to fame came in July 1960 when we demonstrated a Floatation Exersize in front of all the High Ranking Officers from FARELF. The demonstration consisted of wrapping a Landrover in a canvas tilt taken from a 3 ton Bedford RL and floating it accross an old Japanese Submarine Pen just outside Jahore Bahru. The exersise was a complete success and was reported in the Singapore Times and the Soldier Magazine. My journey to Singapore was on the Troopship "Empire Fowey" and was not without incident as after passing through the Suez Canal the ship broke down in the Great Bitter Lakes, we anchored there until repairs were carried out. In July 1961 2nd/Lt Alan Beckwith left the unit on promotion and was replaced by 2nd/Lt Marshall. I was proud to have served with the Gurkhas and have many lasting memories of my time spent with them. Thanks to Mick Covington for this entry.
26 Gurkha Infantry Brigade
28th Commonwealth Independent Infantry Brigade Penang, moved to Butterworth in 1955.
63 Gurkha Infantry Brigade Serrmbam, Kuala Lumpa,. Muar.
   35 ind.inf. bde.O.F.P. R.A.O.C. Unit formed at 30BTN. R.A.O.C. in Singapore 1955. Attached to 63 Gurkha Inf. Bde. at MUAR, finally KLUANG. Thanks to Ray Gipson for this entry.

Royal Armoured Corps

1st King's Dragoon Guards Served in Malaya June 1956 to Summer 1958 stationed at Jahore baru, taking over from 11th hussars.
4th Queen's Own Hussars
    A Squadron, Ipoh Raub Hong Kong.
    C Squadron, on active service in Malaya 1948-1951.
11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)
12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales) Stationed at Ipoh (there were also squadrons at Taiping, KL, Port Swetenham). Oct 1950 to September 1951. Commanding Officer Colonel Horsburgh-Porter. Thanks to Jim Harvey for this entry.
13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own), Ipoh north Malaya and Neesoon Singapore in 1959-60. During 1951/2 13/18th Hussars were at Rasah Camp Seremban and a staff sergeant received a Military Medal. They later moved to a camp just north of Seremban. The RSM was called Vonk.
   REME attached to 13/18 Hussars , B squadron. in IPOH north Malaya , July 1959-Dec:60.
1st Royal Dragoons located in ipoh, perak,malaya 1960.
15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars 15/19th Hussars served in Malaya from 1954 to 1957 we were under the command of lt-colonel Wyldebore Smith until 1956 hq and one sabre suadron were at Ipoh the other squadrons were based at Taiping and Raub.
   REME attached to 15/19 King's Royal Hussars, served 1954-1957 in both A and C squadron at Ipoh, Raub Kulim, Kajang, Taiping, Tanjong Rambutan, Cameron highlands. Sgt Burgess A sqd remember armoured car going over the edge at the camerns road with fatalities.

3rd Grenadier Guards, sungabesi camp, kualla lumpar, malaya. 13th company, 18 month tour.
2nd Coldstream Guards
2nd Scots Guards
1st Battalion The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) 2nd of Foot 1954-1957. We were in 99thB'n served in Negri Sembilan, Johore, and Singapore. Commanding Officer, L't Co'l Piggot, and then L't Co'l H.R.D. Hill. 1954 - 1957. I served in both C Co'y, and Support Co'y M.M.G.Platoon, and we were attached to C, and D Companies. In Singapore we reverted back to Support Company. In that time we were in 99th Gurkha Brigade, 17 Gurkha Division.
B Company, Served with b company 4plt at selerang tampin rengam pontian mostly in johore plt officers were mr.lindo.and mr masons sergt west cpl lamkin national service from 1954 1956. Thanks to Sid Weller for this entry.
1st Battalion The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment
   C Company, 1st battalion royal lincolnshire regiment. April 1957 c company moved to taiping to join the battalion for retraining, under the comand of major pawlett,who was gratefull for the accompient of pte jackson company clerk. notes to this can be found in the regimental news letter no 117 april 1957.
I served with the 1st Bn Royal Lincolnshire Regiment from 25thDec 1956 to Aug 1958, in Taiping, Ipoh and Batu Pahat. The Battalion returned to UK in Aug '58. I worked in Tac HQ in Ipoh with the civilian police, plotting CT information and organising food drops for companies in deep jungle. The C.O. was Lt. Col A.W.Inness. My immdiate officer was Capt Derek Wilford. Thanks to Tim Franks for this entry.
1st Battalion The Devonshire Regiment
1st Battalion The Suffolk Regiment
1st Battalion The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's)
1st Battalion The West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales Own) 1st battalion served in Malaya from 1953 to 1955. Support company stationed in Kampar, Perak. Ipoh, Cameron Island 1953-55, Major Willougby-Foster.
1st Battalion The East Yorkshire Regiment (The Duke of York's Own)
1st Battalion The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment
1st Battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers, stationed at Colombo Camp, Ipoh, Perak. but 'B'Coy was camped about 12 miles outside Ipoh.
1st Battalion The Cheshire Regiment
2nd Battalion The Royal Welch Fusiliers   1954-1957
B Company, Royal Welch Fusiliers,(6 platoon)
1st Battalion The South Wales Regiment
1st Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)In 1951 1st Cameronians CO Lt Col Henning DSO, B Coy CO Maj. P K Bryceston, M.C. Platoon Sgt. Jackman DCM.
1st Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
1st Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment
1st Battalion The Royal Hampshire Regiment
1st Battalion The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment), stationed in Khata Tingi Barracks, Bhatu Pahat, Ipoh, Chaah, Johore Bahru 1957-1959. During 1959-1960, the regiment was stationed at Burma Camp, Johore Baru and then moved to Selarang Barracks, Singapore in 1960.
1st Battalion The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) based at Columbo camp, Ipoh, 1957-1959.
1 Platoon, A Company; Based at Ipoh(Colombo Camp) Cpt.Sutton. Also J.D.Rose. 1957-1959 Malaya & Hong Kong.
1st Battalion 3rd East Anglian Regiment (16th/44th Foot) based at Ipoh, Malacca.
The 1st/3rd East Anglian Regiment amalgamated in Dortmund-Germany 1958. Embarked on SS Oxfordshire, to Malaya (Ipoh) Colombo Camp in 1958. Col Mike Holmes Commanding Officer, Who was a very popular man with the regiment. We moved from Ipoh down to Malacca Fort George, which became Terrendak Camp. And housed Soldiers of - Australia, New Zealand, and British Soldiers. Probably one of the very best Military Camps ever built. The Brigade Commander at the time was Brigadier J Mogg, another very fine, well respected officer. In January 1962 the regiment returned to the UK (Shoeburyness), before taking up duty in Ballykinler Northern Ireland. Thanks to Reginald Steers for this entry.
Thanks to Richard Faulkner Malaya Vets Group 1/3rd E.A. regt for the corrected dates for the above entry.
1st Battalion The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment Kuala Lumpar, Bentong, Pahang. 1951-1954. The regiment travelled on troop ships Devonshire and lancashire. One of these ships broke down in Bay of biscay during 1950 or 1951.
1st Battalion The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
2nd Battalion The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry stationed singapore. penang.poss kuala lumpur around 1952.
1st Battalion The Kings Own Scottish Borderers August 55 - August 58.
1st Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's)
1st Battalion The Manchester Regiment
   A Company In 1953 I was in Dublin Estate, Kedah and Trap. Major Simpson was the company commander.
   B Company 1951, Kroh Camp, Upper Perak, Malaya C/O Major Roberts, CQMS Bellis, Sargeant Johnson.
B Company Ist Battalion Manchester Regiment Stationed at Kroh Northern Malaya January 1953 O/C Major Baker MC, then Dublin Estate Kedah, Trepe, Kedah,until 1954, Regiment returned to UK.
1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-Shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's), We were located in Muar in 1948-49. Later in Temerloh. The CO was Lt-Col Douglas.
1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders served Malaya 51/52 - HQ Coy - member of Tiger Section under Lt Carmichael - based Kuantan then Tapah the Taiping - Goalkeeper for HQ and Battalion. CO was WHD DUKE. Thanks to David Lawrie for this entry.
1st Battalion The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princes Louise's)
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Ipoh Perak.Malaya.1947-48, Alastair Mclean C/O.
[Advance Party], drafted to Singapore in December 1955 and to meet up with 1st Battalion returning from the Korean War. Stationed at Selerang Barracks and did our jungle training at Kota Tingi, As we had no officers on the advance party we were under the command of a Major in the KOSB's when we were in Singapore and Kota Tingi. The unit was in Singapore for approximately 3 months before before the 1st Battalion arrived from Korea. However before the Regiment could take up duties in Singapore the battalion was re-routed to Aden arriving in Aden around April/May 1956.
Forward Workshop Detachment, Cameron Highlands I was a National Serviceman and was stationed at 12 Infantry Workshops at Ipoh. On two occasions, I went to our Forward Workshop Detachment at Tanah Ratah. We looked after the vehicles of the 15/19 Hussars as well as 2nd 6th Ghurka Rifles and others. As this was a black area, an armoured convoy went down the hill to Tapah in the morning and returned in the afternoon. If we required parts we went down on the morning convoy, collected parts from 12 Infantry Workshops in Ipoh and returned to catch the afternoon convoy from Tapah at 3.00 pm. Thanks to Geoff Harvey for this entry.
The Independent Parachute Squadron
1st/2nd King Edwards VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)
   1952-3 REME Attached to 1st/2nd Gurkhas, Kuala kuba baru
2nd/2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles 1951 to 1953,the officer commanding the 2/2nd Gurkha Rifles(Sirmoor Rifles) was Lt.Co.Cruickshank.
1st/6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurkha Rifles.
2nd/6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurkha Rifles, stationed at Kluang and then moved slightly further North to Segamat both in Johore Bahru 1952-1954. Many Thanks to Brian Fairgrieve.
2/6th in 1956 at Seremban, in 1957 they moved to ipoh.
1st/7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles
2nd/7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles
1st/10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles
2nd/10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles
1st Battalion The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)
22 Special Air Service Regiment Location: Patan, CO Major Calvert Major De La Billiére, Throughout emergency - 52-58, Telok Ansan Swamp.
Independent Parachute Squadron
The Royal Sussex Regiment
1st Battalion South Wales Borderers 3 Years deployment, Kluang, area including Segamat, Kotta Tinghi, Johore Bharu, Singapore. Commanded by Lt Col. Myers.Bn consisted of mainly N.S. soldiers. Also was involved with riots in Singapore 1956. Was stationed at Selerang Barracks when I embarked on the S.S. Nevassa October 1957, I was a Regimental L/Cpl signaller. Commanding Officer Colonel Miers, based in Segamat/Johore from 1955-1958. Thanks to M.G.Pearce. ISM. for this entry.
1st Battalion The King's African Rifles
2nd Battalion The King's Own African Rifles
3rd Battalion The King's African Rifles
GHQ 26th Gurkha Infantry Brigade location-Kluang-Bukit Betong-Bidor-Kuala Pilah-Seremban. 3yr tour. Mixed regts-units. Brig Charlie Howard commander. Unit walked from Kuala Pilah to Seremban Rasah Camp 1953-55.
The Sarawak Rangers
The Malay Scouts
The Royal Malay Regiment
   5th Battalion The Royal Malay Regiment Based Alor Star-Kedah-March 1953-Sept 1954.

