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 Scots Guardsman in Borneo, N Ireland (with SG and undercover) &
attempting kidnap of  Ronnie Biggs in Rio

Author John Miller
Publisher Macmillan London Ltd
ISBN  #  0-333-44900-2
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Cover Notes

From the dingy backstreets of Belfast to the exotic fleshpots of Rio, from the tough discipline of the British Army to uproarious international tours with wild rock stars, John Miller has plied his trade as soldier of the Queen and soldier of Fortune.

As one of the elite fighting men of the Brigade of Guards, he operated secretly in the brutal undercover war against the Provisional IRA in Ulster.  But he threw secrecy to the wind to snatch Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs from his bolt-hole in Brazil, taking over where Scotland Yard had failed to put the
notorious thief and jail-breaker behind bars.

On a small island in the Gulf of Mexico, on the trail of the fugitive Lord Lucan, John Miller had an armed showdown which made interantional headlines.

On the plains of a Central American republic he led a rag-tag guerrilla army in a revolt aimed at overthrowing hte government.

From a hidden city ringed with armed guards he snatched the daughter of a millionaire from the clutches of a bizarre religious cult.

Adventurous, outrageous, brave, foolhardy, John Miller is one of the country's most sought-after private soldiers.

Now the the first time he reveals all about the clients who have hired him, the identities of those who have required his special services and the truth behind his most daring escapades.


Anonymous rated this book as Excellent
Know John better than any of the above. True gentleman and family man. Worked with him on many security jobs and was offered the Biggs job but had to turn down as working security for a star at the time! Most the above Made up jealously, he's had a great life and made lots of dough and is now happily retired. All the best Mr Miller

Jan rated this book as Excellent
Go John, he tells a good story true or not, to know the man is a privelege.Many a good time has been spent.

Jan rated this book as Excellent
Go John, he tells a good story true or not, to know the man is a privelege.Many a good time has been spent.

David Carlile ( senior ) 23908119 Sgt DL Carlile rated this book as Good
John ( McKillop ) and i were best males while in the Guards 1964 -1967 serving in Malaya and Bornoe.
In 1967, both John and I purchased a discharge whilke station in Redford Barracks, Edinbrough, so John infact did not go to Northern island with the regiment, First time the Scots guards went was in 1969, and we went from Windsor.
I rejoined the regiment in 1969 and worked my way through the ranks. completing my 12 years.
There are a lot of things I know about John, as young gaurdsmen we both spent time together in open and close arrest doing 28 days detention in 1966, John was always the clown, great guy, and I have no doubt John would have done a lot of the things he talks about.
John would have been the first Guardsman with a mohauk haircut, and then a number one shaved head (1965 Bornoe ) when RSM Grant sent him back to the barbars 3 times. John, was a great mate, and you cannothelp but like John when you know him. Also a excellent boxer.

Anonymmous rated this book as Excellent
Well... I have met John on several occasions with certain individuals whom will remain nameless and occupations reserved. Yes John has allot of stories and his mind races with energy and ideas. He is certainly entrepreneurial and because of his back ground I am sure that nothing phases John in terms of turning a quid. You have to appreciate his take on life to understand his detachment of normal views. Nothing here viable can be divulged and anyone slandering John here obviously is either jealous or grossly uninformed. I have met and worked with his associates and friends and known individuals not associated with John in his industry who will only speak of John with a great amount of respect. One other important aspect of John's character is he is a gentleman, very respectful and certainly fantastically funny and nonchalant about areas of duty and deeds. RP

Big Erchie rated this book as Excellent
Have not read the book,but will gladly endorse it as something exciting (from one Malter Mitty to an other Keep it up John)there is alot of jeleous wimps out there that envey you).

WULL P rated this book as Excellent
Served with John in NI and we watched each others back. Trusted him with my life on many occasions. We were undercover and to those who descry him I say try living.

Hugh George rated this book as Excellent
johns my dads cousin in which i have asked many questions about and heard many stories.i enjoyed the beginning of the book in which i have family mentioned and local knowledge off. as for the rest its nothing more than blowing his own trumpet.well what did you expect?go on rambo from motherwell!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous rated this book as Excellent
Well there certainly are some mixed reviews on here! The book is fantastic and as for John I know him better than most, not as an army man but as a family man and he couldn't be better! He has 2 fantastic kids who think the world of him and as for the book, it seems the same as what hes been telling me for all these years when I sit and listen to his stories of his crazy life. Hes a great bloke and thats coming from someone who knows him better than all on this site.

Enrico Cadillac Fan Club rated this book as Excellent
Anyone who calls Mr Miller a liar, a con man or a charlatan of any kind is severley mistaken. I've read the book, met the man himself, been drunk with him and even been advised by him about a detox-inducing grape diet. John Miller is a LEGEND. Long may he prosper!

