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Britain's Small Wars

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Kenya 1952-1960

"Hunting the Mau Mau"

The RAF in Kenya

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RAF Handley Page Hastings transported in ground troops, ran leaflet raids, communications and CASEVAC flights. No.1340 flight formed in 3/1953 with Harvards. RAF bombing was undertaken by Avro Lincolns and Gloster Meteors PR MK 10s (No.13 squadron). Last bombing sortie on 6/55.Picture of Lincoln Bomber on the right curtsey of Thunder and Lightnings by Damien Burke.

1340 Flight was commanded by Sqn Ldr CG StD Jeffries, DFC, operated out of Nanyuki Airstrip 1953-54 (and possibly later). Equipped with Harvards modified to carry 4 x 19lb bombs and with one wing-mounted .303 machine gun. The flight had 8 - 10 of these aircraft which had been used for second-stage flying training in Rhodesia, and initially the pilots were made up from the flying instructors.

The flight operated in a local variation of 'close/tactical support' carrying out recces and ground attack missions against Mau Mau gangs in the 'Prohibited areas', mainly the Aberdare and Mount Kenya forests. Such attacks were usually made on information from ground forces or the Kenya Police Air Wing, a section of which also operated out of Nanyuki.

Many thanks to Alec MacDonald Gaunt for the information about 1340 Squadron.