Royal Artillery
2nd Field Regiment Main part of Regt were stationed in Tampin with one independant battery near Ipoh.
4th Field Regiment later became 26th Field Regiment. C.O. Lt Col. Lyons, Adjutant Captain Allsop. I was a 2/ Lieut Troop Commander and officers mess secretary. I was later posted to Seremban (HQ) as Staff Captain `A` (Legal) under Lt. Col. A G L McLean and Brigadier Mc Donald, Commander South Malaya Sub-District. Thanks to Michael Moore for this entry.
11th Independent Searchlight Troop, Based at Batu Catonement, Kuala Lumpur. OC Capt Knott BSM Boorman.
18th Battery 6th Anti Aircraft Regiment
25th Field Regiment 54th Battery until May 1951, then 93rd Battery. 93rd Battery was stationed at Tampin Nr K.L support to 42 Com & RWKents. Thanks to ex Bdr Ron .Robinson (butch) for this entry.
93 Lecatau field battery, base Tampin, Lt Mr Brumond, 2nd LT Mr Elliot, Selangor. Kuala Kubu Bahru.Negri Sembllan 1955 23.May.1956. Southampton 20.June.1956. Thanks to James Lamb for this entry.
   Troop, Royal Corps of Signals.attached to 25th Field Regiment Royal Artillery. Departed Hong Kong early 1955 for Malaya. Based at Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor until 1956 when 25th Field Regiment R.A. returned to U.K.
Can only remember name of Royal Signals O.I.C Lt. Gerry Boast.
Thanks to Terence William Slattery for this entry.
26th Field Regiment, Colonel T.W.R. Hill was the C.O. and Bob Proudlock was his adjutant. We converted the regiment into a jungle warfare unit. The 26th initiated the counter CT activity starting in November 1947 before the Emergency was declared! Many thanks to Bob Proudlock for the detailed information. Additional information: The regiment returned to Malaya around the end of 1960. Name of the adjutant was Capt. Crow and the regimental Sgt. Major was WO1 Callaghan. 16 and 17 batteries went, with 159 battery going into suspended animation and being replaced by 101 Field battery R.A.A. Many Thanks to ex LBdr. 23573868 Crow ( Fred) for the additional information.
34th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Based in Minden base barracks, Penang
39th Field Regiment
40th Light Regiment, 3 months training Terendak garrison, then on to Kuching, Bau and Seremban. 1965/1966.
45th Light Regiment, stationed at Sol-Ma Ri lines, Terendak camp, Malacca 1963-66. With attachments of 102 Field battery RAA, 2 Mortar Locating Troop RA.
48th Field Regiment I was based with this regiment in Tampin, Malaya between 1957-59. We had one battery of 25pdr and one battery of 5.5 medium guns and the other 25pdr battery was in ipoh. Thanks to Richard Moyes for this entry.
93 (Le Cateau) Field Battery Stationed in Tampin, Negri Sembilan and sharing a barracks there with, initially,the Green Howards and latterly the Gordon Highlanders, 93 Battery was detached from 25(?) Fd Regt RA in Kowloon.
95 Independent Field Battery, Location was Bidor and Batu Gaja in Perak State. Part of 17th Gurkha Division. Supporting 2/6 Gurkha Rifles amongst others such as 2 Royal Malay Regiment 1957-59. Battery comprised 3 Troops: "Charlie Troop" "Dog Troop" and "Command Troop".
Charlie Troop, 95 Battery, 48 Field Regiment, stationed at bidor near ipoh we got five ct,s one was carrying broomhadle mauser witch was chromed and presented to the battery.
48 Field Regiment, RA, I was with the 48th with "f" troop under capt Omerod on 5.5s from 1955 till 1957 mainly travelling around under canvas helping out the gurkhas green howards and other infantry types. Also based in cameron highlands supporting Gurkha regt. Played rugby,football,and swam for regt. Did guard duty on general officer commanding far east house in Singapore, then back out with the guns. Thanks to Derek Butler for this entry.
1st Singapore Regiment
11th Independent Mortar Troop RA

