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Martin Spirit

James Paul

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David Carter

Britain's Small Wars

The preservation of British Military History

Oman (Dhofar) 1969-1976

"The Desert Song"

BATT in Oman

Firqat troops

Two groups of SAS units operated in Oman, one based at Salalha on the coast and one in the desert. Their task was to train the loyal Arab army and the Firqat tribesmen in cooperation with their attached units, all of which were known as BATT (British Army Training Team).

The British operations in Oman were based around a hearts and minds campaign to win the people over from the Communist-backed Adoo guerrillas following the Sultan of Oman, being overthrown by his son with a little help from the SAS.

In the early years of the war, SAS teams would move permanently into a village from where they could conduct patrols and ambushes. Having chosen a house in the village, the house would become the BATT House. It was customary to use the BATT House as a form of headquarters for the individual Firqats and a place for issuing kit and equipment and for briefing the commanders.