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Britain's Small Wars

The preservation of British Military History

Launched, Sunday 11th November 2018. Dedicated and paying tribute to veterans who have served in small conflicts since World War Two. This is an unofficial website with no ties to the Ministry of Defence. We would also like to pay a special tribute to Martin Spirit. For more information please read the About BSW page.

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Last updated: Feb 10, 2019

The Aden Withdrawal November 1967 - Aden - 1964-1967

In 1966 whilst onboard H.M. Submarine Auriga, I spent a most enjoyable stay in Aden stopping there enroute for a long commission based on Singapore. From my diary of that time, I note that we arrived at 1340 on Sunday the 20th February when the weather was 85f... read more.

Last updated: Feb 10, 2019

The Ever Readies Aden 1965 - Aden - 1964-1967

I became involved in the British Army's operations in Aden as a member of the Territorial Army; I was not a regular soldier. I had originally joined the services as a boy seaman in the Royal Navy, aged 15, in 1951.... read more.

Last updated: Feb 10, 2019

Tales from Aden 1955 to 1957 - Aden - 1964-1967

I remember when we were in Aden in 66 Rifle Squadron and we used to go up country when the natives got restless. One time we were going up with a convoy of supplies and we came under fire.... read more.

Last updated: Feb 10, 2019

RASC in Aden and the Radfan - Aden - 1964-1967

I was posted to Aden from Aldershot in Feb 1964 after basic training as a driver in the RASC, at Yeovil, & Aldershot. I was so excited to be going to a place like Aden and not Germany... read more.

Some of the Featured

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The EC security plan, devised by Lord Carrington, was an attempt by the European Community to stop the Yugoslavian civil war in 1991.... read more.

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During the buildup to Desert Storm, General Norman Schwarzkopf had little regard for Special Forces, being a veteran of Vietnam, and Grenada, and as a result it seemed unlikely, that US Special Forces and the British SAS would be used.... read more.

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A comprehensive list of British units which service in Palestine.... read more.

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In the later Months of 1945 came an influx of refugees from central Europe organised by the Zionist Movement. Their aim was to create a Jewish State in the promised land.... read more.

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The Die-Hards commander, Colonel Andrew Man, was informed of the move of the Middlesex Regiment on Sunday 20th August 1950.... read more.

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Deny Flight started on 12th April 1993 and continued until 20th December 1995, having been preceded by NATO's Operation 'Sky Flight', which had monitored no-fly zone breaches for the previous six months.... read more.

SBS Operations - Gulf War - 1990-1991
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After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, the Special Forces were assigned two possible actions in the emerging Allied contingency plans:... read more.

Introduction - Aden - 1964-1967
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In 1839 Captain Haines of the East India Company landed a party of Royal Marines on the small seaport at the foot of the Red Sea. Haines's job was to put an end to the Adeni pirates who were harassing British merchant ships on their passage to India.... read more.