Royal Engineers
General Survey Section, RE Map Depot.
1 Independent Field Squadron, the squadron was redesignated just before arriving in Singapore about October 1948 as it was the only RE field squadron in an active service area. The unit was originally 561 Field Squadron and was redesignated prior to embarkation on HMT Dunera to 561 Independent Field Squadron RE during the voyage, becoming 1st Independent Field Squadron RE before disembarkation. Spent 10 days at Nee Soon transit camp to acclimatize. Moved to Kuala Lump by rail then to Batu Caves by road. Thanks to Michael Mabbs and Wally Ellis for part of this entry.
   HQ Troop 1st Independent Fd Sqn Royal Engineers HQ troop was based at Batu Caves. Just north of Kuala Lumpur, SSM Billy Smart, SQMS Woolgar, MTNCO Johny Tigh. Storemen L/Cpl Bill Huyton and W Ellis. Thanks to Wally Ellis for this entry.
2 Troop, 1st Independent Field Squadron Royal Engineers. CO was Captain Attenbourgh, the troop operated mostly in the highlands attached to the Scots Guards at one time. The troop set up ambushes, patrols, built roads and brigades before being sent to Hong Kong after about two years. Thanks to Gerald Harris for this entry.
2 Air Survey Liaison Section, RE 1946-1952.
10 Transportation Squadron, RE According to RE Corps History Vol X this unit arrived in Singapore in April 1956. Note also: 11 Indep Fd Sqn arrived in Malaya in 1956, 74 Fd Pk Sqn formed Singapore 1955 and moved to Malaya 1956.
11th Independent Field Squadron 11th Field Squadron was reformed in 1948 in the UK. Commanding officers were Major Tog Cochrane OBE MC RE, and later was Maj Bill Cooper later to become Maj Gen Cooper MC CBE. 1 troop was commanded by Capt Symonds RE for a time, 1 troop Sergeant Jim (Paddy) Woods. The squadron constructed the Kemyan Road {South Pahang), Naka Road (Thai Border} which was finished at Sik in 1959 at a final length of 64 miles. Repaired Fort Chabai Airstrip. The Squadron build one of the last forts in Malaya, Fort Tapong in 1960 with the participation of a Digger troop.
Converted Asian Camp to European Camp for the Loyal Regt at Sipputeh (Batu Gadger), Part Disposal of Japanese Torpedoes & Bombs in Tunnels on Penang Island from WW2. Thanks to Alan Leech & Richard Clarke for this combined entry.
50 Gurkha Field Engineer Regiment
51 Field Squadron (A), Royal Engineers
55 Field Survey Squadron Changi, Singapore 1954-1956
74 Field Park Squadron
84 Field Survey Squadron Royal Engineers The squadron was located in Batu Cantonement in 59, but later, about 1961 moved to Singapore. Field parties of sometimes only 2 sappers spent days , weeks and sometimes months in the ulu mapping for military purposes. There were many detachments, some of which were in Temerloh, Ipoh, Malacca, Sarawak and Hong Kong. In 1959 the OC was Major Ben Burrows, his son is presently(2005) CO of 42 Survey Engineer Regt RE.
305 Engineer Stores Depot, Royal Engineers The Depot was located in Batu Cantonment 1955/56, the cantonment was within Kuala Lumpur Garrison.
410 Independent Plant Troop
Co Capt F Ford, Location Sungei Besi, 1953/1955, OC CAPT. MALITZA 1955-1956, C.O. Capt. Van Dan.1957-59., (C.O. Capt. F, Ford  Sunge Besi Kualar Lumpar). Minden Barracks 1958.
Served 58 / 62 Nami Sik road, Cameron Highlands att 11 Sqdn, Borneo. Oc's Capt Vann Maj, Ken Orrel, Maj Pike. Thanks to Jim Loach for this entry.
'59 / '63, Nami, Kampong Gula, Penang Att 11 Fld Sqdn Borno. OC Capt Vann TSM WO 2 Ron Blake People I remember, Steve Hall, Toots Toase, Brummy Pearce, Kieth Orrell Taff Roberts.
554 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers
570 Map Reproduction Troop RE. Based in Singapore Col.Johns, Capt.M.P.Henshaw, Lt.Dean.
890 E&M sqdn Royal Engineers later hq works sqdn then malayan engineers
890 plant troopbatu caves 48 then hq works sqdnkl a troop were at taiping b troop ipohc troopkluang etc.
Engineer Training Centre Kluang, Johore State 1948 - 1951.
I was with ETC Kluang between 1957-1959. I was an instructor in plant operations. I worked with Royal Australian Engineers during this time. An australian guy nicknamed Yippee was one of my group.
Engineer Store Depot CO Maj Turtle, 2i/c Capt P J Glibbery. Location 5 miles north Kuala Lumpur.
Garrison Works Office. Kluang. Johore Garrison Works Officer was a Major Smith RE 1961-62, I was a Military Clerk of Works [Construction] at the time. Thanks to John C CARBIS for this entry.

Royal Signals
GHQ Signal Regiment
Signal Squadron, 2nd guards brigade (later 18th inf signal squadron), Camp location-Coronation Park, KL close to Pudu Jail. Commanding Officer-Major Galloway, Ajd-Captain Hannigan, Sub-2nd Lieut Garrett, 1948-1950s. Thanks to Arthur Scott for this entry.
17th (Gurkha) Signal Regiment 17th (Gurkha) Signal Regiment, located at Sikamat Camp, Seremban. The CO was Lt.Col Abel Dacre during the majority of my tour. I was posted(TOS) in 19th June 1968 (one week before my 21st birthday)and monitored the May 13th 1969 Emergency (Riots) at Rasah camp ComCen. After a secondment to Nepal Signal Troop from September 1969 to March 1970, I returned in time to be involved in the close down/hand over of Sikamat Camp to the Malayan forces and disbandment of the regiment in June 1970 when we moved to Singapore to join 248 (Gurkha) Signal Squadron at Nee Soon barracks. I left for the UK at the end of my tour in December 1970. Thanks to Jim Lythgoe for this entry.
18 Independent Infantry Brigade Signals Squadron Located at Kuala LLipis, Pahang 1952-56 Commanding officer was Major Jim Boyland, followed by a Major Howat.
19th Air Formation Signal Regiment
24th Independent Group, Signals WRAC 1950-1952, Tanglin barracks, GHQ FARELF Singapore. C/o Maj Farlow. Thanks to Muriel Parr for this entry.
Royal Signals Detachment, 25th Infantry Brigade, Kluang 1948, Kluang Malaya detachment,malaya dist signals regt. c/o Capt Waterworth, our detachment was managed by a Sgt Stopforth,we had a personnel of about twenty bods including Signals office staff,Telephone operators,Cypher clerks, Wireless operators,A Radio mechanic,Dispatch riders, Drivers,Linesmen and various odd bods.
28 Commonwealth Infantry Brigade, Signal Squadron. The Brigade HQ was at Butterworth, approx 3/4 o the way between the town of Butterworth and RAF/RAAF Butterworth. I served in the Sig,Sqn Orderly Room from about 9/55 to 2/57. CO was Major Ferguson (R Signals) Adjutant Capt Trost (Royal Australian Signals).
Relocated to Taiping, Perak. Commanding Officer was Major Phipps, Royal Signals.
40 Division Signal troop 40div signals, Whitfield barracks, Nathan road, Kowloon. O.C Garry Crooks, ssm Spud Murphy, sgt Bell, involved 1956 riots. Rufus moss northern commissioner & turf adviser
65 Gurkha Inf Bde Gp Signals Troop HQ Seremban, Rasah Camp. I was attached to 1 Green Howards at Kuala Pilah Approx June 1950 to early 1951. 63 Bde Sig Tp supplied rear link radio operators to all 63 Brigade Gp units. We were part of 17 Gurkha Div. Royal Signals trained Gurkha soldiers took over from us late 1951. I was attached to 13/18 Hussars aT Kluang and then Johore Bahru. I regret to say I cannot remember my OCs' name. I only met him once or twice as I was stationed at Kuala Pilah until my move to the 13/18 Hussars.
201 Signal Squadron 201 sig sqdn, located Singapore (ck2 for ops centre) and 201 sig sqdn detachment in Penang at Batu Uban. Colin Cattanach was part of parent unit being 101 sig squadron located in Queensland.
208 (Commonwealth) Signal Squadron It was 208 (COMWEL) Signal Squadron when I served with it in Taiping from August 1960 and remained with that title when it moved to Terendak, Malacca in October 1961. I left in Augusr 1962 and it was still operating under that name. The (COMWEL) in its title indicated that it was one of the very few "fully integrated" units in the brigade with troops from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
no 4 camp taiping officer commanding Capt wray{royal new zealand signals} my tour of duty was 1959 ~ 1961 my troop commander was captain mike bygrave and troop sergeant sgt ross bennett royal australian signals i was a telegraph operator (morse and teleprinter operator). Thanks to Derek Fanshawe for this entry.
230 Signal Squadron, Paroi Camp near Seremban 195?/1960. I was stationed there from 1959 till 1961, when we were all transferred to 18 Signal Regt. in Singapore. Thanks to Clifford Beardsell for this entry.
I served in 230 squadron which was based at Seremban but i was detached to a smaller unit at Wardieburn camp, Kuala Lumper which had Ssgt "black jack" Walker in charge .A unit of about 12 signalmen who carried out train despatch service to singapore and penang on a rotating basis. served from Jan 1961 until about feb 1962 when the Squadron was disbanded and the duties taken over by gurkha soldiers of !7 Gurkha Regt at seremban.
I was then posted to 18 Signal regiment in Singapore. The camp at wardieburn was governed by medical corps and was opposite a small detachment of Senoi Praak , malayans who patrolled the Thailand border.
Thanks to Frank Connnor for this entry.
237 Signal Squaron (COMCAN), During my time at 237 sig sqn Tanglin Singapore. OC Maj Gray them Maj Hawkins. We were billeted at 18 Sig Regtr dover Road, co was Lt col Warren Sig Buckley P ex national serviceman. Thanks to Peter Buckley for this entry.
2 Squadrons Royal Corps of Signals stationed at Tyersall camp working in Tanglin Signals Cypher Office Septembr 1948 to October 1949. I worked in the signals cypher section in Tanglin Camp Trained as Telegraph mech in Catterick only to be required to take over Cyphers section because of staff due for demob and the Captain in Charge was a Captain Lines who had lived in Hest Bank near Morecambe, lANCASHIRE There was A sergeant James Desmond Allonby (Lancaster) and a Lance Corporal Richard Durham Preston also a Corporal Gordon Bigham (Barrow in Furness)who I had known before travelling out to Singapore Via Quantas Empire Airways on September 1st 1948. on the flight was a Signalman Tony Crowe from Lincoln and a signalman Eric Gaccon from London. I am now approaching 89 and I am not so sure of the Signals unit which we were but i remember having to go down to the GHQ Signals in Singapore and also to the Govenor Generals offices for the Rochex and Typex Machines. Thanks to Signalman Edward Ford for this entry.
Malaya Command Signals Squadron
Malaya Signal Regiment,
   2 Sqdn Malaya Signals, Taiping, April - July 1949 - oc Major Sinnock
   3 Battalion Malays, Kota Bharu, July - October 1949
   BMH, Taiping, Oct.- Nov '49
   2 Sqdn MSR as above, Nov - Dec '49
   1 Sqdn Malaya Signals, KL - Dec. '49 - April '51
   3 RTR, Gurun, April-May'51
   2 Sqdn MSR as above except that oc Mjr. Downs, May 51- Feb 52
   Also attached 2/2 Gurkha May-June '29, and at Singapore Sigs June 51. Many Thanks to Aubrey ( Taffy ) Davies for the detailed information.
   Air Support Signals Troop ASST was attached to Malaya Signals Regiment. Tentacles at Ipoh and Seremban. The unit directed Lincoln bombers from Tengah on Singapore Island on night ops against the terrorists.
   Malaya District Signals Regiment Mejidee Barracks, Johore Bahru, Malaya 1947 to 1949 with 1st Battalion 10th Gurkha rifles.Also at Kluang and Kota Tinggi Malaya with 1st Battalion Royal Inniskilling fusiliers. Signals C.O. was Major Jack Tidey.HQ call sign was JQMA. HQ of Malaya District Signals Regiment was at Kuala Lumpur. At Kluang Malaya we were also attached to 1st Battalion of the Cameron Highlanders for a time. Thanks to John Friel for this entry.
Regimental HQ based in Kuala Lumpur. Out squadrons in Seremban, Taiping and Mentakab. Commanding Officers F.J. Heap, D J Goldsmith ? Thompsonduring 1948 -53.
I arrived in Malaya in Sept 48 with 212 Medium Wireless Troop under Lt. J Agar, later a Lt.-Col I believe, from the Suez Canal Zone as a special unit to try and establish a communication network in that country operatiing from 3-ton vehicles. We were based with Malaya Signal Regiment at GHQ Malaya Command, Rifle Range Road, Kuala Lumpur.Trials were held, not successful and 212 Med Wireless Troop was almagated into Malaya Signal Regiment (or Malaya District Signal Regiment as it might have been at that time).
In addition to normal functions serving a GHQ, a courier service was operated on the night mail trains every night to both Singapore in the south and Penang in the north, dropping off mail etc. at military units stationed near those routes. These night mail trains were escorted by armed patrols, quite often Gurkha troops travelling on a bogie ahead of the train. These couriers went down one night, back the next and then a day in barracks.
I myself was with this Unit from September 48 until June 53, serving as Regimental Orderly Room Sergeant under three Commanding Officers, namely Lt-Cols FR.J. Heap, D.J. Goldsmith and ? Thompson, Adjutants Captain A.R.Wythe and Captain W.R. Macdonald.