Jeremy Finch rated this book as Good
I met John Miller in the early 1980's through a reporter for Daily Variety, the late David Barton. I worked very closely with John researching a screenplay I wrote about the Biggs operation entitled "Get Biggs!" Although optioned several times, it never got produced and that's too bad because it's a helluva story and readily verifiable by documented fact. So far as John Miller the man is concerned, however, like any other character pulled down off the big screen or lifted from the pages of a novel, he gets smaller in real life. The fact of the matter is, he's a very charming hustler and sociopath whose profession may be providing security to rock bands but whose avocation is shameless self-promotion. That said, he's still been the places he says he's been and done the things he says he's done; it's just that because he's so obsessed with his own notoriety he's often reckless with his friendships and business relationships. This disappoints and pisses off a lot of people, some of whom you have heard from on this site. But is John the fearless adventurer he makes himself out to be? You bet he is -- especially to himself. Look folks, the world already has too many damned Boy Scouts. We need the occasional rascal like John to keep us on our toes and to add texture and tang to our lives. But trust or depend on him? Well, that's a different story.

Lou rated this book as Excellent
I have read this book and would say yes there is an element of fantasy, however knowing John as well as I do I think that he would be the very first to admit to that. Sounds to me that a few of the guys writing on here are jealous. John you make me laugh out loud each time we meet. Long may it continue. Only greedy people can be conned.

Steve rated this book as It's already in the bin
full of shit tarnishes the good name of operators who lost their lives in the fight against provie shite

Dee rated this book as Excellent
I am trying to get in touch with Mr Miller, I am an old friend of his from the 1980's. Can anyone help? With thanks.

ALBA ( NICKNAME) rated this book as It's already in the bin
John Miller ( real name ) John Mckillop is a total fraud.
He never worked undercover in NI in fact I would challenge him to deny this
He is a fantasist howver I would wish him well
As for his attempt to kidnap Biggs this is the only thing he has managed to pull off albeit on the second time
John if you read this reply to this website and I will get in touch

Laslo Vosolich rated this book as It's already in the bin
John Miller is a second rate con man...a liar and a thief. His book is a complete pack of lies and has no basis in reality whatsoever. That a crackpot wannabe is able to print rubbish whio has never served in any elite training except being a recruit in the scumbag anarchy service SAS. He even was thrown out of that for failing to have any stamina. The only thing he does is talk rubbish...till he is blue in the face.

Anonymous rated this book as It's already in the bin
John Miller is a liar and a thief. He deserves nothing but contempt and definentely doesn't deserve any movies or books written about his lies. An ugly strange looking fake he thinks himself charming...what a joke. It's a wonder after all the people he has burned that he isn't deceased.

Susan Smallwood rated this book as Excellent
Having read this throughly good book I would love to meet Mr Miller, he sounds an extremely brave, intelligent and good looking man, a potential James Bond?  It was very refreshing to read an autobiography which for once was self deprecating, while still remaining very interesting. How could I get in touch with Mr Miller?

Paul Harmsworth rated this book as "It's already in the bin"
Unfortunately John Miller and his real story are known to me. This book is about 80% fantasy and 20 % bulls***! This man is a Walter Mitty who was thrown out of the british army.(he claims to have been decorated for gallantry in N.Ireland with Q.G.M, the army has no record of this. He is a convicted pornographer, has spent time in prison for theft and has been investigated by the Met.Police, more than once over sex offences against women(don't try and deny it John - details can be provided...)Although this might seem like a great adventure few details in this book can be backed up by him or are checkable. If published as the fiction it is the book would probably be a best seller.
NOTE: "Average" The above post in my name, has come to my attention. I wish to make clear, it was not made by me and distance myself from comments about John contained therein. John and I were friends for some time, although not in touch now and had some good times together. Any details of those days are private and I have no intention of discussing them publicly. I have read Johnies book and it was amusing, I believe it was written 'tongue in cheek' and although some parts are factual, I do not think it was meant for the greater part to be taken too seriously.
Paul Harmsworth.

Anonymous rated this book as Excellent
Paul,  I am very interested in you comment, can you explain to me how you know all of this? Paul, your story is of great interest to myself. I know John Miller very well and would not have thought he was the kind of man to do such things as you say Is there any hard evidence of what you are accusing him of doing?

Brad rated this book as It's already in the bin
I am only writing this review as John miller ( alias doug ) is a fake. He is going around offering females lots of money earnings do adult work of various nature and depending on what the assignment is ripping them off. I had a girl complaining to me after I had introduced her to him and his assailant michael? if that is his name saying she had been coned by these guys. John offered us a lot of money and had all these ideas he wanted to do with us which cost us money and never came to light. I recognised him straight away on the "" Ronnie Biggs Documentary "" that was screened on Sky one on March 20th. Girls Beware!!!

anonymous rated this book as It's already in the bin
Just to add to the comment from Paul Harmsworth. John is nothing but a con artist, myself and many other people I know have been cought up in his trap, he is nothing but a liar and a con man and certainly should not be getting any praise for a book he may or may not have written!!

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