With tribute to:

Martin Spirit

James Paul

Co-written by:

David Carter

Britain's Small Wars

The preservation of British Military History

About Britain's Small Wars

Martin (right) with a veteran from Korea

Martin Spirit (Right)

with Ray Vearnals

By Martin Spirit.

Britain’s Small Wars was launched in 1999 after myself and James Paul got together to deliver a website that paid tribute to the veterans of the small conflicts fought by British armed forces since the end of World War Two, that up to then, hadn't been covered on the internet in any great detail.

I brought my imaging skills and knowledge of Aden to the table, whilst James developed the other earlier conflicts such as Malaya. Both us webmasters worked tirelessly to launch the website which quickly garnered recognition amongst the veteran community, being recognized in various formats including a piece in the Times.

Veterans joined the team, including James Robinson and ex-BBC journalist David Carter, who brought a vast trove of knowledge of the Cyprus conflict to the website.

I went onto produce the documentary 'Return to Limbang' in 2006.

BSW supported campaigns such as the Canal Zone medal and lent its' presence to the Aden Veterans Association and supported authors with appeals for information as well as providing a sounding board and information resource to gather information never before compiled, such as the Cyprus Honor Roll.

The website continued to run under the joint webmasters through to 2013, with articles being provided by us both webmasters and veteran contributors from various conflicts and occasionally from both sides of the conflict.

Martin Spirit

17th Apr 2017

A note from the Webmaster:

"The original BSW website was one of the most informative websites I had ever come across. As a young lad exploring the Internet my interest in British Military history drove me to Britain’s Small Wars in the late 1990’s.

Fast forward to 2013/2014, I was not long back from my third operational tour of Afghanistan when I learned Britain's Small Wars was closing down. I wasn't in the right place at the time, but I envisaged to restore it, to run it, look after it and bring it back with the web technology skills I have. The fitting seemed right.

I'd like to thank Mark Dunn for that opportunity for Martin and myself to make contact. It was a privilege to speak to him on a Skype video call and share my ideas and future thought for Britain's Small Wars. Martin was very excited that BSW could be brought back to life. It’s sad that he would not see the new website and witness its future development. This is my tribute to Martin. My thoughts are with his family at this time."

The Webmaster

Britain's Small Wars

11th Nov 2018

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