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
2 Infantry Workshops, REME, Taiping, Perak. Major Thomas/Thompson, provided LAD to Singapore Regiment Royal Artillery in Taiping.
3 BOD RAOC LAD REME , 23492704 Craftsman James Alexander Keenan REME June 1957 / Sept 1959. stationed at 3 BOD LAD Alexandra Barracks attached to 3 BOD RAOC.
10 Infantry Workshop, 40 Base District Workshop, Ayer Rajah, Singapore.
12 Infantry Workshop, Unit formed at Warminster September to October 1948 C/O Major Taylor-Thomas R.E.M.E. Embarked Southhampton on troopship Dunera. Disembarked Singapore stayed at Nee Soon holding camp then moved by road Kuala Lumpur Coronation park where 2nd Guards Brigade was supported. In May 1951 the unit moved to Batu Lima and used accommodation in a camp with the 4th Batt Malay Regt. To this point the CO. was Major Stirling-Baker. Major Sline then took command until late in 1953. The unit then moved into a Rubber plantation under canvas.
Before moving to Batu Lima Camp, Mentakab, the Wksps was located in tented accommodation beside the main road at the Mentakab Town Board Limit. They then moved to Batu Lima Camp Mentakab which was occupied by the 4th Bn The Malay Regt. (not the 5th). The Wksps occupied garage space opposite my MT lines. They moved again to Semantan Estate under canvas (where 4/Malay had previously had a company detachment) located about half way between Batu Lima Camp and Mentakab town. While at Semantan Estate 12 inf Wksks tragically lost a Cfn who was electrocuted when lightning struck a rubber tree and ran along lighting cable into a tent.
12 Infantry Workshops REME moved from Mentakab to Tambun Rd camp near Ipoh at the end of 1953/early 1954 c/o Maj Harrison, I was stationed there Feb54 to Mar55 and then 3coy rasc reme lad. Camp area at Tambun still there circa 2002.
1955 in atap bashas, at Gunong Panjang Camp, Ipoh to (Jan 1957?) - moved to corrugated iron 'godolphins', at Lubok Bandan Camp near Jementah, Segamat, Johore with detachment in tents, at Malacca, supporting Royal Engineers constructing Malayan Army camp. Disbanded in Jan 1958?. Commanding Officer was Major J A Stewart (a hurdler), Captains Clarke, Dodds, Warren. Part of 26 Gurkha Infantry Brigade, 17 Gurkha Infantry Division (Headquarters in Seremban). Unit later re-formed in Germany.
13 Infantry Workshop 13 Infantry Workshop REME was based first in Kluang, Johore and Tanjong Rambutan, near Ipoh in 1956. It was disbanded in 1961. Commanded by L/C Butler, at Ipoh.
Duration of my tour was 18 months. We were attached to the Manchesters, Gordon Highlanders in Tapah. We then moved to Ipoh where we were LAD to the 48th Gurkha Brigade. Thanks to Pat Hulm for this entry.
14 Infantry Workshop Embarked to Malaya 1948, Stationed in Kluang. Returned to UK 1951.
22nd Malay infantry worshops, REME, Kluang 1956-58 (at least) In the Museum at Arborfield hangs a picture of the whole Unit in the Mt Hangar taken Christmas 1956 - about 3 weeks before I arrived. We also had the only vehicle recovery unit in S. Malaya. Two Scammels anda Diamond T.
I was a Tels/Mec grade 1, and most unusually we shared a Naafi and cookhouse with a RASC unit - on excellent terms. It was a "Mixed" Worksop, with BORS and assorted Chinese, Tamil,Indian,and Philipino troops. Also local civilian labour.
Lived in wooden huts, battery of 25 pndr.s behind to liven up the nights!
Very full range of repairs carried out, up to but excluding Base Workshop jobs.
Was stupid enough to vounteer for "ambush parties", as I'd been a Signaller in the ACF.
Invalided out (much to my disgust)in March 1958.
Cannot remeber many names. MT WO was "Q" Moss, my fellow telsmecs were Cpl Tom Cox and a Deighton.Came home in Sept 1957 on the old "Empire Fowey".
21 Malay Inf Workshop, Bentong Malaya REME, locations Bentong Keymian CO scots major cant remember name Captain Idris malay officer w/officer smith all over South Pahang for one year and a half with cfn moreland cfn Allison and big geordie on recovery and road building.
26 Gurkha Inf Bde LAD located at Rhasa Camp 1956 moved to Sigamat In Jahor Bahru Where it was disbanded after Medeka. It served the whole of 26 Gurkha Inf Bde.
75 Ac Wksps REME, Located at Kluang.Malaysia, with an MSRD in Brunei and an FRT in Kuching. The Commanding Officer in 1966 was Major Henry Tomkins; 2i/c Capt George Southon, ASM Paddy Fraser. Thanks to Frank Miller (ex CPO RN) for this entry.
221 BVD R.A.O.C. 1958-61, Officer Commanding Major Wally Hammond REME.
based in Johore Bahru from 1951-53. The CO then was Lt.Col Brown, with Major Martin as 2nd/ic. My immediate officer i/c Parks was Capt. Seth, with Lt. Thomas and Lt Clough. I was in charge of the Parks Office as Corporal, and vehicle movements in and out of the unit were busy. 'C' vehicles were mainly handled by CSM Paddy Reid smashing guy. The actual Park was based in Tebrau. REME was then based in Pandan, down the road.
Johore Baru, Malaya. LtCol R.A.J. Wiggins O.B.E. C.O. 1952 - 54
I served in this unit from Sep 1955 until Oct 1958, we were accommodated in Majedee Barracks Johore Bahru then moved to Kenya Camp, Khota Tinggi. The CO was Lt.Col AJ Luke,the 2i/c was Major JH McCulloch, the OC Parks Coy was Capt A Faulds,the OC Maint Coy was Capt Munday I worked in Parks Office with Sgt Nighdu,Pte Guest,Pte Armstrong,Pte Jones,myself Pte Kenyon,the WO2 was SQMS Power,then replaced by SQMS Price.
REME District Workshop, based at District Workshop Singapore, from November 1948 to November 1949. Major Rogers commanding.
District Workshop Singapore, it was at the side of Singapore Base Workshop on Ayer Raja Rdbothe units billited in the same camp. Also the 1st Singapore Regt RA was stationed on Blanka Mati now Santosa we also did a stint at Kluang. In 1952 one Malay L/bdr lost his right arm in an ambush at the air strip.
Base Workshops REME/FARELF Base Workshops REME was located on the Ayer Rajah Road, Singapore. Its function was to maintain and repair a vast collection of military vehicles which were then supplied to units throughout the far east. The vehicle depot for storage of this mass of vehicles was located in Tebrau, Johore. One of the units claims to fame in the fifties was the creation of the Bedford 'Pig'. A makeshift APC which looked like a steel garden shed on wheels. During the period 1949-1952 Colonel Kennedy was OC of the workshops. Col Salt was OC troops, he replaced Col Winter. The RSM was WO1 Harvey (enough said). The accomodation was Rowcroft Lines which stood overlooking the Ayer Rajah Road and the W/Shops. Rowcroft Lines was shared with District W/Shops and the Training Unit. At the rear of Rowcroft Lines stood what is now known as the Kentridge. It is the historically significant area where the Malay Regiment stood aginst the Japanese Army in 1942. Thansk to K.B.Orrill for this entry.

Other Units
Army Catering Corps
Corps of Royal Military Police
Royal Army Chaplins Department
Royal Army Educational Corps
   73 Education Centre, Rasah Camp Seremban 1951/2.
Royal Army Ordnance Corps
   RAOC Stores Section att. 2 Infantry Workshops REME, Capt RO Burton RAOC. OIC Stores Section, Taiping with detachments Malacca, Penang, Keddah Road.
   6 COD RAOC, C.O.D R.A.O/C I worked on the Recovery section which mainly did On-Loading and of loadind ships from all over the far east These were sorted and moved on to the UK or sold locally. The Reginald Kerr was one of the ships.
MT S/sergeant was Tier cook sgt was Songhurst. Colonel was Moor. The C.S.M was diesel dan, we never knew his real name.I was attached to the 2/10th gurkhas at Fan Ling and the new territories. The co of the veh park I think was named captain Cousins This was in the mid 50.s.
   7 F.O.D. Kuala Lumpur, My father was WO2 Michael Dennis Braga, who served at 7FOD-K.L. from Oct.1950 - Aug.1954 as a S/Sgt R.A.O.C. He died in Portugal in 1985. Our family, my mother Dorothy, brother Michael, sisters Elizabeth and Patricia lived in an old plantation house at 57 Gombak Road. Being a large property, we had other families rent the upstairs. I remember a Margaret and Peter Brennan about my age, a Russell Callaghan and his wife, and a S//Sgt George and Madge Grivoell with their 3 children. I was 4-7 years old at the time and do remember my father talking about an officer called 'Pony' Moore, who may have been the C.O. of 7FOD. I started school at the BATU school and believe the headmistress was a Mrs Loney, a Major Loney's wife. We bumped into them in Belgium in 1954. My father once took me to the 7FOD camp which if I remember was mostly attap huts. I was plonked on a high bar stool in the Sgts Mess and given a cold drink by the Malay barman. Years later my father told me Sir Gerald Templer visited his camp and after a look around, asked my father why the Malay soldiers had the old 'charpoy' type beds and the British soldiers had normal iron bedsteads. My father replied that that was how they were allocated. Sir Gerald then said, 'Get rid of the charpoys and give the Malay soldiers the same beds as our troops', so the C.T's cannot exploit the difference in status', or words to that effect. We were posted again to Malaya -Johor Bahru between Apr.1958 - Jan.1960. I'm not sure where my father actually worked in J.B. A period of history that should never be forgotten. Thanks to Roger Braga for this entry.
   21 air maintenance platoon RAOC, RAF Station Kuala Lumpa. Stationed at KL airport circa 1959 CO Cpt Paterson attached to 26 squadron RASC Air Dispatch Sgt Wilmot, Sgt Macgochlan, Pt Hugh Armstrong, Pt Brian Whitby, Spud Murphy and many more.
   22 air maintanance platoon RAOC, stationed with 55 air dispatch cumpany R A F Station kula lumpa malaya
   30 Battalion, RAOC
103 Army Photographic Intelligence Service O.C. Major Brehaut. York & Lancs Regt. Unit billeted a few miles from KL @ 656 AAC. I was a clerk on detachment from APIU (FE) RAF Seletar 1957/58. Both these units specialising in aerial photographic intelligence/interpretation. Thanks to L/Cpl Paddy Cox R.A.S.C. for this entry.
   28 Commonwealth Independent Infantry Brigade Group Ordnance Field Park RAOC Based at The Old Convent, Taiping, Perak, Malaya, between 1957-59. Commanding Officers Captain B J Beattie RAOC (to 1958) and Captain S G Styles RAOC from 1958. Thansk to John Flashman for this credit.
   99 Ordnance Field Park RAOC Stationed on the Island of Labuan. In tented area along side the main runway from August 1962 to June 1964
   221 Vehicle Battalion RAOC LtCol R.A.J.Wiggins O.B.E C.O. 1953-55
   443 Base Ammunition Depot RAOC Kranji Singapore 1949-1958, Major W.H.Chapman. CO 1956-early 1958 was Major Cavendish.
From March 1949 to March 1950, Lt.Col. Norman Fisher was the commanding officer.
   Printing division C.COY. 30. BN. ROAC 3 B.O.D. Singapore.
   Gurkha Records Office, GHQ 2nd Echelon, FARELF Officer i/c Major Willis-Gurkha Rifles,
Officer 2i/c Capt Watts-Gurkha Rifles
I was attached to 2/6th battn at Kuala Lumpur and 2/7th battn at Seremban between 1948/9.
Officer i/c was Major Willis, 2nd i/c was Capt watts. I was a RASC Sgt attached firstly to 1/6th Gurkha Rifles at Sungei Patani and later to 2/7th Gurkha Rifles at Seremban from 1947 to 1949.
Royal Army Pay Corps
Garrison nee soon singapore and jungle patrols at ersing malaya september 1950.
Royal Army Veterinary Corps

Royal Army Medical Corps
   8 Field Dressing Station ex 16th Field Ambulance Commanding officer Major R. Brenchley R.A.M.C. 1957-1959, stationed on Penang island, also on detachment at Butterworth and Sungei Patani with Gurkhas.
8 fld dressing split from 16 Field Amb at Minden Barracks Penang. It then became 8 BGMC under Capt J williams and then under Lt Col AL pennyfather. In February 1960 it moved to Wardiburn Camp KL. Later, I believe to Malacca.
   16 Field Ambulance. Commanding Officer Lt Col T. Conway Wardiburn Camp, Kualar Lumpar. Attached to the Suffolk Regiment & The Royal West Kents, later The Somerset Light Infantry. Part of the 2/7th Gurkhas. Many Thanks to Ray Crawley for the information.
CO was LT. Col Derbyshire in 1951, 2IC was Maj Rea, RSM "Heaney.
   16 Commonwealth Field Ambulance Taiping, Perak. Attach 28 commonwealth brigade taiping brigader mogg 1959-1961we won the garrison cup the same year around late september also runners up in the cricket finals played at 17 gurkha div seranban
   19 Field Ambulance. Taiping, CO was Lieutenant Colonel van Reenan, Malaya 1951 onwards.
r.a.m.c. 19 field ambulance sungei patani north malaya per/attached (a company 1st battalion kings own yorkshire light infantry) kuala nerange. (posted to 1st battalion gordon highlanders tapah, permenently attached to d company hopetoun cameron highlands c.o maj wilson. sgt maj w.o.dawson.
Taiping, Perak 1955-57 att. 28 Commonwealth Ind. Inf. Brigade Butterworth. 1/6 Gurkha Rifles, Ipoh & Cameron Highlands. Thanks to B.P.McCartney for this entry.
   21st. Field Surgical Team Att. section 16th. field Ambulance. Stationed in Mentakab Hospital Pahang
   34 Company, British Medical Hospital Kinrara Selangor. Location, 9th milepost Kinrara Selangor. C.O. Lt Col MacKie-Dick. Company officer was Capt. Harmer in 1957.
served from 1954 to 1956. in qm stores. co major frank whittle. and corparol bill frasier.
   39th Field Ambulance. Stepak, Kuala Lumpur. The 29th Field Ambulance (RAMC) was at Wardiburn Camp just outside Kuala Lumpur. The CO was Col Jackson-Smyth with various 2 ics. The Adjutant was a Capt Mullins. It was part of the 2/7th Gurkha Regiment. RSM Webberley was also at camp. RASC and REME were also on camp. Many Thanks to Allan Clark
   8th Brigade Group Medical Coy, attached to 39th Field Ambulance, Wardieburn Camp,Stepak,Kuala Lumpur. Commanding Officer- Lieut. Colonel Aubrey Lovelace Pennyfather.
   Military Hospital Terendak The Hospital was situated in Terendak Camp Malacca as part of 16 Commonwealth Brigade. This was a separate unit from 28 (Commonwealth) Field Ambulance. It has its own organisational command of CO, QM, Matron and Chief Wardmaster. The Commanding Officer of BMH in 1966 was Lt Col. Ferrie. His replacement in 1967 was Lt. Col. Paton. Thanks to David Froud for this entry.
   British Military Hospital Kamunting, Taiping Commanding officers - 1950 LtCol Phelan, 1951 LtCol Clarke.
   British Military Hospital Kluang
   British Military Hospital Kinrara
   Numbers 1 & 2 MMR (Mass Miniature Radiography) BMH Kinrara. This was a unit comprising 2 articulated mobile X-ray vehicles and 2 mobile 15kVa mobile generators.
We were under the command of the senior radiologist at BMH Kinrara. Only one team was ever (to my knowledge) out on the road at any one time.
The team comprised a corporal in charge, a private radiographer, a clerk and 2 RASC drivers.
We travelled all over Malaysia from the Thai border in the North to Singapore in the South taking chest X-rays at the many Army bases.
I was corporal in charge from 1957 to 1959.
Thanks to Peter Latham for this entry.

Women's Royal Army Corps

Royal Army Service Corps
   GHQ 2nd Echelon, Nee Soon.
   No.1 Supply Depot, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur. Based about 7 miles outside of Kuala Lumpur and a mile from Batu caves. It was built on the site of an old Japanese ammunition camp. CSM was Jim Parsons, the depot supplied everything from P.O.L. to 24 hour rations packs, bread, meat and fresh food and supplied all compo and fresh rations to 55 Air Despatch Company. Many Thanks to Roy Gilbert for this entry.
   No.2 Supply Depot, Located at Taiping, Perak, North Malaya, OC Major Graham, 2i/c Capt Turner. Mixed BOR/MOR unit. Usual Rations(Supplies) & POL, Including Live Sheep on Hoof for Gurkha tps. Sheep by ship & Rail from S. Africa tour 1955-1957.
   3 Company RASC, 3 company Rasc was based two, to three miles north of Ipoh,next to the Three and Eights, a armoured car unit,and beyond them were the Loyals a infantry regiment. Csm Smudger Smith from Liverpool.
   3 Company GT I arived in singapore in January 1952,after a four week trip on HMT DUNERA. I did the routine acclimatisation period at NEE soon camp,after which I Was posted to 3 company RASC IPOH I served in this unit under the command of Major Bartell from JAN 1952-Nov 1954.During this period I was sent on detachment to The Cameron Highlands, where our duties were mainly escorting the daily civilian convoys, between Tapah & Tanah Ratah.We also did operational runs for the Gurka regiments. 42 RM Commando reg,Cameron highland Reg,& SAS Reg.. Also during this period our company was based at Scudai camp, an old burnt out pineapple factory north of Jahore Bharu,where we carried out general gt work. We also did quite a lot for the Royal artillery units throughout Malaya. I have a good recollection of many happy & sometimes sad events during my three year stay with 3 Coy .I welcome any comments from any one who can recall names & events,(*we did have quite a social life ) aS i recall,& i have many names & memoirs to exchange. Thanks to Peter Tyler for this entry.
   6 Company CSM James, Major Boyldue. Located at HMS Sembawang Neesoon.
   LAD REME attached to 6Coy RASC(MT) Singapore Malaya
Embarked for Singapore in approx March 1956 on RMS Asturias, arrived Singapore April 1956, billeted for very short while in base workshop lines in Alexander Road then set up under canvas at Tanjong Berlayer ( I best remember this location as at the T-junction of AYER Raja road and the road that led past Gilman Barracks and the pool there) Our conditions were a little crude but we were happy enough with a cracking WO1 in command, Bill Olford, what a guy!! We then took over toe RNAS air station at HMS Simbang at Sembawang. We were attached to 6 Coy RASC who had 106 QL Bedfords, we were fully mobile, store-bin waggons, Scammel 6x4 Recovery vehicle their Co was Col Boyldieu (apologies if spelling incorrect).
   17th Ghurka div RASC Kluang garrison. 1958/1960, C.O. Lt Co. Elliot, Adjt. Capt Baines, Maj Howe, Maj Compton, Ghurkha Maj Prembahadur Ghale
   30 Company Ghurka RASC Kluang, 1959 - 1962. 30 Coy Gurkha ASC was commanded by Major Mike Tierney, I was Admin Captain. We were teaching Gurkhas to drive and forming a Brigade Transport Company. We moved to UK as a unit on board TS Nevassa together with 1/6th Gurkha Rifles. 17 Div RASC was our HQ.
   30 Coy GTR Wksps REME Tidworth Singapore Malaysia and Borneo Officers,Lt. Smith Capt,Calderwood Capt. Wilson.1962 to 1968. Thanks to Geoff Johnston for this entry.
   24 Company HQ Kluang Malaya. CO Major Ralph. Spent a couple of months in the workshops, running repairs to vehicles and driving the water tanker. Later transferred to A Platoon detachment in Johore Baharu, the emergency was imminent. The Company went on a few operations with the Gurkhas, seeking out bandit outposts.
   25 Company (MT), RASC
   27 Company. Ampang Rd, detachments worked with the SAS and Royal Artillery and lost several men killed.
   27th independant infantry company RASC attached to 3 brigade marine commandos. CO Major Timothy O'Conner.
   29 Company. Coy HQ + 2 Pltns + L.A.D. at Taiping, 1 Pltn on detachment at Penang. O.C. Maj. Ted Poole. Mixed B.O.R./Malayan soldiers. From at least 1949-52. Garrison transport for Taiping and moving squatters into new villages. Penang detached pltn for leave centre etc. and tippers for Sungei Patani camp. Thanks to John Wrake for this entry.
   37 Company. During the emergency. the water transport company was 37 Coy. RASC (WT) stationed on Pulau Brani.
It was, apparently, renamed 986 Co. sometime afterwards. Thanks to C.Blackshaw for this entry.
   55 Company AD, Air supply missions over hostile territory in Malay and south Thailand. Several casualties and fatalities were suffered. Worked closely with 22nd SAS and various infantry units. Flying from Sungei Besi airport in K.L. Malaya with the RAF. Many Thanks to Paul Barker for the detailed information.
55coy was near the then, civilian airport Captain Thatcher was our CO. Ration strength was fog 200. Some of the bashas were named, Kemar, Brook, carfax, Legap. I was on national servicethe tour was for 19 months.
kuala lumper malaya. 1955 1957 major baxter was o/c.
   61 Company RASC, Malay Transport Co situated at Gloucester Bks, Ayer Raja Road, Singapore. During my time Mar 1960-Nov 1962 following were serving OCs Maj Gregory succeeded by Maj.Stan Green,succeeded by Maj Attan Bin Yatim. Captains, Arthur Rowley(MT), Mike Cowan(Adm). Platoon officers:- Lt.Richard Gibb.2/Lt Keith Prickett.Lt.Roger Wright, 2/Lt, John.Collyer,2/Lt.Colin.Pratt,2/Lt. Basil Sherrington. Chief Clerk Sgt.Reg.Ensor, CQMS. Amir Khan.
   61 Company RASC LEP
   74 Company RASC
   75 Company (MT) RASC Supply Depot
   436 Transport Coy. RASC - Orchard Road, Singapore - 1948/9
   986 Coy R.A.S.C. Water Transport Stationed on Paula Brani, O.C. Major Pearman
   RASCV Malplaquet. (449 GRT coaster ) My father was first officer on this - they were based in Singapore from around mid 1952 until late 1954 . Running mainly to Port Swettenham with supplies. The ship had British officers - all Merchant Navy , and a Malayan crew.
   Water Tp (LCTS) at Pulau Brani

Royal Corps of Transport
   3 Squadron RCT 28th Commonwealth Brigade Terandak Camp Malacca, 3 Coy RASC 28th Commonwealth Brigade Terandak Camp Malacca. The RASC ceased to be on the 14-07-1965. From 15-07-1965 the RCT was formed and 3 Coy RASC became 3 Sqn RCT. I served with 3 Sqn RCT from 23-07-1965 until the 02-02-1968.

Queen Alexandria's Royal Army Nursing Corps
Royal Army Veterinary Corps
Royal Army Dental Corps
Intelligence Corps.
   Field Security Wing Malaya Intelligence Corps, HQ in KL OC Maj Masterson 2ic Capt Hanscombe Nov 1955/56. FS Detachments all over the country; JB, Kluang, Seremban, Ipoh, Kuala Lipis, Malacca, etc. Thanks to Tom Cannon for this entry.
Army Air Corps
7 Flight AAC Taiping
11 Flight AAC 656 Army Air Corps Sqn, Kluang. Johore, Malaysia. CO Major Foy
14 liaison flight, 656 light aircraft squadron attached to 28 commonwealth brigade 17 ghurka division, 1960-62.
1914 AOP flight, Kuala Lumpur, Cpt Mathews 1947-August 1948. other officers Cpts Webb. Litt.Jeb Churcher.
656 AOP Squadron 1948/9 Taiping Malaya, Major Myolanue-Berry in command 2 flt. covering perak in northern Malaya.
Air Support Signals Unit (ASSU), Unit provided ground control for air strikes. Based near Malaya Signal Regiment and the air strip used by the AOP Flight. Div Sign was a Red Hand on the signals blue and white halved background.

HQRA 17th Gurkha Division.Seremban I was RAA attached to Gurkha's for 15mths 1962/3.CO Maj.Gen. Walker.2i/c Brig. King-Martin.RSM Morris (rtd to NZ). Thanks to Terence C Dell for this entry.
Gurkha Military Police
17 Gurkha Division Provost Company, Formed at about the same time as the Gurkha Signals, Gurkha ASC and Gurkha Engineers. Company HQ at Rasah Camp Seremban alongside HQ 17 Gurkha Div. Detachments with 63 and 99 Gurkha Bdes at Kluang and Johore Bahru. For short while in 1955/56 used in infantry role operations as additional rifle company attached to Royal Hampshire Regt(?) Company commanders Major Boniface and Major R Maxwell. Gurkha Military Police disbanded some time after Brunei/Indonesian operations. Thanks to Mike Parish for this entry.


Royal Navy

HMS Amethyst
HMS Charity, 8th. Destroyer Flotilla, During 1952 HMS CHARITY carried out a couple of bombardments of positions in Western Malaya at the request of the British Army.
H.M.S. Comus, 8th. Destroyer Flotilla. Comus also carried out patrols during 1949 often hosting crews of the R.N. Motor Launches which patrol up rivers.
HMS Consort, 8th. Destroyer Flotilla, patrolled off the Malayan coast as well as being involved in the Yantse incident and in action off the Korean coast during a ten-year delpoyment in the far east.
HMS Crane based at Hong Kong 1953-55 and Sembawang, Singapore 1959-60.
HMS Defender
HMS Dragonfly
HMS Eagle, served off the coast of Malaya 1965 and sent landing parties ashore during hostilities. Also many hellicopter drops to British and Allied forces in the jungle.
HMS Hart HMS Hart served on the east and west coast doing bombardments taking Gurkha troops up rivers and landing them in the ships own boats, operations with scots guards etc screening operations with the army or police exerting a stabilising influence by showing the flag on both coasts sept 1950 1951.
HMS Llandaff (Type 61 frigate) did bandit patrol in the Malacca straits 1959 stopping local Chinese junks and searching them for arms coming over from Sumatra. Thanks to ME1 Fleming G.E PK 973824 for this entry.
HMS Newcastle, served on station (May 1957 to October 1958) both patrolling and "PLASTERING THE COMMUNIST CAMPS", with 6" broadsides. I for one was sleeping on a mess table at the time of one bombardment, which brought down all the plate and cups from the bulkhead mounted mess locker. I suffered multiple small lacerations and lots of humiliation. It was also, during a refit period that one of the ships cooks and I took leave with 40 Commando way up past KL. By way of the rail link and a present of an ex WWII 303 Enfield, still with the grease filled barrel.
HMS Newfoundland
HMS PUncheston M1174 104th minesweeping squadron. Capt. Lt.Cdr. Hancock. I served from our arrival from Malta in Nov 1959 - to Oct 1960. My Rating at the time was - Marine Engineering Mechanic(Mechanical) 1st.Class.
HMS St. Brides Bay far east station 1957-59.coastal patrols,at Malacca for Malayian indepence day,ratings going from Singapore to Penang on rest leave,standing armed guard on the train journey,
HMS Triumph, 800 (seafires) and 827 (Firefly) NAS carried out strikes communist terrorists in September 1949.
848 Naval Air Squadron
6th Minesweeping Squadron Squadron was recommissioned from reserve at Singapore in 1950, served on Malayan & Borneo patrol until 1953.
   HMS Jaseur
   HMS Michael
   HMS Maenad
   HMS Magicienne


Royal Marines

Royal Marines
Headquarters, 3 Commando Brigade. Brigadier C.R. Hardy, Brigade Commander. Penang, Alor Star and Ipoh. 1950 - ?
40 Commando
42 Commando Tanjon Rambutan Ipoh Perak Malaya, 2 Year duration Commanding Officer Col Madoc R.M. Y Trp CO Captain Leslie Jole M.C R.M., Y troop served in Perak from June 1950 to June 1952.
520 squad. 42 commando Hong Kong, Malaya, HMS Theseous, 1948-53 Deal barracks in Kent. Thanks to John Edward Smith for this entry.
45 Commando Stationed in Kuala Lumpur, equipped with 4.2" mortars and searchights. The mortars were in support of ground operations, and the searchlights were used for night illumination and marker beacons for bombing missions. It was composed of Malay gunners, transferred from 1st Singapore Regiment RA and commanded by British officers on detachment from 1SRRA.
HMS Centaur, Royal Marine Detachment, Captain McCann, 1954-1956


Empress of Australia In 1951 a troopship ,named Empress of Australia,sailed from Liverpool,for Singapore,carrying around 2,000 troops,including 200 Queen Alexanders nurses.(The Empress of Australia,was an old German ship,from the 1914/18 war,and I believe that this trip was the last she made before being broken up)

Commonwealth units

Federation Military College, Port Dickson FMC Port Dickson was established to train officers for the new Malayan Army. These were essentially boy soldiers and it had an educational function. In effect it was the Sandhurst for the Malay forces, but took teenage boys. It was commanded by a British CO, had a British RSM from the Guards and a contingent of RAEC officers. It was well established when I went there as a child in 1957 (before Merdeka) and was there for many years afterwards. The camp is still in use, now I believe as the depot for the Malay Regiment. FMC also had an airstrip attached and was used by Austers and other light aircraft. The British contingent was quite large and played a key role in preparing the Malaysians to defend themselves, but never seems to be mentioned. Thanks to David Hazel for this entry.
1st Battalion, Rhodesian African Rifles Lt Col Jock Anderson commanded this battalion in malaya from 1956 to 58. They were stationed for a brief period at Kluang and then on the Tanemera Rubber estates in Ch'ah (sp!). They had the highest kill rate of any regiment during that time and won a number of MM's.The Regiment was disbanded in 1980 when Zimbabwe was formed. Lt. Col. 'Jock' Anderson who commanded the RAR in Malaya went on to become GOC of the Army of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. At the breakup of the federation, he commanded the Rhodesian Army and controversially, was sacked by Ian Smith due to his ( Jocks) refusal to condone UDI. He went on to work for Tiny Rowland of Rhodesia and died in the UK in 1992. Two of his sons went on to serve with 6th QEO Gurkha Rifles.
1st Battalion The Northern Rhodesia Regiment
The Rhodesia Squadron SAS

1st Battalion The Fiji Infantry Regiment, served at Jungle Training School at Kotta Tingi 1952-3 then at Bahau(N S) before moving to Batu Pahat(Johore).CO was Lt/Col R A Tinker MM MC.
I remember watching a leaving parade, in about June 1952, of Fijian troops shortly after arriving at Seremban with my late father Jack Pettingell RTR and my mother and brother - I had my fifth birthday on 29th June. Father was attached to the Gurkhas at this time,I think the CO was Col. Johnnie Frost. We were given an old Chinese house (still standing when I went back there in '94)somewhat away from the main officers' quarters - many of my contemporaries at the Rasah Camp school lived "out in the wilds", and were collected either in a truck or Humber box car as a school bus. I also remember the Austers and airstrip at Port Dickson, where I learnt to swim courtesy of a chap called Lester Allen, who had two Fiat Topolinos and a big Austin, and used to toot the horn all the way to the beach!
Thanks to Hugo Pettingell for this entry.
    Malaya Signal Regiment attached.

1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment
2nd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment first Aust bn to go to malaya 1955 hq minden barracks penang. second tour 1961 terendak,with KOYLI and NZ bn,have gov. permission to ware PJM
3rd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment
A Battery Royal Australian Artillery serving with 28 Commonwealth Infantry Brigade from 1957 to 1959.
100 Field Battery Royal Australian Artillery
101 Field Battery Royal Australian Artillery
103 Field Battery Royal Australian Artillery, Camp Terendak Malacca 1961 1963.
105 Field Battery Royal Australian Artillery
2 troop Royal Australian Engineers, 1957-59 Malaya. Troop Commander was Capt M Johnstone our troop was attached to 11 Indep Fd Sqn RE Butterworth 1957-59.
11 Independent Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers 4 troop Royal Australian Engineers. 1955 - 1957. Butterworth and Kuala Lumpur areas. Captain Newton, Lt Gration.
126 Transport Platoon, Royal Australian Army Service Corps. Aust Component 3 Coy R.A.S.C Ipoh Perak, Served Oct 1955 - Oct 1957.. Detachments Camerons, Baling, Capt Goodall HQ, Lt A Hall Pltn Com. Thanks to Garry Burgoyne for this entry.
1 Australian Observer Unit OC Captain Colin Cattanach, attached to GHQ Signal Regiment, GHQ FARELF, Singapore, Tyersall Barracks. 1951 until end of the Emergency. Thanks to John McLoughlin for this entry.
1 Squadron RAAF
2 Squadron RAAF
3 Squadron RAAF
38 Squadron RAAF
77 Squadron RAAF

274 Liaison Unit 274 Liaison Unit was a combined British Australian unit formed in 1961 to take part in Plan BUCKRAM and was part of GHQ FARElf.

The New Zealand Squadron SAS
1st Battalion The New Zealand Regiment
2nd Battalion The New Zealand Regiment
14 Squadron RNZAF
41 Squadron RNZAF
75 Squadron RNZAF

Malaya Regiment Military Police
Malayan Artillery, 1955-1957. Blakan mati, batu contonment kuala lumpur
Malay Engineer Squadron, The Malaya Engineer Squadron was an active unit based in Kluang Johore in 1950 and was re-designated 75 Field Squadron of 17 Gurka Division in 1952. Commander a Major Bell R.E., Then Major Jarret-Kerr R.E.took over. Thanks to Peter Herklots for this entry.
75 Malayan Field Engineer Squadron Royal Engineers, Kluang,Mentakab.Temerloh,Johore Barue.SungeiPatani, Cameron Highlands in the 1950's. Thanks to Tony Meates for this entry.
78 Malayan Field Park Squadron Royal Engineers
22 Malay infantry workshop, kluang Johore baru 1957/58,I was a Telemec Class I 1957/58.Also had a heavy vehicle recovery unit, which i believe was the only one in Southern Malaya."Mixed Battalion" i.e. Bors/Officers, othe taradesmen were Malay, Indian, Tamil, Chinese, Philipono etc. Happy days!We repaired anything unless it needed to go to a Base Workshop.
22(malayan)Inf Wksp Reme Kluang in 55-58 the troops included a number of Australian RAEME name was WO11 BUCHANEN. The oc of the wksp was Major READING (became a General later in service) who after the wksp became FEDERATION was posted as Creme to HQ 17 GURKHA DIV - Seremban as was I, to the LAD REME. RE 30 Coy GURKHA Asc Wksp REME Singapore- Labuan 64-66 oc of 30 coy was Major J.Massey and wksp oc was Capt John Mark (FOUR OF THE FINEST).I was a recovery mechanic in all of the above mentioned units.A traffic accident in singapore 1966 resulted in the loss of an arm and so my career.

76th Federal Field Squdron, Federation Engineers. Balaclava Line, Kluang from April 1953 onwards.

3rd Field Ambulance, Federated malaya states volunteer force, Lieut.Col Dr GF West, Major Coutts-Milne, Capt. Robert Hardie MO, Capts. MacIntosh, Emery, J Mitchell, Kandiah and Abbas, Lieuts. L Turner, J Daly (QM), Sergt. Major A Robertson, Sergeants Dick, Dunk, and Moser Later CSM.

1st Singapore Infantry Regiment
1st Singapore Guard Regiment British Officers and Malay NCOs and ORs, based in Pasir Panjang, Singapore. Took part in patrolling and cordon duties in Johore, based at Kota Tingi in 1956-9 and possibly later.
Served protecting the setting up of The School of Jungle Warfare at Ulu Tiram (Kota Tinggi) 1950/51. Iwas there. Iserved with 1st and 2nd Bns The Royal Malay and helped form the 6th Bn under Lt Col "Skinny" Laugher in 1953. I was in Malaya until 1962. Thanks to Major Peter Thomas for this entry.
1st Singapore Regt Royal Artillery 1 Singapore Regt RA served in the Muar area unser the command of 26th Field Regt RA in 1949 and with 1st Seaforths in 1949. Thanks to Major Peter Thomas for this entry
Singapore Engineer Regiment Sent from Singapore in groups for one or two weeks at a Jungle Training camp at Mersing on the east coast of Johore.
Singapore District Signal Regt Calcutta Camp (Later became Princess Mary Barracks), Pasir Panjang, Singapore Farelf, Personaly served there 1951 1952.
Signal regt - Located under canvass 1951 to 1952 at Calclutta Camp, Pasir Panjang - responsible for communications at Fort Canning- We were the first unit to move into the newly completed Princess Mary Barracks November 1952- Looking for old comrades - Many may recall withsadness the fatal accidental shooting of our young L/Cpl pay clerk at the time.
13 Royal Australian Navy ships were attached to the Commonwealth Strategic Reserve at various times between 1955 and 1960 and all took turns patrolling Malayan waters. Several of the destroyers fired on Communist positions in Johor State.
Aircraft carriers
HMAS Melbourne (R21)
HMAS Sydney (R17)
HMAS Anzac (D59)
HMAS Arunta (D130)
HMAS Quadrant (F01)
HMAS Queenborough (F02)
HMAS Quiberon (F03)
HMAS Quickmatch (F04)
HMAS Tobruk (D37)
HMAS Vampire (D11)
HMAS Vendetta (D08)
HMAS Voyager (D04)
HMAS Warramunga (D123)
New Zealand Navy units
HMZNS Royalist, working in malayan waters from 1957 to at least 1963 as part of the 5th cruiser squadran H.M.S. Belfast was the Flagship.

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